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Greenskin Tribes ~ Dead Eyes

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“Load em up boyz! Leave da beards for me an’ load up dem stunty ‘eads into da lobbas! We’z gunna bring down dem stunty walls one way or anudda! Dey can ‘ave dere ‘eads back, but I wants dem beards for a new gutstrap! ‘Ow’s a git s’pposed to keep up ‘is trousers wifout a decent gutstrap? Stunty beards ain’t no use in da ground, so dey betta off holdin’ up my trousers! Dat’s it boyz, lob everyfing we’z got at dat stunty port! Dem dumb stunties’ll com outta dere ‘ole once da mountain comes crashin’ down on dere thick skulls!”
~ Narg Crookfang, Warboss of the Dead Eyes

The Badlands are a breeding ground of untold numbers of greenskin tribes, though few survive the brutal everyday struggle. It is entirely normal for a tribe to form one day around some overly ambitious orc, and the next day for this same orc to be challenged and defeated by another rival orc who begins his own tribe. Only the truly toughest and biggest orcs manage to keep their heads on their shoulders and bash enough skulls to win the respect of the local greenskins to make a tribe. One of those tribes that managed to crawl out of the desolation of the Badlands was the Dead Eye tribe, which now lays claim to all the lands around the Skull River – Barak Varr be damned.

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