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Crimson Fields Guide

April 27, 2012 Leave a comment

v1.8.a6a consists of the Crimson Fields live event. As the Ice Witches of Frosthome lead the forces of Kislev in a battle to contain the Slaaneshite winter offensive, the forces of Order led by the generals of the Empire strike at Khorne’s fortress of Bastion Stair. They hope to shatter the Blood God’s army with a surprise attack; but the Blood God sees all, his minions prepare for the approaching Empire armies. The Empire does not know that no amount of bloodshed will serve to stop Khorne, for the more they kill, the greater his appetite grows. Read more…

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Crimson Fields ~ Erengrad Docks

April 26, 2012 Leave a comment

“Your watch tonight Corporal Byal.”

“I know I know Sergeant… Third night in a row I draw the short straw and get the dock-watch. Rotten luck!”

“Other than the cold, you’ve little to worry about. Not even the Norse are foolish enough to sail the Sea of Claws in winter.”

“Fate has  a funny way of making the unlikely happen at the worst of times…”

“Bah, nonsense! Tor guide you in darkness, Dazh keep you warm, Ursun give you courage, and of course, Manaan spit you up back onto dry land.”


~ Conversation between Corporal Byal and Sergeant Czerno of the Erengrad Watch

Erengrad is Kislev’s key trade artery with the rest of the world; and as with any rich coastal city, it has suffered Norse raids for centuries.  Typically during winter when ice coats the Sea of Claws, ships cease to sail its waters and Erengrad descends into a cold peace, awaiting the spring thaw when commerce, and the Norse raiding, can begin anew.  However, so long as the winter fog shrouds Erengrad, the men who watch for its safety remain uneasy. It’s often what they can’t see that threatens the most…

The Erengrad Docks is the newest scenario in Warhammer. The battle rages during the night time as the forces of Destruction raid the city by way of the sea. The Erengrad Docks scenario is a three-point capture scenario as the battle rages around the key locations of the Harbormaster, the Warehouse, and the Imperial Wharf. Players must tread carefully as they navigate the foggy docks in the night-time… one false step and they could end up either in the water or with the enemy’s blade in their ribs.

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Crimson Fields

April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Slaanesh had ordered an attack on Kislev in the middle of winter, hoping to catch the Kislevites off guard, but nothing can disturb the frigid air of the north without alerting the Ice Witches of Frosthome. Keen to return the favor and strike at the forces of Chaos while their forces were split, the armies of the Empire march for the dreaded slopes of High Pass. Their target – Bastion Stair, the stronghold of Khorne’s armies. Khorne has seen their movements and delights in the coming bloodshed. The Red Winter is about to begin… Read more…

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Crimson Fields Intro

April 24, 2012 Leave a comment

For six weeks we’d sat within the rickety walls of Fort Straghov attempting to find warmth as the biting wind found its way through every crack in the fort wall, through gap in our blankets, and though every hole in our worn clothes. The cold was so piercing that most men lost a tooth or two to intense chattering. It was the dead of winter, and we, the 2nd company of the 1st battalion of the Altdorf Volunteer Regiment, or should I say the only company of the Altdorf Volunteer Regiment, were left to defend the northern frontier of Kislev. The other three companies never arrived, we know not of the fate of those seven hundred fifty men. Two hundred and seventeen able-bodied lads under my command as the first line of defense against the hordes of Chaos – Sigmar save us! Read more…

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