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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Zilfin

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“All the other dawi look upon Karak Zilfin with pride and mockery, for we are a small hold of modest wealth. We however know the taste of hardship and loss, something we never wish upon our kin. The wealth and grandeur our ancestors had was lost, and we don’t need the gloating of others to remind us of that. The scars of our past are deep in Karak Zilfin’s collective memory.”

~ Orek Roreksson, Son of King Rorek Granitehand of Karak Zilfin

Karak Zilfin is the southern-most of the Grey Holds, sitting above the dangerous Montdidier Pass between the Empire and Athel Loren, beyond which is Bretonnia. The dwarfs of Karak Zilfin are a hardened lot, shaped by their past and present circumstances. Only they could carve out an existence in the shadow of the Vaults and cradle of Athel Loren.

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