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Arms Race – Guide

August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

v1.7.0a consists of the Arms Race Live Event. The Live Event has 10 tasks for each realm, with a title unlocked after completing all 10 tasks. Like prior Live Events, this Live Event also ushers in new content, early access to this new content is determined by the winning realm in a ‘realm-pool competition’. Players individually contribute to a realm-pool via collecting resources in the ORvR lakes, but the victor is determined by the success of the whole realm. However, unlike prior Live Events, the Arms Race has two competitive pools to build towards – the Metal Slag Stockpile, and the Weapons Stockpile. The winning realm of the Metal Slag Stockpile will have 5 days early access to the new content, while the winning realm of the Weapons Stockpile will receive a small week long boon. While the struggle of the Arms Race takes place across forges all over both the Old World and Ulthuan, the true battles that will decide the victor of the greater war of the Arms Race take place in the land of the dwarves. Who will prove victorious in the Arms Race? Read more…

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Arms Race ~ Halls of Ekrund

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

The gates of Ekrund have been breached! As the doors splintered apart and the greenskins rushed in, they were met with a lethal salvo of dwarven firepower. Subsequent waves met the same fate and the dwarves felt that they were invincible. Malgor Bloodeye ordered his horde to blindly charge in, and they did out of fear of him. With no way to reach the Dwarven gunners and cannons the greenskins morale began to decline. It was then that Gorb, the goblin siege crew leader who Malgor had assailed earlier, came up with a plan that worked.

Gorb confronted Malgor with his plan and the clever goblin had his way. His plan was gruesome but effective, order a concentrated charge and let the bodies pile up, once a wall of greenskin corpses was high enough, the rest of the WAAAAGH! would be safe from enemy fire. Naturally goblins wouldn’t build a tall wall, so the chant started by the goblins echoed through the greenskin lines “Da bigga da orc, da bigga da wall! Gobbos iz too small!” Once the first berm of greenskin corpses had been built but yards from the gate of Ekrund, the goblins reassembled their rock lobbas and spear chuckas inside the hold of Ekrund and returned fire on the unsuspecting Dwarves.

Realizing the effectiveness of the corpse-wall, and the bloody cost at which it was achieved, Rudgar ordered the dwarves to fall back out of range of the greenskin siege. Malgor ordered another wave of assaults to build another berm closer to the dwarves, and once again the dwarves retreated deeper into the halls of Ekrund. The dwarves were only buying time with this tactic, the more ground they lost the harder it would be for them to recover, and the greenskins had a limitless horde of their kind. The plight of Ekrund had reached both Karak Eight Peaks and Karaz-a-Karak, and seeing how the fate of Ekrund teetered on the edge of a blade, the leadership of both factions took great interest in the struggle. Reinforcements were on the way but who would arrive first and secure victory in the battle of the Halls of Ekrund? Read more…

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Arms Race ~ Ekrund

August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Nestled along the southern tip of the Dragonback Mountains is the Dwarven Hold of Ekrund. Isolated from the rest of Karak Ankor and not connected to Undrin Ankor, the vast underground tunnel network connecting the Dwarven Holds, Ekrund has always been very vulnerable to Greenskin attacks. In fact laying between Ekrund and the World’s Edge Mountains are the Badlands, an area ripe with Greenskins and other inhospitable filth. However, Ekrund has always been a critical mining center, particularly of the rare Bitterstone, and both the dwarves and the Greenskins recognize its vital role in the Dwarven economy. Such an isolated location would quickly fall victim to the Greenskin hordes were it not for its massive runic gates protecting the city. But even the greatest mountain can be taken apart stone by stone given enough time… In the Age of Reckoning the Hold of Ekrund is under siege and time is working against it. The Greenskins are almost at the point of breaching the mighty gates of Ekrund and the fate of the mighty city rests on reinforcements, should they come in time. Read more…

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Arms Race ~ Redeye Grotto

August 4, 2011 3 comments

“Oi Chompa, whatcha catch fer da mushroom soup I makin’ fer our dinna?”

“I’m da best bat killa in all of Gunbad! I gots us a nice big fat un, Sharptoof!”

“Mmm bat and mushroom soup, dats da life Chompa!”

“Say Sharptoof… ain’t mushroomies just baby gobbos and orcses and squiggies?”

“Ya dats right Chompa, why?”

“So dis mushroom soup could be da next warboss…?”

“No no no, dis mushroom is da big and tasty kind, not nasty like a big ol’ dumb warboss.”

“Wot if dat mushroom was baby Gork and yer boiling Gork now?”

“Den Gork ain’t gonna be happy and’ll turn us into squig goo… I dunt like da sound of dat!”

“Ahhh lets get outta here Sharptoof before we’z turned into squig goo for eatin’ Gork!”

~ Chompa and Sharptoof, Night Goblins of Mount Gunbad

Mount Gunbad, a cavernous network that for thousands of years has been home to strange tribe of goblins known as the Night Goblins. What was once a dwarven mining complex was overrun millenia ago and now the tunnels lay coated with rank slime and moldy mushrooms. The dwarves no longer walks the halls of Gunbad, now the mysterious Night Goblins prod along their squigs and call this home. Fate would have it however that Gunbad has the largest deposit of Brynduraz, or Brightstone, anywhere in the known world. The need for Brightstone has become pressing as High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer has ordered all runesmiths to increase productivity on the fabled Doomstrikers, for which Brightstone is one of the key components. Now, in the Age of Reckoning the dwarves must face enemies of old and return deep into the lost Hold of Gunbad to clear out the greenskin filth and begin harvesting the precious ore again. The Greenskins under Grumlok and Gazbag recognize how advantageous the dwarven conflict with the Night Goblins can be to their WAAAAAAGH! and have committed their forces to confront the dwarven onslaught. The struggle over Gunbad has grown to more than just a small skirmish as the two forces meet.

