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War of Karak Ankor

September 6, 2011 1 comment

Last Stand of Karak Eight Peaks by Gregorius Volff of Erengrad


The battle for the survival of the dwarven realms has turned to a new bloody chapter. The night goblins across the World’s Edge Mountains have been rallied by Gazbag to march with the Bloody Sun Boyz. From the north the Redeyes emerge from the fallen hold of Karag Ungor; from the east the Moonfangs of Mount Gunbad and Mount Silverspear head west towards Karaz-a-Karak; and from the far south the Crooked Moon goblins head due north. While the dwarves and their human allies have mustered their forces to attack the night goblins before they can emerge from their subterranean lairs, little can be done to counter the largest tribe which posses the greatest threat – the Crooked Moon tribe.

The Crooked Moon night goblins bring forth a foul breed of goblins, fed on the fungal brews of Karak Eight Peaks. Gazbag, a goblin himself, seeks to aggrandize the role of his race in the Bloody Sun Boyz WAAAAGH! It was through his hand that the alliance with the night goblins was forged, and it will be through his hand that they will rise to prominence among the greenskins. With the power of Mork and the blessing of Gork, Gazbag has created a special brew of fungal brew to give great strength to his goblin kin. Empowered by this fungal brew are the newest threat to Karak Ankor – the Night Goblin Fanatics, goblins fueled by a supernatural strength who recklessly charge into battle leaving a path of carnage in their wake. 

Marshaled form the halls of Karaz-a-Karak and the holds of the Black Mountains, relatively unscathed by the recent greenskin aggressions, are the legendary Hammerers. The gravest threat to the dwarven capital lays to the east – the fallen hold of Mount Silverspear, now known as Mount Grimfang. Within its once grand halls the night goblins have been allowed to grow unchecked for decades, and now they have answered the summons to march on Karaz-a-Karak. High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer sensed the coming struggle from the east however; forewarned by the ranger squads he proactively has used the information sent to him to preemptively strike Mount Silverspear. As the Hammerers march east down the Silver Road to deal a deadly blow upon the night goblins of Mount Grimfang and settle the great grudge of the fall of the hold, other elements of the forces of the Empire and the Dwarven kingdom act in unison to suppress the Redeyes of Mount Gunbad and Karak Ungor. The Oathbearers have been left with the most dangerous task – confronting the Crooked Moon tribe as it marches forth. Forming defensive positions south of Karaz-a-Karak, the Oathbearers prepare for the onslaught which is sure to shake the World’s Edge Mountains.

The Crooked Moon tribe is marching north with all haste, driven by a rabid frenzy caused by Gazbag’s fungal brew. Preparing to meet the sickly green deluge are the Oathbearers and the Hammerers. The unprecedented unity of the greenskins has turned a new page in the history of the dwarves, the War for Karak Ankor has begun.

Order players who obtained the High King’s Doomstriker in the Night of the Crooked Moon Live Event have two weeks early access to the Hammerer. Destruction players who obtained the Redeye Mushrooms in the Night of the Crooked Moon Live Event have two weeks early access to the Night Goblin Fanatic.

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Night of the Crooked Moon Guide

September 5, 2011 Leave a comment

1.7.3a consists of the Night of the Crooked Moon live event. This live event has 11 tasks for players to complete while participating in the Night of the Crooked Moon. With the dwarven rangers sending in reports of increased night goblin activity across the World’s Edge Mountains, the dwarves of Karak Ankor have mobilized to counter this threat and suppress it where ever possible. Little can be done to counter the Crooked Moon tribe south of Karak Eight Peaks, but much can be done to hamper the efforts of the northern Night Goblin tribes. Can the forces of Order rally behind the Oathbearers and quell the night goblin risings across the northern World’s Edge Mountains, or will the forces of Destruction succeed in aiding the Bloody Sun Boyz in their push towards Karaz-a-Karak? Read more…

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Night of the Crooked Moon ~ Crooked Moon Pass

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment

“Oi Frump, were are we now?”

“We iz in da Badlands.”

“And where we goin’?”

“To da Crooked Moon Pass”

“Where’s dat?”

“Dat’s were wez goin Furgizz”

“Yea but how we know when we get there?”

“When we find da pass big enough for all da Crooked Moon gobbos, den dats the Crooked Moon Pass.”

~ Frump and Furgizz, Night Goblins of the Crooked Moon tribe

The World’s Edge Mountains are a monstrous chain of mountains that bisect the Old World. To their east lay the desolate lands foresaken by the Old Ones; barren lands filled with blood-thirsty creatures feeding on the flesh of anything living. However to the dwarves all manners of mountains are home, be they in the wet jungles of the Southlands or the icy peaks of the north. There are those among the races of both men and dwarves who will risk life and limb for the sake of profit, and to these types the dangerous eastern wastes are a risk worth taking. Through the rugged World’s Edge Mountains, which the dwarves call home, several passes cross. From the High Pass in the north, to the Charnel Valley in the south, these strategic routes through the World’s Edge Mountains offer ways across the lofty mountains.  However, traders are not the only ones to make use of these passes, so too do armies and ravenous hordes of creatures of chaos. With the Night Goblins amassing and moving north from the Badlands, such passes are key to linking their multitudes together. Central between Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks is a pass which the greenskins have dubbed Crooked Moon Pass, it is here that a bloody struggle will ensue as the dwarves seek to hold the route closed to their greenskin enemies.

