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Greenskin Tribes

May 14, 2021 Leave a comment

The Old World is crawling with innumerable greenskins, a rolling tide of bloodlust and wanton destruction which crashes upon any force that stands in its way. Unlike all the other races of the Old World which have some semblance of societal organization, the greenskins live in a tribal structure where might rules. Not every tribe rises to prominence, but a select few have found themselves written into history with the blood of the fallen. Tribes rise and fall along with the path of the sun. As long as there are civilized races around to remember the names that caused so much angst or dread, the memory of the mightiest greenskin tribes will live on. The tribes illustrated on this map are by no means a complete account of all the greenskin tribes of the Old World, for far more exist hidden in the deep forests and rocky mountains waiting to leave their mark in history.

Greenskin Tribes ~ Bloody Sun Boyz

May 11, 2021 Leave a comment

“Bash yer way in you maggots! Dem stunty wallz ain’t stoppin’ da Bloody Sun Boyz! We’z gonna blow a hole in da mountain if dat’s how we’z gettin’ in! I don’t care about no stinkin’ stunty magic door! Any maggot in dat mountain dat ain’t a Bloody Sun Boy iz dead! You ‘ear that you useless gits?! Any ratterz, stunties, and shroom-gits in dat mountain are bloody dead! Tonight da Bloody Sun Boyz’ll dine on dere bones in Karak Eight Peaks!”
~ Grumlok, Warboss of the Bloody Sun Boyz

The cradle of the greenskins is the Badlands. Where they originally came from no one knows, but where they are strongest now is the Badlands. With such multitudes of greenskins, it is only a matter of time before a great warlord arises from the countless masses, and the time has come for the might black orc Grumlok, and his mischievous goblin shaman Gazbag. Together they shall rally the greenskins of the Badlands, and perhaps the Old World, for the greatest WAAAGH! yet to come.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Slimefeetz

May 8, 2021 Leave a comment

“Dat’s da one! Yeah yeah! Bring ‘im to me! Let’s see ‘ere, lotsa teef, spiky back, thick skin… dis is da perfect squig for our manglers. Still a little runt, but when we’z gonna feed him da other little runts den ‘e’ll grow. Remember you maggots, youse gotta starve em and poke em wif a pointy stick. Dey’s gotta know dat dey’s gotta show dere teef! Den you feed dem da runt. Feed, starve, poke, feed. You mangy lot got it?! When da Slimefeetz get enough manglers den we’z goin’ out huntin’, and it don’t matter if its a big ol’ giant or a stunty covered in scraps n’ bits, da manglers will tear em apart!”
~ Vargit Slimefoot, Warboss of the Slimefeetz

Though the night goblins are known to use squigs in battle, the art of squig herding is a complex thing that one tribe has truly mastered more so than any other night goblin tribe – the Slimefeetz. Squig breeding has proven to be a lucrative business, one that has brought the Slimefeetz wealth and fame. In the abandoned mines of Ekrund and the Dragonback Mountains, the Slimefeetz have established a complex of squig nurseries where they breed squigs for many purposes, but none more valuable than the massive squigs they prod into war.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Darkeyes

May 5, 2021 Leave a comment

“No fires! The stunties’ll see da flickerin’ flames! Stamp out da cookin’-pot flames and breathe in da smoke. Leave nothing for da stunties to know we’z comin’! No fire, no smoke! Des tunnelz once wuz deres, but now da Darkeyes are movin’ in and we’z gonna make dis our place! Da Darkeyes see wut da stunties can’t see. Da Darkeyes don’t need no light, and where we’z go darkness follows. An’ youse know wut ol’ Narbit sez, a dagger in da dark is a dagger in da back.
~ Narbit Darkeye, Warboss of the Darkeyes

