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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bloody Tusks

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“Rite den boyz, da Bloody Tusks is off to bash some skulls in and get some rekrootin’ done. After da attack on da skellies we need fresh gits for da WAAAGH! No fun bashin’ in empty skulls, moar fun when dem skulls got some juices left in ’em to ooze out. Da time has come for da Bloody Tusks to push north where da bashin’ is gud and da pickin’s are da best! I ‘ear dat up north dere are great stunty holes with lotsa shinies in dem! Lotsa lotsa! Boar Boyz ride north, dem dat ain’t gunna be rekrooted we’z gonna smash!”
~ Grutshod Nobnails, Warboss of the Bloody Tusks

Tough lands make for tough gits, so the saying goes. The Bloody Tusks have survived and thrived in a particularly unwelcoming corner of the Old World, and their presence is not likely to make it any more welcoming for those not belonging to the Bloody Tusk tribe. Under the rule of Grutshod Nobnails, the Bloody Tusk tribe has quickly swelled in numbers, to the point where they have practically outgrown their home. For a greenskin tribe to remain a focused killing machine it needs an enemy to fight, because without an enemy to turn on, greenskins are prone to turn on themselves.

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