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Greenskin Tribes ~ Slimefeetz

“Dat’s da one! Yeah yeah! Bring ‘im to me! Let’s see ‘ere, lotsa teef, spiky back, thick skin… dis is da perfect squig for our manglers. Still a little runt, but when we’z gonna feed him da other little runts den ‘e’ll grow. Remember you maggots, youse gotta starve em and poke em wif a pointy stick. Dey’s gotta know dat dey’s gotta show dere teef! Den you feed dem da runt. Feed, starve, poke, feed. You mangy lot got it?! When da Slimefeetz get enough manglers den we’z goin’ out huntin’, and it don’t matter if its a big ol’ giant or a stunty covered in scraps n’ bits, da manglers will tear em apart!”
~ Vargit Slimefoot, Warboss of the Slimefeetz

Though the night goblins are known to use squigs in battle, the art of squig herding is a complex thing that one tribe has truly mastered more so than any other night goblin tribe – the Slimefeetz. Squig breeding has proven to be a lucrative business, one that has brought the Slimefeetz wealth and fame. In the abandoned mines of Ekrund and the Dragonback Mountains, the Slimefeetz have established a complex of squig nurseries where they breed squigs for many purposes, but none more valuable than the massive squigs they prod into war.

The dwarfs of Ekrund could have never imagined what would become of their home when their hold fell to the greenskin tide centuries ago. The vast mine network from Ekrund across the Dragonback Mountains, which in the Golden Age of the dwarfs brought them so much wealth, proved to be ideal for the night goblins who moved in. Nestled between the moist ocean currents from the Black Gulf and the hot winds from the Badlands, the Dragonback Mountains proved to be an ideal location for breeding squigs.

The night goblins were quick to make this observation and with their great cunning secured these lands as their territorial grounds. The orcs were content to claim the hold of Ekrund for themselves, the night goblins feigned insult by being given the dark mines while in truth the mines were exactly what they wanted. The orcs convinced of the night goblins act felt the mines of no value and ceded them to the Slimefeetz tribe, in return for tribute of course.

The arrangement between the orcs of Ekrund and the Slimefeetz of the adjacent mines, such as the vast wealthy Bitterstone Mine, gave the orcs the impression that they were in a dominant position with the Slimefeetz as their vassals. The Slimefeetz of course were playing a game of time, as any clever night goblin would do. The squig nurseries they established could easily spare a few dozen squigs to offer the orcs of Ekrund as tribute, with hundreds left to spare for other purposes…

One does not commonly associate greenskin ‘society’ with any sort of economy or trade, but the Slimefeetz have found great economic value in their squig herds. The Dragonback Mountains have become a hub for the trade of squigs and squig products. Of course the most common usage for a squig would be for meat, and their teeth have value as currency and decorations. The goblin squig herders have also perfected the craft of making clothing and armor from squig hides. Though the most valuable trade of squig products comes in the live form – as a ravaging herd hungry and ready to tear apart anything living in front of it. Greenskin tribes are willing to trade heaps of shineys for a herd of squigs which they can unleash into battle.

Vargit Slimefoot deftly builds up his own army of squigs and squig herders while trading surplus stock to other greenskin tribes. Everything is done to keep the appearance of a small and unthreatening night goblin tribe, but in truth the Dragonback Mountains are teaming with thousands of squigs ready to burst upon the world.

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