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Beastmen v Wood Elf Campaign

August 26, 2010 1 comment

“I had a dream that a terribly dark storm was on the horizon and it was moving toward Athel Loren. I saw lightning strike a tree and from the scar blood gushed forth, and from this blood Cyanathair the Corrupter was reborn. The forests of Athel Loren went from being covered in snowfall, to being covered in blood-washed snow. I fear what will happen to Athel Loren when this dark storm reaches our borders…” Excerpt from the Journal of Ariel, Queen of Athel Loren

So to conclude the Wood Elf and Beastmen storyline I wanted to put up maps, because I am in love with maps! So plotted out I’ve labeled tiers 1-4 using the standard set up that Mythic has and including my own additional dots for tier 5. This is all entirely hypothetical fluff considering 1) this pairing doesn’t exist and 2) the concept of tier 5 doesn’t exist. But for those who want to become more geographically aware…. Read more…

Beastigor – Beastmen MDPS

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

“Brutal creatures – half mean, half beast. You would think that their bestial nature would indicate a lack of intelligence, but no. Oh no, these are intelligent beasts. Try facing a group of bestigors clad in plate and chain-mail armor wielding a massive axe and you know that these creatures have enough sense to don proper armor and weapons. They may succumb to blood lust on the battlefield but they fight with the skill of any of our men-at-arms; it is an unfortunate trait that they are far stronger then our men-at-arms. No, if you see a beastigor do not assume he will bray at you and attack like a child of five years; no, these are seasoned veterans fed on the blood of our people.” Junitz Freibelg, Ostland Forest Guard


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Greataxe

Mechanic – Blood of the Gods

  • You apply the blood of a Chaos God to your blade enhancing it. But beware, no gift from the Gods is ever free, so you suffer a setback for each blood. Additionally, as the battle goes on, the blood from your blade drips into your wounds and mixes with your own. Should your body become dominated by a God’s Blood, you will be transformed into a mad being with no control over your actions for thirty seconds until you have exhausted the God’s blood lust.

Mastery Trees

  • Khorne – A focus on head to head combat with single target damage
  • Nurgle – A focus on wearing a target down, or hitting multiple targets
  • Slaanesh – A focus on weakening your enemies

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Ungor – Beastmen RDPS

August 24, 2010 Leave a comment

“Our patrol pushed into the deep of the forest, and I can tell you that the Forest of Shadows is no place to be in the dead of winter. We came upon a recently abandoned beastmen camp, most likely those that raided the caravan yesterday and killed everyone. We noticed a strange sight though, there were clear signs of campfires scattered across the camp, yet the camp was littered with frozen ungor corpses. No doubt the runts of the warherd are pushed far away from the warmth of the fire and succumb to the cold of winter. No matter, that much less of a problem for us to deal with.” Jurgan Fitzkarl, Captain of the Ostland Militia


Archetype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Bow and Sword

Mechanic – Forest Predator

  • You channel your bestial survival instincts and enter into a predatory state granting you different abilities in combat. While out of combat you have five Predatory Skill Points which you consume to use different abilities. While in combat you gain a point every thirty seconds.

Mastery Trees

  • Stalker – You follow your target from afar preferring long range bow attacks and stealth
  • Bleeder – You pursue your target on their heels preferring to do damage over time and to wear them down
  • Trapper – You set traps for your target to hinder them and their friends, and the use of quick melee attacks

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Bray Shaman – Beastmen Healer

August 23, 2010 Leave a comment

“Dark beasts dwelling deep in the woods… no warherd is quite complete without its iconic bray shaman driving his warherd into a frenzy through dark magic. Their grasp over the dark Winds is a threat to us all, fortunately the creatures are not organized enough to make full use of their dark powers.” Konrad Herbutz, Altdorf Librarian

Bray Shaman

Archetype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Braystaff

Mechanic – Herd Blessings

  • You channel the blessings from your herdstones and use them at key moments in battle to enhance your spells. While out of combat you will naturally build up ten points of Blessings, one per five seconds, which you can choose to use whenever you like to enchance the healing or damage of your spells by 10%. Blessings can be harvested in combat by collecting them from your herdstones.

