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Greenskin Tribes ~ Poisoned Skulls

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“Bring da shroomies! Yea yea, dem small yellow ‘uns! No not da big ‘un! Time to make a propa fungal brew boyz. We’z gonna drink up till our heads spin wif da frenzy! Dem stunties dun’t know wut’z comin’ for dem! Wen da shroom frenzy kick in den we’z goin up to dem stunties and gonna give ’em a knock on dere heads! Dey always look so grumpy, maybe dey will be happier if we cut a new smile across dere throats! We’z gunna drink up tonite boyz, cuz tomorrow it’z time for a bloody WAAAGH!”
~ Gitslit Spleenspit, Warboss of the Poisoned Skulls

The Poisoned Skull night goblins of the Grey Mountains a a conniving bunch that avoids head-on confrontations with their enemies, and instead opts for ambushes and assassins to bleed their opponents. Located at an important crossroads, the Poisoned Skulls are in an ideal position to cause immense havoc and tension between the different political actors on the surface. As fate would have it, the Poisoned Skulls are more than happy to sow discord amongst their neighbors and have not yet indicated any intentions of carving a greater territorial empire out of the lands above.

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