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Dwarfen Holds

Glorious Karaz Ankor, how grand and vast you once were, and how your glory has faded under the grinding assault of your hated foes. The dwarfen realm of Karaz Ankor stretched along the World’s Edge Mountains initially; however, due to intense pressure and losses incurred at the hands of the greenskins and skaven, the dwarfs migrated further west seeking a new start. Many of the ancient holds that were founded by the first ancestors have fallen after thousands of years of prosperity. Alas, as the winds gradually wear down the mountains, so too is time wearing down the dwarfen realm. Below is the map etched into the heart of the High King, a map of holds fallen and lost, and those that still fight on. Yet, this map is not even complete, for there are other holds both fallen and standing that exist beyond the edges of this map.

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