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Burning Sands Guide

July 25, 2011 Leave a comment

v1.6.3a consists of the Burning Sands Live Event. The Live Event has 9 tasks for each realm, with a title unlocked after completing all 9 tasks. Like prior Live Events, this Live Event also ushers in new content, early access to this new content is determined by the winning realm in a ‘realm-pool competition’. Players individually contribute to a realm-pool via collecting resources in the ORvR lakes, but the victor is determined by the success of the whole realm. The winning realm will have 5 days early access to the new content. Will you brave the sands of Zandri and push the exploration deeper into the dangerous lands of the Tomb Kings? Or will you fail your realm and let the enemy beat you in the expedition race? Read more…

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Burning Sands ~ Mausoleum of the Red Sun

July 24, 2011 1 comment

Buried in the southern desert beyond Zandri lays what was once a Nehekharan temple dedicated to the sun god. In the wars with Nagash humanity faced its defeat at the unstoppable tide of the undead, and the land withered into a scorched shell of its former life. The bygone era of the weak mortal body was memorialized in a twisted fate which turned this temple, which once commemorated a bountiful life, into a crypt which interred the last resistance to the inevitable dominion of death. And so the ancient Nehekharan temple was rechristened at the hands of death itself as the Mausoleum of the Red Sun, a name meant to indicate that the sun no longer provided life in these lands, but instead took it.

Now, in the Age of Reckoning when the realm of the living dares to disturb the Land of the Dead this ancient temple complex once again plays a role in the struggle for survival. As both realms attempt to push the bounds of exploration beyond Zandri they will come to blows in the Mausoleum of the Red Sun. In this lethal scenario players will have to tread carefully around the trap-ridden complex as they attempt to add their enemies to the permanent list of residents of the Mausoleum of the Red Sun.

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Burning Sands

July 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Sent into the desert wilderness of the Land of the Dead, an elven expedition found the source of Teclis’s visions. They returned to Altdorf to report their findings to the War Council and the news was received with great hope. At last, a way deeper into to desert, a way to explore the heart of Nehekhara. A glimmer of hope emerged for the forces of Order, but their joys were to be short-lived. A Dark Elf Shade who had penetrated the Emperor’s Palace in Altdorf quickly caught wind of the elven discovery and reported it back to his superiors. The information created a wildfire among the leadership of the two factions, both aware of the implications if their enemy reached the heart of the desert first. A massive expedition was underway to Zandri and beyond, but which realm would muster the supplies first? Read more…

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Burning Sands Teaser

July 22, 2011 Leave a comment

“Tell me again Rynellier why we are wandering through this forsaken desert while Ulthuan is under siege,” the figure in the front yelled over the roaring winds.

“The Nehekharans were among the first men to inhabit the world. It is believed that the Old Ones may have helped this first among civilizations of men and left them with powerful artifacts to combat the forces of Chaos. The Asur are stretched thin defending our allies in the Old World and on Ulthuan; any artifact we could find to strengthen the position of our allies in the Old World will allow Finubar to send more of our kin back to Ulthuan,” the Archmage replied.

“Were not the artifacts of Zandri enough?” the figure in the front yelled back.

“Zandri is nothing Shadow Warrior. More powerful winds stir at the center of the realm of the Tomb Kings,” the Swordmaster commented.

“So eloquently put Ledreal… What he means Firbael is that Zandri as the farthest north of the necropolises is most likely to have been pillaged long ago. The high lich priests would have been more prone to safeguarding their most prized possessions in the heart of the desert, away from the reaches of invaders,” Rynellier yelled over the roaring wind.

“At least here Shadow Warrior your chances of having a witch elf stab you in the back are far lower,” the Swordmaster said with a rare smile which the Shadow Warrior had no way of seeing in the blistering wind.

“You mind your own concerns Ledreal and I shall mind mine,” Firbael replied as he stopped atop the crest of a dune.

Catching up to the Shadow Warrior at the front, the Swordmaster put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and said, “You are my concern.”

Rynellier caught up to the two, “Why do you stop Firbael?”

With a fierce sandstorm raging around the three, visibility was very low. It was not enough that they had to bear the burning heat, they also had to withstand the stinging sand as it blasted across their bodies. The Shadow Warrior spit sand out of his mouth, raised is mask back over his face and pointed to the south west. The two others followed his finger and stared blankly into the sandstorm.

“An oasis Rynellier,” Firbael stated.

“There is nothing there. Surely a mirage,” Ledreal said.

The Shadow Warrior turned to face his companions in the eyes, “An oasis. What we came to find.”

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