The hatred between the dwarfs and greenskins goes back centuries, but among the greenskins there are those who have earned the strongest contempt from the dwarfs – the night goblins. The night goblins undermine, physically and metaphorically, the foundations of dwarfen society. Their manner of fighting is deemed as cowardly by the dwarfs, and they desecrate the sacred notion of craftsmanship – perhaps nothing is more insulting than their piss-poor take on brewing. Of the night goblin tribes, one inches ever closer to Karaz-a-Karak, fighting it’s way through the abandoned tunnels and collapsed sections of the Underway. These are the Darkeyes.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ The Lost Boyz

May 2, 2021 Leave a comment

“I’z got da map! Da git wif da map is da boss, ain’t dat rite?! Of course dis stick in my hand ain’t da map! Youse see any lines on dis stick dat looks like a map?! Da map is in my ‘ead! And don’t youse go on finkin’ dat youse can take my ‘ead off and find da map inside! Cuz when da eyes close da map is hidin’! Mork’ll show me da way and only me! You dumb gits got too much gunk in yer ears to hear Mork! Rite den, now dat we knows who’z da boss we can find our way outta bein’ lost! Follow me gits, dis is da way to bein’ found!”
~ Peeta da Pan, Shaman-boss of the Lost Boyz

It is said that the hardest things to find that are lost are your mind and time, but it is hard to say the goblins really ever had either. The Lost Boyz have completely lost everything they once had, to the point that they don’t really know what it is they lost anymore and what they are looking for. Their charismatic leader, Peeta da Pan, assures them that with Mork’s and or Gork’s guidance he will lead them to finding what it is they lost. Fate would have it that the only thing the Lost Boyz haven’t lost yet is their dumb-luck, because given the lands they’ve travelled and hardships they’ve bumbled through, the Lost Boyz remain bruised but not broken. Who knows where they are going, for not even they know.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Da Howlerz

April 29, 2021 Leave a comment

“I’z had enuff o’ dis belly-grumblin’ and livin’ day to day lookin’ for da next gruntalope to catch. Da bosses sez dat tomorrow we hunt for gruntalope, and da next day we hunt for gruntalope again! Ev’ry day same fing and ev’ry day same slim pickin’s! Even when da ratters show dere furry hides an’ we’z go huntin’ dem, we’z ‘ungry again da next day! Nuffing but fur an’ bones on dem ratters! No ladz, I sez it’z time we’z go and make our own huntin’, no more followin’ dese brainless bosses. Who’z wif me? Who wants to feel ‘ow it iz to really hunt and smell da blood o’ yer prey as dey run in fear?!”
~ Gitilla da Hunter, Warboss of Da Howlerz

In general one could say that the greenskins are not known for their tactical skills, but more a blunt-force instrument. Fortunately for the greenskins, the goblins are a clever lot, and among their ranks is one goblin whose expertise on the battlefield has earned him a great deal of respect from other warbosses, and fear from his enemies. Gitilla da Hunter leads his Howlerz not strictly into battle, but around the edges at a safe distance while still remaining a deadly force. Though Da Howlerz have no land they claim as their own, they view all lands as open for them to hunt in, and everyone as potential prey.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bloody Tusks

April 26, 2021 Leave a comment

“Rite den boyz, da Bloody Tusks is off to bash some skulls in and get some rekrootin’ done. After da attack on da skellies we need fresh gits for da WAAAGH! No fun bashin’ in empty skulls, moar fun when dem skulls got some juices left in ’em to ooze out. Da time has come for da Bloody Tusks to push north where da bashin’ is gud and da pickin’s are da best! I ‘ear dat up north dere are great stunty holes with lotsa shinies in dem! Lotsa lotsa! Boar Boyz ride north, dem dat ain’t gunna be rekrooted we’z gonna smash!”
~ Grutshod Nobnails, Warboss of the Bloody Tusks

