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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bone Noses

“Rite den you gits, we’z marchin’ norf across da skelly sands, and no git ‘ere is gonna grunt or moan about da sun! Youse been licking water off dese green leaves too long and Gork an’ Mork sez we’z gotta leave da green behind. Da only way to spread da green to all da lands is to leave dis behind and go where Wurrzag leads us, and for now dat’s across dem sands. Mork an’ Gork are with us! Time for dese bones to get baked in da sun!”
~ Gutrot da Savage, Warboss of the Bone Noses

The journey of the Bone Noses is much like the journey of the shadow of a great man. To describe the shadow is to overlook the greatness of he who casts the shadow, but alas overlooking greatness is standard when describing the greenskins. The Bone Nose tribe has undertaken one of the great and dangerous migrations of any tribe, and all in order to follow their spiritual star north – Wurrzag. It is with the utmost confidence in Wurrzag’s connection with the gods Mork and Gork that the Bone Noses set out after him as he searches for the Once and Future Git, a greenskin who will unite all the greenskin tribes for their great and triumphant victory over all other races.

The Bone Nose tribe is one of the few greenskin tribes in the Old World to have originated in the sweltering jungles of the Southlands. Few other tribes have managed to break free of this jungle, or survive the dangerous trek north across the unforgiving sands of Nehekhara. To most races the Southlands are a place of uncharted mystery, but to the Bone Noses that was home, a home they left for far less comfortable climes. But why did these savage orcs leave their jungle behind, what could have possibly stirred a thought within their primitive minds?

In a time long passed, Wurrzag came into the world in the Bone Nose tribe of the Southlands. Even at a young age there was an indication that he was blessed by the gods, Gork and Mork, as green magical energies swirled around him. This however proved to be a threat to the oldest shaman in the tribe, Wizzbang, who abducted Wurrzag during one of his trances and discarded him in the jungle for the beasts to rend to pieces. Wurrzag came to and saw his predicament and initially feared for his life, but he noticed that the dangerous beasts of the jungle stayed away from him. To Wurrzag this was a sign of his blessing, that he was under the protection of Gork and Mork. In fact, as Wurrzag fell into his trances and became completely disconnected with the realities of the world, the wild animals circled him from a safe distance and in some sense shielded him from any hard that would come from other beings.

Years would pass as Wurrzag traversed the jungles trying to understand his role and purpose before one day he stumbled upon the ruins of some orc structure, presumably a seat of power given it’s scale. To a savage orc any structure is imposing, but this one had a particular energy that drew him in. Within the ruins Wurrzag found a curious wooden mask affixed to a crumbling skeleton and as his logic directed him, he put this mask on is face to see how he felt wearing it. Little did he know that this mask had no intention of leaving his face, try as he may to remove it. As Wurrzag tried to pry the mask off his face, a green ethereal figure approached him indicating that Wurrzag was chosen by Mork, or Gork, to find the Once and Future Git. Da Git as he was known, was a common legend among greenskin tribes, that this chosen Git would unite the greenskins in the penultimate battle of the greenskin, and perhaps the world. As Wurrzag processed the heavy burden that had been cast upon his shoulders, the figure extended its hand and gave Wurrzag a wooden staff with a bone affixed to the top, the Bonewood staff. Wurrzag emerged from the ruins having found his purpose.

The young Wurrzag who was expelled from the Bone Nose tribe entered the jungle unsure of the role the gods had intended for him. An older wiser Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu emerged from the forest back in his tribe much to the surprise of all present, none more so than Wizzbang. As Wizzbang approached Wurrzag to question why he returned, Wurrzag quickly turned him into a furry squig before the old shaman could react. The sight astounded all the greenskins who had never observed such a display of WAAAGH! magic before. Wurrzag took Wizzbang the squig as his pet, and without permission went to the boar-pen and took the largest and most suitable boar for himself declaring that he was off to find the Once and Future Git.

Upon witnessing the power of Wurrzag, the Bone Noses declared that they would follow this messenger of Mork and Gork, and help him on his journey. The journey would take them north across the treacherous desert of Nehekhara where sun, heat, and undeath would claim many lives, but their devotion carried them forward. The Bone Noses crossed the Great Mortis river near Numas and passed in the shadow of the city as they continued north. The city had dealt with greenskin incursions from the north on countless occasions, but to see a greenskin horde passing from the south and journeying north surely must have confused the undead defenders of the city. Led by Wurrzag, the Bone Noses emerged from the desert not unscathed, but still determined to see help Wurrzag cross the desert in his search for Da Git.

The Bone Nose tribe left the desert behind them and before them had the foetid Marshes of Madness, not that they were particularly sensitive to any smells given their own nature. There Wurrzag came into contact with many other greenskin tribes who offered him the chance to search for the Once and Future Git among their biggest and bestest ranks. The Bone Noses largely settled down south of the Marshes of Madness with an ever-watchful eye on the deserts of Numas, for they had suffered at the hands of the undead and the elements and learned to always be weary of what came out of the desert. Though to the other greenskin tribes, the Bone Noses are savages caught between the mucky swamps and arid desert, and therefore too stupid to find a home suitable for them, what they have witnessed and overcome has given them an insight that few other greenskins have.

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