Crooked Moon Pass is a deathmatch scenario with multiple spawn points along the edges of the map. Both factions will have to navigate the treacherous pass and seek ways to ambush their enemy and escape unseen into the scenery. With so many points of assault, there is no where safe in Crooked Moon Pass.

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Night of the Crooked Moon ~ Halls of Silverspear

September 3, 2011 Leave a comment

What was once the proud dwarven hold of Silverspear, is now another grudge in the Dammaz Kron. Silverspear was once the primary producer of silver for all of Karak Ankor, and a well established road linked it to Karaz-a-Karak. But fate had cast another lot for this mighty hold when the hordes of Urk Grimfang stormed the hold during the Grobi Wars. Earthquakes ravaged the land, volcanoes erupted and tore the mountains to bits; little could be done to save the holds, mines, and outposts on the fringes of Karak Ankor. Silverspear, though so close to Karaz-a-Karak, was too deep into the Dark Lands. Now it is Mount Grimfang, a rotten cesspool filled with Night Goblins, a close reminder to the High King of the greatest grudges to befall Karak Ankor.

~ Rudgrin Grudgekeeper, Librarian of Karaz-a-Karak

Directly east of Karaz-a-Karak along the Silver Road lays the fallen hold of Mount Silverspear, now Mount Grimfang. As the night goblins across the Old World are stirred to action by the Bloody Sun Boyz, the threat of the Night Goblins in Mount Grimfang is too close for comfort for the High King. The Oathbearers hope to keep the night goblins of Mount Grimfang from joining forces with the Bloody Sun Boyz by dealing a ferocious preemptive strike on the hold. If the Oathbearers and the forces of Order can succeed in their assault on Mount Grimfang, then the dwarves will only have to deal with the massive Crooked Moon tribe marching from the south.

The Halls of Silverspear scenario is a three point capture scenario that takes place just within the entrance of the hold. The dwarves has come upon the shattered outer gate and hold their ground, all the while inciting the night goblins deep within the dark, grim halls to come out and fight. Between the outer gate and the deeper recesses of the fallen hold are three key points in the entrance hall. Can the forces of Destruction rally behind the Night Goblins and repel the dwarven onslaught, or will the dwarves seal the fate of Mount Grimfang?

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Night of the Crooked Moon

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Darkness descends upon the World’s Edge Mountains. Driven by a recent pact with Gazbag and the Bloody Sun Boyz, the night goblins across the World’s Edge Mountains and the eastern wastes have begun to stir and emerge from their dark lairs. While the Red Eye’s of Mount Redeye and the Moonfangs of Mount Gunbad can be kept under control, more troubling hosts gather to the east of Karaz-a-Karak at the end of the Silver Road, and to the south. The forces of Karaz-a-Karak have mobilzed to hold the Silver Road, but nothing can be done to counter the tide coming from the south, the much loathed Crooked Moon Goblins who are responsible for the fall of Karak Eight Peaks. The dreaded night of the Crooked Moon is about to envelope all of Karak Ankor. Read more…

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Night of the Crooked Moon Teaser

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Blasted greenskins. There’s no end to the grudges that wretched lot will cause. Hold after hold has fallen to that filty lot, and now they march in allegiance with the forces of the dark gods. As if the dwarves didn’t have enough grudges to fight for, grim tidings make their way to the High King. The rangers who patrol the World’s Edge Mountains have been the eyes and ears of Karak Ankor for ages, and in this age they bear none too happy news. Chuffing goblins, though clever little beasts, are the root of the High Kings newest concerns.

Ranger reports have begun to pour in from across the mountains. The night goblin tribes stir. Their activities would normally go unnoticed as they dwell deep in the moutains, but of recent they have begun to emerge from their dark lairs. Goblins bearing the banner of the Bloody Sun have been seen talking with the night goblins, presumably forging some alliance. Regardless of the possibility that the two forces are working together, our rangers have already reported the night goblins emerging from Karak Ungor harassing the human settlements to the west, and our mining operations in Mount Gunbad have reported intense night goblin activity. Then worse news yet comes from the east along the Silver Road. While the Red Eye’s of Karak Ungor are of little immediate threat, and the Moonfang goblins of Gunbad held at bay for now by the Oathbearers at the surface, the eastern pass of Karaz-a-Karak lays thinly defended. Mount Grimfang stirs to life, and we the defenders of Karaz-a-Karak have been ordered to hold the Silver Road until reinforcements arrive.

The worst of the news comes from isolated outposts still near Karak Eight Peaks. There our forces are weakest and least able to hold back the tide. The Crooked Moon horde marches north to join the Bloody Sun Boyz. Perhaps the darkest days are yet to come… dark days with darker nights… Valaya protect us in the darkness to come. 

~ Gudrin Ironhand, Blacksmith of Karaz-a-Karak

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