As the dwarves tunnel deeper and drive the Night Goblins into the depths of Gunbad, the forces of Order confront the forces of Destruction in a deep amphitheater known as the Redeye Grotto. The forces of Destruction spawn at the lower end of the path while the forces of Order spawn towards the upper reaches. The two factions will battle it out over the Night Goblin’s home territory as they fight over: the Squig Nursery, the Night Goblin Village, and the Brightstone Lode. Who will win the fight over the dark underground domain of the Night Goblins?

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Arms Race ~ Bitterstone Mine

August 3, 2011 1 comment

For centuries my family has guarded the Bitterstone Mine, and for centuries have we toiled in it and provided Karak Ankor with the precious Bitterstone ore. The halls of Ekrund are built upon the wealth of the Bitterstone clan and our hard work, and I’ll be damned if some greenskin rabble comes in here and threatens our Hold. If they push, we shall push back, and we shall drive them into the dark depths of the earth until they burn in the molten rivers of the underway. So long as a Bitterstone lives, this mine shall not fall!

~ Enellda Bitterstone of Ekrund

The Bitterstone Mine is a new scenario that takes place within the Dragonback Mountains of Ekrund. Long have the dwarves held these mountains and mined them for their precious ores, but recently the Greenskins have spilled forth into the Dragonback Mountains from the barren Badlands to the east. The dwarves held the gates of Ekrund firmly and the Hold of Ekrund stood against the Greenskin onslaught. The goblins, being the cleverer of the Greenskin races, recognized that frontal assaults on dwarven strongholds would gain no ground. And so the Greenskins burrowed into the abandoned mines and dwarven tunnels in an attempt to breach the defenses of Ekrund. It is here, in the ancient Bitterstone Mine that flanks the Hold of Ekrund that the battle over Ekrund has taken its bloodiest toll. The Greenskins were quick to find and tunnel into abandoned mine-shafts and they began to pour forth into the upper levels.

In the Age of Reckoning the forces of Order must hold firm against the invading armies of Destruction who seek to destroy the Hold of Ekrund. The battle over Ekrund will be decided in the halls of the Bitterstone Mine as the two factions battle over the Mine Junction, the Pumping Station, the Cannon Battery, and the Main Hall.  The forces of Order will rally at the Pick and Goggles tavern to repel the onslaught; the forces of Destruction will be able to spawn at either the depths of the mine shafts or the exterior bridge leading to the mine, however they will always start the scenario in the mines.

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Arms Race

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

When the High Elves sent an expedition into the deserts of Nehekhara seeking magical artifacts to turn the tide of war, the dwarves sought other means to achieve the same end, means they were more attuned to. High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer ordered all of the forges and smithies of Karak Ankor to vastly increase the production of weapons for the fielding of new armies – weapons suitable for both man and dwarf. The success of the Khemri expedition was misgiving, for the forces of Destruction also caught onto the southern route and Khemri turned into a quagmire of blood and twisted metal. It was then that the dwarves would step forward to propose their solution – a show of sheer force by fielding new armies. High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer particularly signaled out the great need for Doomstrikers, powerful hammers composed of several different types of precious ores found in various locations.

However, no mining activity of the dwarves goes unnoticed, and the keen goblins were very quick to pick up on the increased activities in regions crawling with greenskins. Raids on dwarven caravans produced crates full of ‘shiny rocks’ and the clamor from dwarven forges reverberated throughout the mountains leading the goblins to rightfully assume ‘dem stunties are hammerin’ the rocks into sharp fings’. The most obvious dwarven incursion into hostile territory was the entrance into Mount Gunbad, the most accessible source of Brightstone, which also coincidentally was crawling with Night Goblins. Chaos spies across the Empire also reported increased weapons production. It was clear, the forces of Order had greatly increased their weapons production, and the forces of Destruction would react in kind. Read more…

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Arms Race Teaser

August 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Those blasted elgi had to go off and poke their noses about that forsaken desert… ‘A grand expedition it’ll be’ they said, ‘Glory for the realm of Order’ they said. They didn’t mention ‘The Dwarves’ll be the ones to do the grunt work’. All that blasted elgi expedition did was waste valuable supplies that could have been used to defend Karak Ankor. When the senseless hordes of Destruction caught wind of the plot for precious relics the secret mission into the depths of the desert turned into a bloody war. Those elgi sure did find a way into Khemri, but now they’ve just opened up another front for us to fight at. With the struggle for the survival of the realm of Order stretched across Ulthuan, the Old World, and the southern deserts the available resources have been stretched thin. Now the High King has ordered us to speed up the production of the Doomstrikers and other arms. Our forges start turning out more weapons and stacking them high for the enemy to see and those blasted greenskins start doing the same! They see us increasing our mining efforts and convoys so they attack our mines and raid our convoys. No doubt their dark elgi task masters put them to it. New armies need new weapons, but the last thing we need is for the greenskins to have a reason to start producing more of their own weapons!
~ Gudrin Ironhand, Blacksmith of Karaz-a-Karak

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