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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Izor

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“We dwarfs west of the World’s Edge Mountains have suffered more than the High King can know. We have lost our homes, our kin, and some even their honor. Now we fight to rebuild that which was lost, and no one will stand in our way. If the High King does not understand our plight, he should step aside an let Karak Izor lead.”

~Mundri Grimbrow, Son of King Kazran Grimbrow of Karak Izor

Karak Izor is the largest and wealthiest hold in the Vaults, and among the oldest. However, the founding of the hold triggered the exile of the western holds from Karaz Ankor and therefore its very founding ushered in a time of darkness for the western holds. Karak Izor did not dwell in darkness however, for it rose to meet the challenge and has become akin to the Throne of Power for the holds of the Vaults, and the Irana and Apuccini Mountains.

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