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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Kaferkammaz

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“What an irony it is that my ancestors founded Karak Kaferkammaz. It had been the folly of humans and their desire to pierce the clouds that brought doom upon my ancestors. In their flight from accursed rain from darkened clouds they returned to the mountains, the refuge of the dwarfs. Now it is we who live among the clouds pondering the role the Ancestor Gods played in our tragedy.”

~ Yundrin Skalfsson, Son of King Skalf Redbeard of Karak Kaferkammaz

Karak Kaferkammaz is the smallest dwarfen hold in the Vaults, built into one of the highest peaks of the mountains making it the highest hold in the Vaults, and perhaps in all of Karaz Ankor. The hold is most known for the dark past that led to its founding, and the somewhat ironic location the dwarfs selected for their new home.

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