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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Norn

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“Never trust anything that burns to easily. Wood… gone before you can smoke your pipe. Coal, now coal will last you a good while, that you can trust. That cursed forest to the west, it too can burn. I’d wager my axe that the elgi inside it burn too. Clan Grintzagaz has lost its home once, and we wont lose it again.”

~ Iregar Brokksson, Son of King Brokk Ironpick of Karak Norn

Karak Norn is the largest of the current dwarfen holds in the Grey Mountains, and as such it acts as a regional leader for the Grey Dwarfs, as they are called. The Grey Mountains are among the poorest mountain chains in the Old World, poorer even than distant Norsca. The dwarfs here are a stubborn lot clinging to hope in a brighter future, a hope that is unlikely to come.

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