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Greenskin Tribes ~ Da Howlerz

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“I’z had enuff o’ dis belly-grumblin’ and livin’ day to day lookin’ for da next gruntalope to catch. Da bosses sez dat tomorrow we hunt for gruntalope, and da next day we hunt for gruntalope again! Ev’ry day same fing and ev’ry day same slim pickin’s! Even when da ratters show dere furry hides an’ we’z go huntin’ dem, we’z ‘ungry again da next day! Nuffing but fur an’ bones on dem ratters! No ladz, I sez it’z time we’z go and make our own huntin’, no more followin’ dese brainless bosses. Who’z wif me? Who wants to feel ‘ow it iz to really hunt and smell da blood o’ yer prey as dey run in fear?!”
~ Gitilla da Hunter, Warboss of Da Howlerz

In general one could say that the greenskins are not known for their tactical skills, but more a blunt-force instrument. Fortunately for the greenskins, the goblins are a clever lot, and among their ranks is one goblin whose expertise on the battlefield has earned him a great deal of respect from other warbosses, and fear from his enemies. Gitilla da Hunter leads his Howlerz not strictly into battle, but around the edges at a safe distance while still remaining a deadly force. Though Da Howlerz have no land they claim as their own, they view all lands as open for them to hunt in, and everyone as potential prey.

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