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Greenskin Tribes ~ Poisoned Skulls

“Bring da shroomies! Yea yea, dem small yellow ‘uns! No not da big ‘un! Time to make a propa fungal brew boyz. We’z gonna drink up till our heads spin wif da frenzy! Dem stunties dun’t know wut’z comin’ for dem! Wen da shroom frenzy kick in den we’z goin up to dem stunties and gonna give ’em a knock on dere heads! Dey always look so grumpy, maybe dey will be happier if we cut a new smile across dere throats! We’z gunna drink up tonite boyz, cuz tomorrow it’z time for a bloody WAAAGH!”
~ Gitslit Spleenspit, Warboss of the Poisoned Skulls

The Poisoned Skull night goblins of the Grey Mountains a a conniving bunch that avoids head-on confrontations with their enemies, and instead opts for ambushes and assassins to bleed their opponents. Located at an important crossroads, the Poisoned Skulls are in an ideal position to cause immense havoc and tension between the different political actors on the surface. As fate would have it, the Poisoned Skulls are more than happy to sow discord amongst their neighbors and have not yet indicated any intentions of carving a greater territorial empire out of the lands above.

Of the great greenskin tribes in the Old World, much attention is given to the tribes of the World’s Edge Mountains, or perhaps even some who operate in or near the Black Mountains. The Grey Mountains, however, are not home to tribes of great fame, but there is one tribe which has the makings of the next great grudge-maker. The Poisoned Skulls are perfectly situated to not only to cause havoc, but also to write the newest entry in the Dammaz Kron, the Great Book of Grudges.

The domain of the Poisoned Skull night goblins is situated below the dwarfen Grey Mountain hold of Karak Azgaraz. This area is south of one of the key trade routes between the Empire and Bretonnia, the Grey Lady Pass, and perhaps of equally important value, it is south of the major Reikland city of Ubersreik. Additionally, there is a substantial skaven presence under Ubersreik, which only tosses another actor into this small volatile region. All of these other actors aside, the relationship between the Poisoned Skull night goblins and that of Karak Azgaraz is naturally of a mutually hateful nature.

The dwarfs of Karak Azgaraz are already refugees from the fallen holds of the World’s Edge Mountains, so they know bitter taste of strife and suffering. If the Poisoned Skulls were to wage a full scale war with the dwarfs of Karak Azgaraz then there is always the threat that the hold could fall, thus inflicting another great grudge in the Dammaz Kron and causing the Grey Dwarfs (as the refugees are called) to lose their home a second time. There is sufficient reason for concern, and of course unsettled grudges, for the dwarfs of Karak Azgaraz, for they know the work of the Poisoned Skulls.

For a dwarf to descend into the mines alone is practically a death wish, and even the heavily armored ironbreakers travel the tunnels fully aware of the danger that lurks below. It is not uncommon to find a dwarf corpse in the darkness with their throat slit or otherwise discolored by some toxic poison they were exposed to. However, no grudge is greater then the one the Poisoned Skulls inflicted upon the king and his heir, King Zaladrin and Gunrig, who were murdered by a Poisoned Skull assassin. The new king of Karak Azgaraz, Thuringar Orc-Hewer, has sworn to avenge this grudge and goes out of his way to hunt down the night goblins. Hunt as he may, the night goblins are a prodigious lot, and culling a few dozen is to little avail as they are replaced quickly enough.

The Poisoned Skulls are under the leadership of the warlord Gitslit Spleenspit. It goes without saying that he is a naturally cunning leader, and that he will employ any tool of asymmetric warfare to weaken his foes, even though he could possibly overwhelm them anyway with the numbers he has under his command. Biding his time, Gitslit is a powerful actor in the Grey Mountains, and if Thuringar Orc-Hewer does not deal with him soon, then Karak Azgaraz will have a much greater problem on their hands than they can anticipate.

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