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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Gantuk

July 31, 2021 Leave a comment

“It doesn’t matter that we’ve lit our hearth in a beggars hovel, we dawi are a proud race and we shall not abandon our home, for there is always promise of a brighter future… if we just keep digging. There’s wealth to be found under Karak Gantuk, and when we strike the right vein, then all of Karaz Ankor will regret their words about Karak Gantuk.”

~ Balin Skagsson, Son of King Skag Hammerfist of Karak Gantuk

Karak Gantuk is a minor dwarfen hold located in the Black Mountains, and in a region which is rather resource poor, Karak Gantuk really lives up to the reputation of the Black Dwarfs. The hold has gained its ill-found reputation from its founder who claimed to have struck riches in a desolate stretch of the Black Mountains. Today, the stubborn residents of Karak Gantuk insist that it is only a matter of time before they reach a vein of immense wealth.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Angazhar

July 28, 2021 Leave a comment

“Do not hold our size against us, for the warriors of Karak Angazhar will meet any foe in battle, no matter the size or numbers. The experience of the Time of Woes taught our ancestors the necessity to adapt our tactics to face overwhelming odds. Wherever the throng of Karak Angazhar marches, our flame cannons follow to bathe our enemies in the warmth of naphtha.”

~ Jargun Duregarson, Son of King Duregar Sharpblade of Karak Angazhar

Karak Angazhar is a minor settlement in the Black Mountains, located west of Black Fire Pass. Notable for being one of the first Black Mountains holds to be founded after the Time of Woes, it has found its loyalties to the Throne of Power tested many times. Expelled from Karaz Ankor for over one thousand years, Karak Angazhar had to carve our its existence in a brutal time without aid from its ancestral home.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karag Dromar

July 25, 2021 Leave a comment

“The legacy of High King Kurgan Ironbeard flows through all our veins. Over two thousand and five hundred years ago our High King swore an oath to the men of the Empire that the dwarfs would always come to their aid in times of war. We guardians of Karag Dromar look back to the first oath between umgi and dawi, and so long as we breathe the Black Fire Pass will be watched over by the ancestors of Kurgan Ironbeard.”

~ Erebor Goldenbrew, Ranger of Karag Dromar

Karag Dromar overlooks one of the most important trade routes in the Old World, Black Fire Pass. Ever since the day the human princeling by the name of Sigmar Unberogen saved the life of the dwarfen High King over two thousand and five hundred years ago, the dwarfs have maintained a presence over Black Fire Pass to keep local greenskin tribes in check, and warn the Empire of larger advancing threats.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Barak Varr

July 22, 2021 Leave a comment

“There is no finer feat of dwarfen engineering than the sturdy deck of a steamship. Give me but one dreadnought and I’ll blast any foe out of the water and send the scurrying back to their hovels on land. Show me a ship that can match dwarfen firepower! You can’t because none like that exists! Zhufbar can have its flame cannons and organ guns, Karak Norn can have its thunderbarges, but those all pale in comparison to the dawi navy!”

~Prince Gadrin Grundadrakk, Son of King Byrrnoth Grundadrakk of Barak Varr

Barak Varr is the only dwarfen seaport in all of Karaz Ankor, not counting the minor seaports of the Norse dwarfs. As such, it is the home of the dwarfen navy – iron vessels powered by steam and armed with blackpowder weapons. A single ironclad from Barak Varr can face off with a dozen vessels of any contender in the Southern Sea.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Azul

July 19, 2021 Leave a comment

“Every weapon forged within Karak Azul shall drink its share of grobi blood before the sun sets on Karak Azul. Every piece of armor forged within these halls shall bear a thousand blows before it shows signs of wear from our hated foes. Every dwarf who calls Karak Azul home shall give his last bit of strength to crushing the accursed grobi. We are the last of the southern holds, and we will fight to our dying breaths!”

~ Aivura Kazadorsdottir, Daughter of King Kazador Thunderhorn of Karak Azul

Karak Azul remains as the last southern stronghold of the World’s Edge Mountains, though it must fight daily to retain this honor. Its population swelled by refugees from neighboring Karak Izril, Karak Eight Peaks, and Karak Drazh, the Iron Peak fights with all the resolve and vengeance of the combined southern holds.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Angkul

July 16, 2021 Leave a comment

“Listen to the stone, for it has more to tell you than you can imagine. In the open sky the stone’s words are taken by the winds, but under the mountain, the stone speaks for all with a keen ear to hear. Hear that? Filthy thaggoraki claws at work concocting their devious plans. Let’s prepare a steam bath for them, shall we?”

