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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Grom

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“It is not the size of the warrior that defines him, but the strength of his heart and convictions. Thousands of foes have stormed the gates of Karak Grom, and we stand still. Every dwarf within Karak Grom is worth a score of warriors from any other hold, and on that I’ll wager my honor!”

~ Ugard Garilsson, Son of King Garil Thunderclap of Karak Grom

Karak Grom is a minor dwarfen hold located at the southern end of the Vaults, where they are divided from the Apuccini Mountains by the Old Dwarf Pass. This pass connects the fragmented lands of Tilea and the Borderlands, a region where the rumor of war is always on the wind. With the ever-present threat of skaven and greenskins, Karak Grom must always be alert, for only it alone can keep the Old Dwarf Pass open for trade.

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