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Bretonnians v Vampire Counts Campaign

September 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Today I conclude my final campaign, and as per usual I must include maps because I love maps! Once again I am following the standard model of Tiers 1-4 as red/blue dots with capitals (even though Mythic hates capitals) and including my idea of locations for Tier 5 and a dungeon for the pairing. I hope I do my readers justice in designing this campaign – I know the Vampire Counts are a very popular Warhammer army and I have gone against the grain in my design of it. Despite Games Workshops focus on the Von Carsteins I have turned the focus west to the other Bloodlines with distinguishing characteristics; I compensate for this with my version of Tier 5 for this campaign. So without further ado… Read more…

Battle Pilgrim – Bretonnian MDPS

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

There are men who fight for glory. There are men who fight for honor. There are men who fight for king and country. And then there are men who fight for plunder, it is of these that the Battle Pilgrims are made. Their loyalty lies with Bretonnia in as much as following their kinsmen ensures glorious battles and bountiful plunder. However, they are just as eager to plunder a fallen Grail Knight as they are a fallen orc. They have even been known to cut off fingers off our knights before they even expired. Foul creatures in my mind, but they are our foul creatures.” Pylias Geseaux, Scholar of the Colleges of Aquitaine

Battle Pilgrim

Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Sword, Hammer, or Mace and Shield

Mechanic – Relics of the Fallen

  • Your drive in battle is powered by your lust for relics of fallen warriors. You have a pool of 0-100 Holy Relics. You have a buff called “Relic Scavenger” which will become usable when you are within 80 feet of a corpse. You can scavenge a corpse for 15 Holy Relic points. Also, you gain 25 Holy Relic points when you land a killing blow on your enemy. Your Holy Relic points will decay after one minute of being out of combat.

Mastery Trees

  • Soldier – A focus on toe to toe single combat
  • Fanatic – A focus on wild combat causing wide-spread or long lasting damage
  • Plunderer – A focus on attacking your targets from behind

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Prophetess – Bretonnian RDPS

September 13, 2010 5 comments

“Where the damsels are women gifted with magic that are pure of heart, there are those women whose souls are raging like a storm. Years of hardship and struggle have bent these women one way, and the healing hand of the Fey Enchantress another. The result is on one hand a woman of highest virtue and love of her people, and on the other hand a turbulent force sending forth destruction to the foes of Bretonnia and knowing no mercy for the dark of heart.” Ydric Tereau, Constable of the High Court of Couronne


Archetype – Range DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Staff

Mechanic – Pure Essence

  • You gather the essence of the Lake, a powerful source of magic with unknown properties. Due to this nature, your spells can harm you. You have a pool of 100 Pure Essence, each attack consumes a little Pure Essence. You can gather Pure Essence in combat; outside of combat the pool refills itself naturally. Friendly players can take damage from certain abilities, but only if they are in combat.

Mastery Trees

  • Sacred Waters – A focus on single target elemental damage
  • Pure Blood – A focus on dealing corporeal damage over time
  • Chaste Soul – A focus on spiritual area of effect damage

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Damsel – Bretonnian Healer

September 12, 2010 2 comments

“Only the youngest and fairest maidens gifted with the magic of the Lake are taken into the arms of the Fey Enchantress. Of those, the ones with hearts of unsurpassed warmth are taught the gift of healing. Through the purest waters and blessings of the Damsel are the enemies of Bretonnia crushed whilst her children given new life. Like the waters that must evaporate so they can fall again, so too must the damsel take life from her foes to give life to her friends.” Amandine of L’Anguille, Damsel of the Duke’s Court


Archetype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Wand & Essence

Mechanic – Fluid Waters

  • You enter different aspects of the water cycle, applying the blessings of the Lady of the Lake to amplify your healing or magic power. Every ability by default is a damaging ability (unless stated otherwise) and heals your friendly target for 50% of the damage the damage dealt or applies the buff removed at 50% value. All abilities, unless stated otherwise, have a default 100 foot range, and 150 foot heal/buff range. Aspects may be changed freely out of combat, but while in combat it takes 5 seconds to change aspects.

Mastery Trees

  • Devotion – A focus on single target damage and heals
  • Dedication – A focus on area of effect damage and DoTs for group heals and HoTs
  • Purification – A focus on weakening your opponent while strengthening your ally

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Grail Knight – Bretonnian Tank

September 11, 2010 3 comments

“I trekked for days through those accursed mountains. In my dreams the Lady appeared to me and pointed me down that path, but I knew not why. The journey of the Questing Knight is often mysterious an shrouded in mist, but I surely felt as if I had misinterpreted the dream. I had fought in the wars against Araby, roamed the streets of Mousillon at night, slain a mighty orc warlord, and yet the Lady has not graced me with her blessing. It wasn’t until the sixth night in the mountains that I saw why I had been sent here –  a massive drunken centigor had been harassing a small hamlet. Surely this was my calling.” Godric of Carcassonne

Grail Knight

Archetype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Sword or Hammer & Shield; Great Sword or Great Hammer

Mechanic – War Chargers

  • You call powerful steeds to your side and ride them into combat. Each steed has a different bonus ability and grants you a different Mindset. Certain abilities require steeds and/or Mindsets. The wounds, toughness, and initiative of your steed are one half of your stats. If you are dismounted (your pet is killed or an ability dismounts you) then your Mindset persists until you summon a different mount granting you a different Mindset or your buff expires. While mounted your chance to critically hit with melee attacks is increased by 5%. War Chargers increase your movement speed by 5%.

Mastery Trees

  • Cavalier – A focus on great weapons and going on the offensive on foot
  • Paragon – A focus on defensive combat and rallying your allies
  • Paladin – A focus on mounted combat while weakening your opponents and giving your allies the power to finish them off.

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Bretonnia Prelude Part II

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Early Winter, Parravon

When the courier arrived from Quenelles with word of a large beastmen warherd moving in from the Drakwald over the Grey Mountains, Duke Cassvon of Parravon had his doubts. Old Duke Tancred II had been battling the minions of Chaos for decades now and no doubt his brain had been rattled. Had it not been for the second letter sent to Tancred’s daughter, the betrothed of Cassvon’s son Theodius, then Cassvon would have brushed the threat aside and given it to a lesser captain to deal with; however, Tancred requested that his daughter return to Quenelles with all haste where she would be safer. As the first snows began to fall he quickly dispatched riders to the posts in the Grey Mountains and to Montfort. Read more…

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Bretonnia Prelude Part I

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Late Autumn, Quenelles

The Duke entered the chamber, weary of the days legislation and the endless quarrels of the peasants. Nevertheless he was honor-bound to protect the lowliest of people and hear their needs. He heavily sat down on a padded arm chair facing the large fireplace in his chamber and rested his legs on a small table used by his late mother for brunches with her lady-friends. As the rain pitter-pattered outside he leaned forward resting his head on his hand. It was moments like this one that gave the Duke solace; the warmth of the hearth and the sound of the calm rain. A soft knock on the door broke his moment of respite. Read more…

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