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Coins to Crowns

January 18, 2021 Leave a comment

v 1.9.3b

While the World’s Edge Mountains bear a lofty name and carry much fame as the eastern frontier of the civilized lands of the Old World, another lesser chain shelters the Empire from the lawlessness and savagery of the south. The Black Mountains, where the famed Black Fire Pass is located, branch off of the World’s Edge Mountains and form the southern border of the Empire and of Bretonnia. South of the Empire are the Borderlands ruled by petty self-made nobles collectively called the Border Princes. In the grand scheme of Old World politics, the Border Princes are a squabbling lot fighting for crumbs among the dirt. Fractured, plagued by in-fighting, and weak to external threats, the Border Princes long had little value to the great powers who command armies of tens of thousands. However, recent events have shifted the scales of war and the Borderlands has found a moment to rise from its squalor. For the Border Princes there is nothing more tempting than a bit of gold, silver, or even bronze.

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Coins to Crowns Intro

January 16, 2021 Leave a comment

“Count it three times if you have to, but make sure every last coin is in that chest. The soldiers won’t march on promises of glory alone,” Enzo Digenes called out to the paymaster.

“Yes yes, even four times if I must. This I know. You nag me like the wife I never had,” the paymaster replied.

“You never had her because you let her slip through your fingers. Do the same with my coin and it’ll cost you your head,” the young Digenes replied.

Enzo Digenes kept a watchful eye on his paymaster Vittore Maziani. One did not rise to power in these lands without keeping a tight fist around his coin purse, and for Enzo Digenes every coin was earned the hard way. The bards of the Empire sing of the richly dressed Tileans, with their taste for all the fine things of life, but Enzo Digenes did not enjoy the wealth and status of his people, or rather his mother’s people.

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The Price of Loyalty Guide

January 13, 2021 Leave a comment

v1.9.3a consists of the Price of Loyalty live event. Some merchants are devastated by war and its effects on trade, others revel in it. Where one door closes, another opens. With Kislev aflame and the Empire in turmoil, other markets have to be found for the goods of the Empire. The lands south of the Empire have always been somewhat shunned by traders due to the difficulty of traversing the Black Mountains, and the perils beyond in the Borderlands and Badlands. The lone remaining dwarfen hold in the south, Karak Azul, is hard pressed and the merchants of the Empire know that there is good coin to be had if they can deliver any supplies to the beleaguered hold. Such a merchant has approached you and offered you great reward if you can escort his caravan through Black Fire Pass to a mining settlement of Karak Azul at the edge of the Badlands. Will you succeed in braving the treacherous lands, or will your caravans draw the attention of less reputable forces?

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The Price of Loyalty

January 10, 2021 Leave a comment

While war wages in the north of the Old World, trade carries on as usual in the south. Tilean merchants are known for their scrupulous nature, taking care of every detail to see that their wares make it to their destination at the lowest cost possible so that the highest profit possible can be achieved. Caravans from the Empire must cross the Black Mountains, and now in the time of the Age of Reckoning, there are many perils to avoid. Seasoned veterans of bloody campaigns are highly sought-after commodities, for their martial skill makes them excellent guards against all manner of threats the Black Mountains and beyond may have in store. Be careful though, those of lesser civilizations will slit your throat at the thought of a quick coin.

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The Price of Loyalty Intro

January 4, 2021 Leave a comment

Tipping over his tobacco pipe to empty the contents, the dwarf eyed the man across the table with suspicion. “Where did ye say ye served?” the dwarf asked.

“I didn’t. You said you needed seasoned fighters to escort you and your goods south across the greenskin infested lands. I told you I’ve fought ’em before. For the right coin I know a few lads that’ll join the enterprise,” the man responded rubbing his knuckles across the black stubble on his jawline.

“So ye ain’t a soldier then? Not a man of discipline?” the dwarf asked cocking an eyebrow.

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Irongut ~ Ogre HDPS

December 30, 2020 Leave a comment

“Such strenght, such raw strength, wasted on the likes of the ogres ironguts. They slay in the name of an insatiable hunger, the thrill of the fight, and nothing more. Destruction needs purpose if it is to please the Chaos gods. We pay them in coin and meat not because we need them to win this war, or because they may one day serve a greater purpose, but because they excel at killing and their loss does not weaken the advance of Chaos. The ogre mind is unlikely to be shaped by Tzeentch or tempted by Slaanesh, but if it takes down two score Kislevites before a cannon-shot parts its head from its body, all the better.”
~ Gundrek Ungebord, Inevitable City Scholar


Archetype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Great Hammer

Mechanic – Mountain Mover

  • You are driven by the need to defeat the strongest of your opposition, however resistance is a sure way to drive your anger. You have a pool of 40 Mountain Mover points which can be used for powerful abilities. Each Mountain Mover point will increase your strength and weapon skill by double the amount, but will lower your toughness and initiative by the same amount. You built 5 Mountain Mover points for hitting a tank with a shield or 10 if you are blocked; or 2 Mountain Mover points if you hit any other class.