Tough lands make for tough gits, so the saying goes. The Bloody Tusks have survived and thrived in a particularly unwelcoming corner of the Old World, and their presence is not likely to make it any more welcoming for those not belonging to the Bloody Tusk tribe. Under the rule of Grutshod Nobnails, the Bloody Tusk tribe has quickly swelled in numbers, to the point where they have practically outgrown their home. For a greenskin tribe to remain a focused killing machine it needs an enemy to fight, because without an enemy to turn on, greenskins are prone to turn on themselves.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Dead Eyes

April 23, 2021 Leave a comment

“Load em up boyz! Leave da beards for me an’ load up dem stunty ‘eads into da lobbas! We’z gunna bring down dem stunty walls one way or anudda! Dey can ‘ave dere ‘eads back, but I wants dem beards for a new gutstrap! ‘Ow’s a git s’pposed to keep up ‘is trousers wifout a decent gutstrap? Stunty beards ain’t no use in da ground, so dey betta off holdin’ up my trousers! Dat’s it boyz, lob everyfing we’z got at dat stunty port! Dem dumb stunties’ll com outta dere ‘ole once da mountain comes crashin’ down on dere thick skulls!”
~ Narg Crookfang, Warboss of the Dead Eyes

The Badlands are a breeding ground of untold numbers of greenskin tribes, though few survive the brutal everyday struggle. It is entirely normal for a tribe to form one day around some overly ambitious orc, and the next day for this same orc to be challenged and defeated by another rival orc who begins his own tribe. Only the truly toughest and biggest orcs manage to keep their heads on their shoulders and bash enough skulls to win the respect of the local greenskins to make a tribe. One of those tribes that managed to crawl out of the desolation of the Badlands was the Dead Eye tribe, which now lays claim to all the lands around the Skull River – Barak Varr be damned.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Poisoned Skulls

April 20, 2021 Leave a comment

“Bring da shroomies! Yea yea, dem small yellow ‘uns! No not da big ‘un! Time to make a propa fungal brew boyz. We’z gonna drink up till our heads spin wif da frenzy! Dem stunties dun’t know wut’z comin’ for dem! Wen da shroom frenzy kick in den we’z goin up to dem stunties and gonna give ’em a knock on dere heads! Dey always look so grumpy, maybe dey will be happier if we cut a new smile across dere throats! We’z gunna drink up tonite boyz, cuz tomorrow it’z time for a bloody WAAAGH!”
~ Gitslit Spleenspit, Warboss of the Poisoned Skulls

The Poisoned Skull night goblins of the Grey Mountains a a conniving bunch that avoids head-on confrontations with their enemies, and instead opts for ambushes and assassins to bleed their opponents. Located at an important crossroads, the Poisoned Skulls are in an ideal position to cause immense havoc and tension between the different political actors on the surface. As fate would have it, the Poisoned Skulls are more than happy to sow discord amongst their neighbors and have not yet indicated any intentions of carving a greater territorial empire out of the lands above.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bone Noses

April 17, 2021 Leave a comment

“Rite den you gits, we’z marchin’ norf across da skelly sands, and no git ‘ere is gonna grunt or moan about da sun! Youse been licking water off dese green leaves too long and Gork an’ Mork sez we’z gotta leave da green behind. Da only way to spread da green to all da lands is to leave dis behind and go where Wurrzag leads us, and for now dat’s across dem sands. Mork an’ Gork are with us! Time for dese bones to get baked in da sun!”
~ Gutrot da Savage, Warboss of the Bone Noses

The journey of the Bone Noses is much like the journey of the shadow of a great man. To describe the shadow is to overlook the greatness of he who casts the shadow, but alas overlooking greatness is standard when describing the greenskins. The Bone Nose tribe has undertaken one of the great and dangerous migrations of any tribe, and all in order to follow their spiritual star north – Wurrzag. It is with the utmost confidence in Wurrzag’s connection with the gods Mork and Gork that the Bone Noses set out after him as he searches for the Once and Future Git, a greenskin who will unite all the greenskin tribes for their great and triumphant victory over all other races.

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