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Greenskin Tribes ~ Da Howlerz

“I’z had enuff o’ dis belly-grumblin’ and livin’ day to day lookin’ for da next gruntalope to catch. Da bosses sez dat tomorrow we hunt for gruntalope, and da next day we hunt for gruntalope again! Ev’ry day same fing and ev’ry day same slim pickin’s! Even when da ratters show dere furry hides an’ we’z go huntin’ dem, we’z ‘ungry again da next day! Nuffing but fur an’ bones on dem ratters! No ladz, I sez it’z time we’z go and make our own huntin’, no more followin’ dese brainless bosses. Who’z wif me? Who wants to feel ‘ow it iz to really hunt and smell da blood o’ yer prey as dey run in fear?!”
~ Gitilla da Hunter, Warboss of Da Howlerz

In general one could say that the greenskins are not known for their tactical skills, but more a blunt-force instrument. Fortunately for the greenskins, the goblins are a clever lot, and among their ranks is one goblin whose expertise on the battlefield has earned him a great deal of respect from other warbosses, and fear from his enemies. Gitilla da Hunter leads his Howlerz not strictly into battle, but around the edges at a safe distance while still remaining a deadly force. Though Da Howlerz have no land they claim as their own, they view all lands as open for them to hunt in, and everyone as potential prey.

Da Howlerz are not a typical tribe in the sense that they have some sort of territorial claim which they use as a central hub to attack from and increase their fame and power. The origins of da Howlerz lie east of the World’s Edge Mountains in the Wolf Lands, a brutal land which encapsulates the struggle of survival that defines the Dark lands. In the Wolf Lands savage breeds of wolves prowl the lands and prey upon any creature that is not of their pack – even other wolves. In the Wolf Lands, everything and anything can be dinner. For the greenskins who come to life in the Wolf Lands, their upbringing is either particularly short, or particularly vicious from the onset. To survive in the Wolf Lands is to kill or be killed, to eat or be eaten.

Among the goblins who managed to survive his shroom-infancy and cut-throat youth was a git named Gitilla. The goblins of his tribe had long survived by living according to the law of the land, and living in a migratory state hunting the beasts lower on the food chain – the gruntalopes. Occasionally they would stumble upon warpstone-searching skaven who offered up an evenly matched fight, but by and large Gitilla’s tribe tracked gruntalopes while avoiding the larger wolf packs. From time to time a stray wolf pup or adolescent wolf would be captured and broken to be a mount for a more promising and prominent goblin, but by and large the wolves were avoided for an entire wolf pack could easily maul the weak goblins. Gitilla however was not satisfied with this life, a cowardly life as he saw it. Tired of living more as prey than as predator, Gitilla took an unusual step for the greenskins – he left his tribe, taking with him other dissatisfied goblins.

The standard practice of an ambitious greenskin is to defeat those above them and rise through the ranks to become a warboss, the head of his tribe, but Gitilla did not seek this course. Perhaps he recognized that there was little fame to be gained by defeating the pathetic bosses of his tribe who preyed upon gruntalopes and rats. No, he would achieve glory on his own accord, by defeating more powerful foes. Thus it was that Gitilla stripped his tribe of some of their more skilled and ambitious hunters in order to seek glory elsewhere, though it is likely that in doing so the tribe was so weakened that they succumbed to the brutal natural cycle of the Wolf Lands.

Harkening back to their roots in the Wolf Lands, Gitilla has created a tribe which lives a nomadic and mercenary lifestyle, a tribe he called Da Howlerz. This tribe consists solely of wolf riders which are able to strike quickly and keep on the move. Gitilla himself claimed as his mount a particularly dangerous she-wolf named Ulda, which he only captured and broke after tracking her for several days through the World’s Edge Mountains. Travelling down Mad Dog Pass, Da Howlerz emerged onto the human settlements of the Border Princes, where they would refine their craft. Weset of the World’s Edge Mountains there was hunting a plenty, and da Howlerz would always have a bone to chew on, though Gitilla learned that keeping his warriors hungry kept their skills sharp and appetite for battle strong.

The hit-and-run tactics of da Howlerz allowed for a high success-rate of their attacks, while maintaining low casualties. This worked to Gitilla’s advantage for other warbosses of far larger tribes, too large for da Howlerz to challenge, hired da Howlerz to serve as outriders and scouts for their own WAAAGHS! Da Howlerz would screen the advancing horde’s flanks and assault the enemy with a hail of black-feathered arrows from a safe distance, allowing their allies to succeed while remaining safe. Da Howlerz are usually not allied with one tribe for long, as they always are on the move looking for new prey to hunt to keep their skills sharp. The question is, will Gitilla one day stumble upon a prey which is too strong to take down and will in turn become the predator?

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