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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bloody Tusks

“Rite den boyz, da Bloody Tusks is off to bash some skulls in and get some rekrootin’ done. After da attack on da skellies we need fresh gits for da WAAAGH! No fun bashin’ in empty skulls, moar fun when dem skulls got some juices left in ’em to ooze out. Da time has come for da Bloody Tusks to push north where da bashin’ is gud and da pickin’s are da best! I ‘ear dat up north dere are great stunty holes with lotsa shinies in dem! Lotsa lotsa! Boar Boyz ride north, dem dat ain’t gunna be rekrooted we’z gonna smash!”
~ Grutshod Nobnails, Warboss of the Bloody Tusks

Tough lands make for tough gits, so the saying goes. The Bloody Tusks have survived and thrived in a particularly unwelcoming corner of the Old World, and their presence is not likely to make it any more welcoming for those not belonging to the Bloody Tusk tribe. Under the rule of Grutshod Nobnails, the Bloody Tusk tribe has quickly swelled in numbers, to the point where they have practically outgrown their home. For a greenskin tribe to remain a focused killing machine it needs an enemy to fight, because without an enemy to turn on, greenskins are prone to turn on themselves.

History is a fickle thing, generally written by the victors unless of course the victors lack the mental capacity to do any writing. In that situation they hope that enough of the defeated remain to write of the terrible shadow the brute victors cast. In the case of the Bloody Tusks, history is prone to forget them unless they make a great migration.

The Bloody Tusks are among the countless tribes in the southern World’s Edge Mountains whose exist outside the notice of any civilized race. This has proven to be a double-edged blade, for they have been allowed to grow without any concerted effort to wipe them out, but alas they will fade unless they make efforts to gain the ill repute which will write their way into history. Crude knowledge of the Bloody Tusks places their tribe in a triangle of hardship, hemmed in from the east by the volcanic and jagged World’s Edge Mountains – a stretch of the World’s Edge Mountains that has no known dwarfen presence if that is any indication of the value of the land. To the north lays the Blight Water, a river so tainted by the activities of Nagashizzar that it gives no life, only death. The Blight Water flows into the Marshes of Madness, a sinkhole of despair, which effectively curtails the movement of large armies. And to the south lay the vast deserts of Numas and the Land of the Dead, where the undead keep the living in check.

Once Grutshod Nobnails crushed his former warboss and rose to the new rank, the Bloody Tusks began a campaign of increasing their presence in the region, as far as this was possible. Bashing their way into a new base of operations, the Bloody Tusks operate from a gap in the World’s Edge Mountains known as Deff Gorge. Unseen from prying eyes, even the rare dwarfen rangers from Karak Azul who have ventured this far south, the Bloody Tusks started their campaign of consolidating power by absorbing the regional greenskin tribes, focusing first on the less organized savage orcs near the Marshes of Madness, and then moving against the more organized tribes in the World’s Edge Mountains. The sands of Nehekhara offer the occasional brawl the orcs require in order to remain unified, but the ‘rekrooting’ is poor there, as the skeleton legions are unwilling to join the Bloody Tusks.

After Grutshod Nobnails consolidated his grip on this isolated pocket of land by assimilating the minor tribes in the region, his ambition took him northward, for this was the only open path to him. Beyond the Marshes of Madness lay the southern Badlands, south of the Blind River, where isolated pockets of savage death-worshipping humans cling to ruins of a bygone empire. These humans however are more likely to scurry away and hide like rats in the desolate landscape than they are to face the Bloody Tusks in open battle. However, further north lay the Badlands and lands known to the Bloody Tusks to have humies and stunties a-plenty.

If the Bloody Tusks are to not collapse under the weight of their own size and infighting due to the lack of a proper enemy, then their only avenue for glory lies in the north, and Grutshod is keenly aware of this. Greater glory can only be found in the north, and if Grutshod hopes to become even a green stain on the annals of history then he must seek out true opposition, true civilized opposition.

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