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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bloody Sun Boyz

“Bash yer way in you maggots! Dem stunty wallz ain’t stoppin’ da Bloody Sun Boyz! We’z gonna blow a hole in da mountain if dat’s how we’z gettin’ in! I don’t care about no stinkin’ stunty magic door! Any maggot in dat mountain dat ain’t a Bloody Sun Boy iz dead! You ‘ear that you useless gits?! Any ratterz, stunties, and shroom-gits in dat mountain are bloody dead! Tonight da Bloody Sun Boyz’ll dine on dere bones in Karak Eight Peaks!”
~ Grumlok, Warboss of the Bloody Sun Boyz

The cradle of the greenskins is the Badlands. Where they originally came from no one knows, but where they are strongest now is the Badlands. With such multitudes of greenskins, it is only a matter of time before a great warlord arises from the countless masses, and the time has come for the might black orc Grumlok, and his mischievous goblin shaman Gazbag. Together they shall rally the greenskins of the Badlands, and perhaps the Old World, for the greatest WAAAGH! yet to come.

The Badlands has long been a cauldron of greenskin activity, bubbling over into heated infighting. Occasionally one tribe will rise above the others and temporarily dominate the Badlands, temporarily because the greenskins only remain unified so long as they have a powerful warboss to scare them into obedience, or so long as they have an opponent to fight and unleash their primal fury upon. Recently such a tribe has arisen. The Bloody Sun Boyz are amassing a vast WAAAGH! the likes of which the Old World hasn’t seen in many years.

Since the ascendance of Thorgrim Grudgebearer to the throne of the High King in Karaz-a-Karak, he has worked hard to unify the purpose of the dwarf holds. His greatest initiative was to usher in the Age of Reckoning in which all the dwarf holds would unify and march with purpose to reclaim the lost holds of Karaz Ankor, and settle the ancient grudges of a bloody past. The great throng of Karaz-a-Karak has already put intense pressure in the fragmented greenskin tribes of the northern World’s Edge Mountains, but unknown to the dwarfs, there is a force forming to counter the dwarfen advance – the Bloody Sun Boyz.

As all orc warbosses arise, Grumlok clawed his way to the top through sheer strength and brute force, or so it seemed to all the other greenskins who observed his rise. In truth his prowess was aided by the clever genius that comes in the form of a whispering goblin shaman ever at his side, Gazbag. In fact to say that Gazbag is at Grumlok’s side is erroneous, for the goblin is often found perched upon the orc’s shoulder whispering into his ear. The combined orcish strength and goblin intellect created a duo which was able to crush all opposition. Lessere tribes such as the White Fangs, Bloody Wolves, Red Spiders, or Sneaky Gitz were conquered by the Bloody Sun Boyz. Other tribes who heard of the blood conquest of the aforementioned tribes sought to peacefully fall in line, but such cowardly approaches were not the way of the greenskins and Grumlok had them destroyed. Only the most powerful and deadly greenskins were fit to join the ranks of the Bloody Sun Boyz.

The savage and poorly organized orcs of the Badlands were not exactly the stiffest opposition to the rise of Grumlok and Gazbag. The true opposition of the Bloody Sun Boyz was the more organized and established tribes which had already clawed their way into history, particularly those at Death Pass. Grumlok and Gazbag have set their eyes on facing off with the more famous tribes in the World’s Edge Mountains in order to claim a strong defensive position as the base of their WAAAGH! From there they will be able to amass the largest WAAAGH! the world has ever seen and spread the green tide over the World’s Edge Mountains.

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