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Greenskin Tribes ~ The Lost Boyz

“I’z got da map! Da git wif da map is da boss, ain’t dat rite?! Of course dis stick in my hand ain’t da map! Youse see any lines on dis stick dat looks like a map?! Da map is in my ‘ead! And don’t youse go on finkin’ dat youse can take my ‘ead off and find da map inside! Cuz when da eyes close da map is hidin’! Mork’ll show me da way and only me! You dumb gits got too much gunk in yer ears to hear Mork! Rite den, now dat we knows who’z da boss we can find our way outta bein’ lost! Follow me gits, dis is da way to bein’ found!”
~ Peeta da Pan, Shaman-boss of the Lost Boyz

It is said that the hardest things to find that are lost are your mind and time, but it is hard to say the goblins really ever had either. The Lost Boyz have completely lost everything they once had, to the point that they don’t really know what it is they lost anymore and what they are looking for. Their charismatic leader, Peeta da Pan, assures them that with Mork’s and or Gork’s guidance he will lead them to finding what it is they lost. Fate would have it that the only thing the Lost Boyz haven’t lost yet is their dumb-luck, because given the lands they’ve travelled and hardships they’ve bumbled through, the Lost Boyz remain bruised but not broken. Who knows where they are going, for not even they know.

In centuries past a mighty WAAAGH! formed in the Badlands and took a rather unorthodox direction for their conquest – south. Most greenskin WAAAGHs tend to direct their attention at the dwarfs of the World’s Edge Mountains, or the humans of the Empire. What was it that caused the greenskins to push south, and who was it that led them? History has no clue because the Lost WAAAGH, as it became known, pushed south from the Badlands into the Marshes of Madness and then beyond the Great Mortis River into Nehekhara. There is brief mention in the records of Numas of a wandering horde of greenskin following the Ash River, but the undead legions seemed unbothered by the harmless looking lot as it stumbled across the desert, certain that the elements would claim those bones in good time. What the scribes of Numas did not know was that the Lost Boyz managed to make it across the desert and into the World’s Edge Mountains.

The original WAAAGH! numbered in the tens of thousands, sweeping up the greenskins of the Badlands in a crazed frenzy to the power of Gork and Mork in the Southlands, or so an orc shaman told them. As he described the vision, his eyes glowed green and the greenskins were convinced that Gork and Mork were peering down at them at that moment. This unknown shaman led his WAAAGH! south across great perils into the Swamp of Terror where nature itself rose up against the greenskins – and how perplexed they were to see other green creatures snap at their legs from the swampy morass. It was as if Gork and Mork were displeased that the greenskins entered this domain, so the WAAAGH! turned east into the desert. Unknown to them, they were walking towards Khemri, the heart of the tomb king’s realm, and the tomb kings would not take any threat lightly. In a pitched battle which covered the sands of Khemri with greenskin blood and the dust of ancient risen skeletons, the orc shaman fell. The clever goblins, seeing the looming defeat, fled the battlefield with a few dumb orcs in tow.

Now without a leader, the Lost WAAAGH! followed the Great Mortis River east, though they knew not the direction as the sun had made putty of their minds. The thirsty orcs drank of the tainted river’s waters, only to quickly have their thirst eternally quenched by death. The experience left the goblins all the wiser. At the fork of the Great Mortis River and the Ash River it was determined that the Ash River flowed from the north, and thus they followed it deeming it the way back home. This was a most fortunate choice as the Great Mortis River would have led them to Numas where another undead legion would make short work of the greenskins. The Ash River would eventually lead them to the sun-baked World’s Edge Mountains, which only confirmed the greenskins belief that they were going the right way – north.

The fate of the Lost WAAAGH! is unknown after they left the realm of the tomb kings and their ever-watchful vacant eyes. Vague references of wandering goblins appear here and there from various sources in the Southlands. It would seem that time had forgotten the Lost WAAAGH! as it faded into the deserts or jungles of the Southlands. That is until reports emerged that a semi-savage goblin tribe had emerged from the Southlands, clinging to the eastern slopes of the World’s Edge Mountains. These goblins, who called themselves the Lost Boyz, somehow managed to ford the narrow inlet connecting the Sour Sea to the Straits of Nagash. The Lost Boyz managed to skirt past Nagashizzar without it drawing their attention, or them drawing the attention of its current inhabitants, and pushed on to the Broken Teeth chain of mountains.

After spending decades wandering through unforgiving landscapes, the Lost Boyz shed their orc baggage (generally by allowing the orcs to wander head first into the most dangerous locations and dying in the process) and also shed their former sense of organization. Led by a charismatic shaman in lieu of a powerful warboss, the Lost Boyz have taken a rather primitive look, more akin to the savage orcs of the Badlands or Marshes of Madness. Recent sightings of the goblin herd placed them somewhere along the Broken Teeth and the Plain of Bone. In this patch of desolate land absent large predators or dangerous opposition with territorial claims, the Lost Boyz have managed to grow in population as they plan their next move.

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