Mastery Trees

  • Skullcracker – You focus on heavy armored units, weakening the core of your enemies’ defenses.
  • Wagonsmasher – You focus on widespread havoc and damage over time.
  • Mountaineater- You focus on going toe-to-toe with your enemies.
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Bruiser ~ Ogre MDPS

December 28, 2020 Leave a comment

“Fighting is an art, one that clearly the brusiers have not mastered. Their penchant for pounding things to a pulp with their fist may work on the battlefield, but it is not the way of a duelist. A duelist must be graceful and strike with their fists as a song bird darts from flower to flower. Those bruisers froth at the mouth and want blood, and the longer you hold them at bay, the more rabid they become. I am all for mercy unto the defeated in a civilized duel, but there is no civilized dueling with a bruiser. No, with them it is to the death.”
~ Borgolio Mantua, Tilean Duelist


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Ironfists

Mechanic – Blood Brawlin’

  • One does not become a bruiser by losing a single fight. To become a bruiser you must live and learn to fight to the bloody end. Bruisers may mark their target with the Brawler’s Challenge. This will allow them to learn their opponent’s tactics in the fight and over time the bruiser will learn to avoid their opponent’s chances to defend themselves.

Mastery Trees

  • Maneater – A focus on ripping into heavily armored units
  • Toothcrusher – A focus on fighting toe-to-toe with those who think to equal you
  • Deathcheater – A focus on fighting the long haul to wear your opponents down
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Hunter ~ Ogre RDPS

December 26, 2020 Leave a comment

“One almost wants to respect their solitary nature, that is until you find out they are rarely alone and their second set of eyes is stalking you. To see an ogre hunter in the wilderness is a death sentence, for they are not ones to talk and exchange pleasantries. Occasionally they come into town to barter their pelts for supplies they cannot gather or kill, but even then they are not talkers. Ogre hunters prefer to roam the wild with their loyal sabertusk at their side. Two predators working in unison to bring down a kill and feast on fresh flesh. If you see or hear them, it’s already too late for you.” – Vaslav Tzanko, Ungol Horsemaster


Archtype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Crossbow & Maul

Mechanic – Sabertusk’s Bloodscent

  • The ogre hunter often travels alone, but there are some amongst the hunters who pack-hunt with a sabertusk they have formed a bond with. There is no training involved, it is rather a pact of an innate killer instinct that links the two. As the hunter attacks his target and wounds them, the sabertusk grows stronger as its Bloodscent increases its appetite. When using long range abilities at 100 feet, the hunter builds 1 Bloodscent point; at 60 feet 2 Bloodscent points; and at 30 feet or lower 3 Bloodscent points. The Bloodcent pool has a maximum of 10 points. These points make your sabertusk more lethal and allow for unique bursts of activity from the sabertusk to work in tandem with the ogre hunter.

Mastery Trees

  • Beaststalker – A focus on long range attacks to bring your prey down.
  • Eyebiter- A focus on medium range attacks to weaken your prey.
  • Gutfeeder – A focus on melee attacks and synchronized fighting with your sabretusk.
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Butcher ~ Ogre Healer

December 24, 2020 Leave a comment

“The ogres will eat anything living that crosses their path – man, horse, dwarf, skaven. It matters not what they eat, as their appetite is vast and their guy accepts all. Most will tear into the still warm flesh of their victims without much of a thought, but there are those among the ogre race that are revered as priests of the Empire, they are the butchers. The butchers make slaughter an art, all in the name of their god, the Great Maw. Butchers are among the few ogres gifted with a magical touch as they channel their so called gut magic. Give them a wide bearth, for where the butchers go, slaughter follows.” ~ Yarwick Vorgeist, Ostermark Road Warden


Archtype – Healer

Armor – Light Robe

Weapon – Cleaver & Sickle

Mechanic – Maw Gnoblar

  • The Great Maw has blessed you in more ways than one, for not only do you channel Gut Magic, but you also have been given a minion specially sent from the Maw to aid in the feast-making. You may summon a Maw Gnoblar to assist you.

Mastery Trees

  • Feastmaster – A focus on providing a life-giving feast for those who give thanks to the Great Maw.
  • Fireholder – The Great Maw has taught you how to unleash the fire within your gut to cleanse the world. A focus on offensive spells.
  • Mawseeker – You are ever in search of the Maw and its gifts, in this pursuit you feed those around you that they too may find their way to the Great Maw.
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Tyrant ~ Ogre Tank

December 22, 2020 Leave a comment

“There’s no mistakin’ an ogre tyrant, largest brute with the biggest belly clad in the most metal. Most ogres are content with a gutplate, but the tyrant wears as much armor as can encase his bulking body. Best use of blackpowder against a tyrant is a solid cannonball! I tell you now lads, don’t waste your bullets on the tyrant unless he’s upon us. If you have to shoot him, then aim for the eyes… aim for the eyes!” ~ Kelgorn Broksson, Karak Norn Thunderer


Archtype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Sword/Maul and Armguard; Greatsword

Mechanic – Bull’s Fury

  • Your fury builds up as you assault targets, building faster when fighting those who would resist you. You gain 1 point of Bull’s Fury when hitting light armored targets, 2 points for medium armor targets, and 3 points for heavy armor targets. At 0-5 points you are at Tempered Fury; 6-8 points at Seething Fury; and 9-10 points at Frothing Fury. These points are required for abilities, or can be used to execute abilities. Higher levels of Bull’s Fury increase your damage.

Mastery Trees

  • Kineater – The hunger within you knows no limits, not even that of family. An offensive tree focused on damage.
  • Giantbreaker – The giants were not overcome by brute strength alone, sometimes one has to hold their ground. A defensive tree focused on survivability.
  • Wallcrusher – A wall is tumbled one stone at a time, and so too are your opponents. A tree focused on weakening your targets.
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