Mastery Trees

  • Dark Winds – A focus on healing your allies with the dark magics
  • Blood Storm – A focus on bringing the dark magic down on your enemies
  • Shrilling Gale – A focus on moving with the winds and casting quick spells

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Doombull – Beastmen Tank

August 22, 2010 Leave a comment

“I wandered through the forest for days on my Grail quest. In my dreams the Lady directed me down that path, I will admit I traveled down it with great agitation as there were no great trials to be seen. That was until I came upon a ancient beastmen Herdstone deep in the heart of the woods, guarded by a massive Doombull. The territorial creature took no heed to chivalry; it simply bellowed a bestial cry and charged at me. I consider myself blessed by the Lady for surviving that fight, as the many human bones and tarnished sets of armor littering the glade indicated that many others had not.” Bryon of Quenelles, Questing Knight


Archetype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Axe & Shield; Greataxe

Mechanic – Furious Roars

  • You issue a loud roar either rallying your allies or demoralizing your opponents. The longer you are in combat, the more your rage grows until you reach your breaking point and release a Furious Roar. Each Bestial Roar lasts one minute, during this time while in combat your Blood Meter will rise – should it reach its maximum level, your Bestial Roar will turn into an instant Furious Roar and the buff timer will go away. Reapplying a new roar will reset your Blood Meter.

Mastery Trees

  • Bloodlust – A path focused on offensive attacks and increasing your allies’ fighting power.
  • Fortitude – A path focused on defensive attacks and increasing your allies’ defensive power.
  • Rage – A path focused on debuffing attacks and decreasing your enemies’ will to fight.  Read more…
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Beastmen Prelude Part II

August 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Late Autumn, Athel Loren

A great council had convened at a glade near the Queen’s court. Representatives were present from all kindreds, but their role here was to listen, not to advise. Shocking reports had been delivered to the Oak of Ages and Kings Glade. Seated in a circle around a large rock slab which served as a table were a few dozen wood elves of different ranks and importance. Of note were the old warrior Sceolan and the waywatcher of legendary repute, Scarloc. Although outside, the trees formed a tight-knit canopy and wall around the glade, thus ensuring that what was said inside would not reach the wrong ears. Dozens of quiet conversations were being carried out about the ill tidings and what they meant for Athel Loren. It was Scarloc with his keen eyes who noticed Ariel and Orion already seated at the table, apparently they slipped in unnoticed and quietly sat waiting for the right moment to begin.

“Greetings Queen Ariel and King Orion!” Scarloc said loudly, standing up quickly. Others followed suit to show their respect.

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Beastmen Prelude Part I

August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Late Summer, Drakwald Forest

The group of five sat huddled around a small fire, trying to capture what little warmth it would provide. Tzylla cracked a small dry twig and threw it into the fire; it was quickly consumed releasing a small burst of warmth.

“Keep it small!” an assassin hissed at her. “Do you want to bring death upon us zealot?! You have the gall to draw attention to us when we are in the heart of the Empire!”

It may be summer, but here in the Drakwald… its another world, a world where warmth and light do not kiss the ground. And that was during the day. A creature of the Chaos Wastes she should have been use to it, but this was a different cold, the cold of night and the cold of fear. It would have even been a comfort to feel the moonlight, but alas, even the light fears the Drakwald.

Tchar’zanek had handed Tzylla over to Malakith to go on a suicide mission into the heart of the Drakwald to incite the Beastmen on a blood-march to Athel Loren. Malekith’s intentions were clear, he hated the High Elves, and his failures in Ulthuan sparked an insane plot to seek vengeance elsewhere and strike at the Wood Elves. No army to spare he concocted a plan to sneak Tzylla and his minions into the war-torn Empire.

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