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Forged in WAR ~ Aerial Siege

August 18, 2011 Leave a comment

While the dwarves are masters of metal and siege weapons, their ingenuity is equally matched by the crafty goblins. Deep in the Halls of Ekrund plans have been discovered for new aerial siege-craft to rain death onto the forces of Destruction, but the goblins have been quick to adapt and have begun to create their own aerial fleet to counter the dwarven onslaught.

Players who have successfully completed the 4th stage of the Halls of Ekrund and obtained the Machinery Gadget can now utilize new forms of aerial siege in Tier 4. As part of patch 1.7.0b the Griffon and Maticore have had their pre-programmed paths removed and will now be able to fly across the entirety of the ORvR lake, but players will be dismounted within 5 seconds if they leave the bounds of the ORvR lake. Griffons and Manticores will still fulfill the function of single-seater aerial-bombers which drop a small area-of-effect bomb that lasts a few seconds.

New to the arsenal of aerial siege are four beasts of the sky. First up we have the two-seater units: the Wyvern and Gyrocopter, for Destruction and Order players respectively. The Wyvern and Gyrocopter both seat two players – a driver and a gunner. These aerial siege units are designed to be anti-air units – they fire a channeled attack which is most effective against other aerial siege weapons. The other pair of aerial siege engines are the behemoths of the sky – the Dwarven Airship and the Goblin Zeppelin. Both of these units are 4-person siege weapons with a driver, a pay-load bombardier, a rear gunner, and a middle gunner. The primary function of these large aerial units is to drop a payload of bombs on the enemy which do widespread damage; the secondary gunners are there to protect the airship against enemy Gyrocopters or Wyverns, though they can also be effective against Griffons and Manticores. All new aerial units can be purchased at warcamps with realm resources.

The struggle between Order and Destruction has now been taken to the skies! Who will dominate the skies and win the war?

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Forged in WAR ~ Heavy Siege

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment

The ever crafty dwarves have proven to be quite resourceful, particularly in the art of siege machinery. While the forces of Order and Destruction battle over the fate of Ekrund, players from both factions have discovered the hidden art of heavy siege machinery.

Players who acquired the Siege Ammunition from the third stage of the Halls of Ekrund can now deploy heavy siege machinery options available in tiers 3 and 4. Heavy siege comes in two types – tanks can carry siege ladders into combat and deploy them within 5 feet of a keep wall; only tanks may hold siege ladders up and only classes wearing non-heavy armor may scale siege ladders. The second piece of heavy siege players can deploy is the mortar which comes in two varieties. The light mortar is operated by one person and can be deployed anywhere. The heavy mortar is operated by two players and is located within each keep; one player operates the targeting while the other operates the loading. Light mortars deal a small area-of-effect damage, very useful for bombarding defenders within keep walls; heavy mortars deal large area-of-effect damage useful in breaking up enemies attempting to assault a keep.

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Forged in WAR ~ Smithing: Armor-Smith

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday we discussed the weapons portion of the smithing trade – a trade which takes Wood and Metal Stock and crafts them into weapons of war. Today we shall look at the armor portion of the smithing trade, which primarily uses Metal Stock, Cloth, and Leather. Read more…

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Forged in WAR ~ Smithing: Weapon-smith

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday we discussed a new crafting trade brought to Warhammer – Smithing. However, the term smithing encompasses a very large concept of crafting weapons and armor, a master-craftsman trade which requires the support of all the harvesting and refining trades. Today we shall delve deeper into the realm of smithing and look at one particular brance: Weapon-smiths. Read more…

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Forged in WAR ~ Smithing: Raw Materials

August 13, 2011 Leave a comment

The arms race has stretched the blacksmiths of both Order and Destruction thin. With the war escalating ever more, the smiths of both factions can only produce so much to keep up with the ever increasing demand. The time has come for the leadership of both factions to urge their noble warriors to pursue demanding trades to assist with the war effort.

Players who obtained the Blacksmith’s Anvil from the second stage of the Halls of Ekrund may now journey to their capital city and pursue a new line of trade skills associated with crafting of arms and armor. Let’s delve into the basics of smithing today! Read more…

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Forged in WAR ~ The Uplands: The Brass Keep

August 12, 2011 Leave a comment

While the forces of the Raven Host and the savages from Norsca descend upon the Empire from the north, a grave threat lurks within the very body of the Empire. High atop the Middle Mountains is what was once a proud Imperial town which served both as a safe haven for weary travelers and as a college for the Celestial Wizards. That is until a recent Chaos incursion which pushed deep into the Empire and overran the isolated mountaintop retreat which could not withstand the assault. Ever since then the town has been firmly in the hold of Chaos warriors, now known as the Brass Keep, a sore reminder of a bitter past and of the troublesome future. The forces of the Empire could never devote sufficient forces to retake the town and so it has remained in the hands of the forces of Chaos. Now in the Age of Reckoning Tchar’zanek has responded in kind for the dwarven assaults against the Raven Host by ordering the forces in the Brass Keep to harass Empire forces in Nordland. The Empire cannot ignore the Brass Keep anymore, it must be dealt with once and for all. Read more…

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Forged in WAR ~ The Uplands: Kraka Drak

August 11, 2011 Leave a comment

In the far north, beyond the reach of civilized men, is the rugged realm of Norsca. While tiny villages cling to the shore like a sailor clings to driftwood in a storm, deep in the treacherous mountains is the realm of the Norse dwarves. The lands of the Norsca have always been subject to the whims of the Chaos gods, but the Norse dwarves have held strong against the influences of the chaos winds. In the arms build-up ushered in by High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, a call to action was sent across all of Karak Ankor, and the distant cousins in Norsca answered. Harassing the Raven Host’s supply lines in Norsca the dwarves of Kraka Drak have proven too great a threat to ignore. Now the forces of Destruction will answer Tchar’zanek’s call and march forth to Kraka Drak to teach the dwarves a dire lesson. Read more…

