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Greenskin Tribes ~ Dead Eyes

“Load em up boyz! Leave da beards for me an’ load up dem stunty ‘eads into da lobbas! We’z gunna bring down dem stunty walls one way or anudda! Dey can ‘ave dere ‘eads back, but I wants dem beards for a new gutstrap! ‘Ow’s a git s’pposed to keep up ‘is trousers wifout a decent gutstrap? Stunty beards ain’t no use in da ground, so dey betta off holdin’ up my trousers! Dat’s it boyz, lob everyfing we’z got at dat stunty port! Dem dumb stunties’ll com outta dere ‘ole once da mountain comes crashin’ down on dere thick skulls!”
~ Narg Crookfang, Warboss of the Dead Eyes

The Badlands are a breeding ground of untold numbers of greenskin tribes, though few survive the brutal everyday struggle. It is entirely normal for a tribe to form one day around some overly ambitious orc, and the next day for this same orc to be challenged and defeated by another rival orc who begins his own tribe. Only the truly toughest and biggest orcs manage to keep their heads on their shoulders and bash enough skulls to win the respect of the local greenskins to make a tribe. One of those tribes that managed to crawl out of the desolation of the Badlands was the Dead Eye tribe, which now lays claim to all the lands around the Skull River – Barak Varr be damned.

In an ancient age, mostly beyond the memory of the living of these times, though there are still some among the living and the unliving who recall it well, the Badlands was a thriving human civilization. In this bygone era, the kingdom of Strygos stretched from the Skull River in the north to the Marshes of Madness in the south, across the modern-day Badlands. However, before the Kingdom of Strygos came into existence, the Badlands was a wasteland dominated by the greenskins, and after its brief moment of prosperity under Strygos it would revert to being a greenskin dominated wasteland.

Before Strygos rose, there was no mighty empire, only human tribes who owed fealty to Nehekhara. By chance, a human shaman named Kadon stumbled upon the corpse of the Nehekharan king Alcadizaar the Conqueror along the banks of the Blind River, and on his possession the Crown of Sorcery. The Crown of Sorcery was an relic of dark power, and one bound to Nagash. At the location where Alcadizaar was found a tomb arose, and around the tomb a settlement that grew into the crude and twisted city of Mourkain, a poor and dark attempt of replicating the glory of Nehekhara. Using his power, Kadon pushed the greenskins out of the Badlands and carved out a human empire, for the more humans he had, the more human sacrifices he could do to further his understanding of undeath. Kadan sought to replace Nagash as the source of necromantic power. However, the Crown of Sorcery saw to it that Kadon’s grasp of power would not last, for ambition has its limits under the Crown of Sorcery.

Eventually the Crown of Sorcery called to Ushoran to reclaim the crown, for a vampire knew more about undeath than a rotting necromancer. Ushoran was one of the original vampires, although he was not given the gift of eternal life from the Elixir of Life. No, this gift was denied to him, therefore he was left no choice but to steal it for himself. In this act Ushoran created a rift between himself and his older sister Neferata. While all the other so-called First Children fled north to avoid Nagash, Ushoran had no such fear of Nagash and sought to carve out his kingdom closer to his home of Nehekara. The ideal location for this would be the city of Mourkain and it’s subjected territories. Kadon was a cruel leader and the people were content to see him overthrown by Ushoran. Under Ushoran’s rule the Kingdom of Strygos rose to new heights, but even this would come to an end.

Strygos prospered greatly under Ushoran, so much that he sent envoys to his kin, the other First Children, to let them know that he had founded an empire where the vampires could live free from the gaze of Nagash. Unfortunately for him, Neferata never forgave him and began to work quickly to undermine his rule. What followed was a series of human invasions, presumably orchestrated by the other jealous vampire bloodlines, and a ‘happenstance’ (or was it?) invasion of the vengeful greenskins who sought to reclaim their home in the Badlands. Though there was no proof, it was suspected that Neferata’s hand was behind the greenskin invasion led by Dork Redeye. Ushoran could not hold back the cascade of assaults, and eventually he was killed by a greenskin shaman, and the kingdom of Strygos utterly destroyed by the WAAAGH! of Dork Redeye.

Following the destruction of the kingdom of Strygos, the Badlands reverted to their prior state – a desolate landscape of sun-parched plains and windswept shrubs. The surviving humans of the Strygos empire, the Strygani, fled or hid amongst the ruins, leaving the landscape to return to its natural state of desolation. The greenskins may credit Dork Redeye, if they remembered him, for the downfall of Strygos and the reclamation of the Badlands, though this act also saw to the economic and agricultural collapse of the area. Fortunately for the greenskins, agriculture and economy are as foreign concepts as bathing and dental hygiene. It is in this unforgiving landscape, sandwiched between two mountain chains and hemmed in on the south by the Marshes of Madness and the north by the Border Princes and Barak Varr, that a cauldron of greenskin energy boils and threatens to spill over.

Until recently few tribes have managed to achieve much success making any sort of military threat originate in the Badlands, that was until the rise of the Dead Eyes. Under the leadership of the imposing Narg Crookfang, the Dead Eyes have pushed to the Black Gulf and put themselves in a position to threaten Bark Varr. The conquest of Barak Varr would do much to add to the fame of the Dead Eyes, the only question is, when will the Dead Eyes make their move?

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