~Samos Angbaraz, Master Engineer of Karak Angkul

Karak Angkul is a small dwarfen hold in the World’s Edge Mountains that has used its mastery of ironwork and steam-engineering to hold back foes which outnumber the dwarfs manyfold. Located in a key strategic position, the dwarfen hold proves to be one of Karaz-a-Karak’s greatest defenders. The engineers of Karak Angkul are said to rival the skill of those from Zhufbar, though they rarely leave their hold to share they knowledge, for they are too busy defending it against the endless onslaught.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Kadrin

July 13, 2021 Leave a comment

“By Grimnir’s Fury! Karak Kadrin shall never fall so long as there is a single slayer still within it! There isn’t a foe that the slayers of Karak Kadrin will not face. No matter the numbers, no matter the size. Though Karaz Ankor may tremble, Karak Kadrin will fight to its dying breath so that Karaz Ankor will not fall.”

~ Thane Ull Hammerhand, Thane of the Drakebeard Clan of Karak Kadrin

Karak Kadrin is commonly known as the Slayer Keep due to the large proportion of its population that is slayers. This is due to to the building of the Shrine of Grimnir in Karak Kadrin nearly three thousand years ago, and the founding of the Slayer Cult by the first Slayer King, Baragor. Though its population is not as large as other dwarfen holds, the ferocity of its warriors magnifies its prowess on the battlefield.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Kraka Ravnsvake

July 10, 2021 Leave a comment

“One cannot judge all manlings by the actions of some. Yes, the Norscan lot are not to be trusted, no dwarf from Kraka Ravnsvake will ever dispute that, not after what we have seen. However, the flatlander manlings are different. Though the race is frail, the dawi must come to trust the flatlanders. We cannot hope to fulfill Grungni’s prophecy alone.”

~ Bregda Zilfinskaud, Daughter of King Haarkon Vikramson of Kraka

Kraka Ravnsvake is the southernmost Norse dwarf hold, located in the lower mountains that descend into the foothills of the Northern Oblast of Kislev. The hold, more so than any other, has sought to maintain close ties with the humans, though specifically with the Kislevites, not the Norscans. Kraka Ravnsvake knows that without allies, the dwarfs will not hold Chaos back alone.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Kraka Ornsmotek

July 7, 2021 Leave a comment

“There is no beast that the sons of Clan Argilaz fear, no beast I say. Send a giant down my path and my axe will find its mark. Make it a chaos giant and the outcome will be the same. Trolls? I’ve killed dozens. One does not survive in the wilds around Kraka Ornsmotek without wetting their axe in the blood of savage brutes.”

~ Skeggox Argilaz, Son of King Tyr “Giantsbane” Forsetison of Kraka Ornsmotek

Kraka Ornsmotek is the furthest north dwarfen hold not only in Norsca, but of all the dwarfen holds in the world. Though not a large hold by the standards of the World’s Edge Mountains, it makes up for its size with the bravery and mettle of its warriors. As one of the most remote holds, Kraka Ornsmotek is an island in a sea of dragons, giants, trolls, and beasts of Chaos. It is in this sea of darkness that the berserkers of Kraka Ornsmotek truly shine.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Kraka Dorden

July 4, 2021 Leave a comment

“Norsca is no place for the feeble manlings. Thousands of years have come and gone with the Chaos Winds washing over the dawi, and we have never bent to their will. The humans come here and within months we see how easily Chaos twisted their minds, and their bodies. The ones with twisted bodies are easy enough to avoid, but it takes a sharp eye to avoid those with twisted minds. No place for manlings I say, they’d be better off if they never came here. We’d all be better off if they never came here.”

~ Hyrr Zhargrun, Brother to King Logamir Ulfarson

Kraka Dorden is the second largest Norse dwarf hold, which during the War of the Mountains was the de facto capital of the Norse dwarfs after the fall of Kraka Drak. Bygone are the days of cooperation and trade with their human neighbors, now Kraka Dorden only prepares for war.

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