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Forged in WAR ~ The Uplands

August 10, 2011 1 comment

Deep in the Halls of Ekrund ancient keys were found to the gates of places long not seen. The arms race which elevated dwarven mining and crafting activities also served to re-establish a link with the distant dwarves of Norsca. The Norse Dwarves’ sacrifice in the war against Chaos has been a silent struggle of epic proportions unknown to the southern lands of men, dwarves and elves. A thorn in the side of the Raven Host and their tenuous foothold in Thorshafn, the Norscan dwarves answered their southern kin’s call to arms and begin to harass the Raven Host ever more.

This war being waged behind the front lines of the Raven Host in Norsca threatened their position against the coming assaults from the Empire forces stationed in Nordland. Fortunately the hordes of Chaos had their own card to play in the affair with a secluded stronghold high atop the Middle Mountains which could occupy the Griffon Order in Grimmenhagen. As both the forces of Chaos and the Empire seek to secure their back-lines they call upon their realm to delve deep into the uplands to root out the forces that threaten their position.

Join your realm and become forged in war as you delve into these new realm-specific dungeons for Tier 1! As you journey into the uplands of your realm’s Empire v. Chaos Tier 1 pairing you will face a determined enemy determined to stop you before you’ve even begun your journey! Journey forth and fight the dreaded enemy, the brave will reap the rewards of these lands as they can obtain the new “Brazen” armor set!

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Forged in WAR ~ Bounty Quests

August 9, 2011 1 comment

Kill a greenskin, and another one pops right up to take their place! Can’t kill enough of em myself, but with some help… Maybe with some help we could eradicate the vermin that infest our lands… With the right incentive, there’s always some fool ready to take up a quest to do killin’ for ya.
~ Hargrim Rustbeard

As part of the arms race, new armor sets have been commissioned for the new warriors who are preparing for battle. Introduced with the Forged in WAR are two new armor sets to complement the Stalker and Tracker armor sets already found in the world of Warhammer Online. Players can now find new PvP Kill Quests throughout Tiers 1 and 4 to expand their armory and better arm themselves for the coming battle.

“Hunter” Set – Tier 1
Dwarf Chapter 3 – Kron-Komar Gap. Quest: Bouncin’ Menaces – Kill 20 Squig Herders. Reward: Hunter Boots
High Elf Chapter 4 – Cliffs of Ushuru. Quest: Malekith’s Own – Kill 20 Black Guards. Reward: Hunter Chest

Greenskin Chapter 3 – Kron-Komar Gap. Quest: How Many Stunties Does It Take… – Kill 80 Players. Reward: Hunter Boots
Dark Elf Chapter 4 – Malagurn’s Charge. Quest: Fallen Sons of Chrace – Kill 20 White Lions. Reward: Hunter Chest

“Predator” Set – Tier 4
Empire Chapter 15 – Kreuznach. Quest: Tides of Chaos – Kill 100 Players. Reward: Predator Boots
Dwarf Chapter 16 – Hungry Troll Pub. Quest: The Bigger They Are… – Kill 20 Choppas. Reward: Predator Gloves
High Elf Chapter 17 – Gate of Sacrifice. Quest: Taming the Winds – Kill 20 Sorceresses. Reward: Predator Shoulders
Dwarf Chapter 18 – Palik Watch. Quest: Killing Da Smallest – Kill 20 Shamans. Reward: Predator Helm
Empire Chapter 19 – Knight’s Watch. Quest: Champions of Change – Kill 20 Magi. Reward: Predator Chest

Chaos Chapter 15 – Deathchill. Quest: Fields of the Dead – Kill 100 Players. Reward: Predator Boots
Greenskin Chapter 16 – Da Great Big Food Pot. Quest: Oh the Shame! – Kill 20 Slayers. Reward: Predator Gloves
Dark Elf Chapter 17 – Gate of Silence. Quest: Silent to the Grave – Kill 20 Shadow Warriors. Reward: Predator Shoulders
Greenskin Chapter 18 – Da Scrappin’ Camp. Quest: Gork Dunt Like Dat – Kill 20 Rune Priests. Reward: Predator Helm
Chaos Chapter 19 – Southern Breach. Quest: Sons of the False God – Kill 20 Warrior Priest. Reward: Predator Chest

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Forged in WAR

August 8, 2011 Leave a comment

As the arms race between the forces of Order and Destruction continues, the efforts of this struggle begin to spill into the realm of warfare. A vicious struggle ensues in the Hold of Ekrund deep in the southern Dragonback Mountains, and while forges across the Old and New World ring out with the hammer striking the anvil, blood is being spilled in every corner of lands. The time has come for the generals of both factions to begin unleashing their newly crafted weapons.

Forged in WAR is a follow-up to the Arms Race Live Event, and more specifically it is a follow up to the spoils players obtained in the Halls of Ekrund. Now players will learn what doors the keys found in Ekrund unlock, to what end they can use their anvils, what weapons need the new ammunition stockpile, and what machinery the gadgets operate. Introduced with the Forged in WAR patch are three new armor sets, two new dungeons, a new genre of trade skills,  and new avenues players can use to engage in siege warfare. Only those who proved true warriors in the cause of the arms race will be able to show that they have been Forged in WAR.

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