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Scholari ~ Border Prince Healer

February 4, 2021 Leave a comment

“Oh those feeble minds, how they strain to grasp at the power of the Winds of Magic. And here I had thought that we established the Imperial Colleges for the humans to learn in a safe environment how to harness the power of a single wind, yet these hedgefolk go off on their own. They are as much a danger to themselves as they are to others. One cannot hope to be successful without proper training, for there is a fine balance of the mind that must be achieved when casting every spell. They think that by pouring over the texts of greater men that they can achieve greatness too. They shall learn the price of hubris.” ~ Aethellan Moonsong, Archmage of Saphery


Archetype – Healer

Armor – Light Robe

Weapon – Staff & Tome

Mechanic – Academic Nascence

  • The untrained, yet ambitious, minds of the scholai have unharnessed potential. A single scholari is a danger mostly to himself, but a company of scholai are a danger to the entire regiment. You must focus your mind to seek balance between the destructive and restorative nature of the winds of magic. Your Academic Nascence meter will shift from your restorative end to the destructive end depending on your use of healing and offensive magic spells, respectively. The more you focus on one aspect, the stronger you become in this aspect, but the more vulnerable you become and take damage as the winds of magic tear your mind apart. If your Academic Nascence meter is focused on the Restorative end, your healing abilities will become stronger, but you will take more damage; if your meter is focused conversely on the Destructive end, your damage abilities will become stronger, but you will receive less healing. This power manifests itself as healing or magic power. The further you stray from the center the higher the chance that your spells will cause a backlash and damage you.

Mastery Trees

  • Cleric – A focus on the ancient texts based on healing properties and medical rituals.
  • Geomancer – A focus on the ancient texts based on the study of the earth and it’s dangerous shifts.
  • Sage – A focus on ancient texts which bring weakness to your foes, that you may prevail.
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Butcher ~ Ogre Healer

December 24, 2020 Leave a comment

“The ogres will eat anything living that crosses their path – man, horse, dwarf, skaven. It matters not what they eat, as their appetite is vast and their guy accepts all. Most will tear into the still warm flesh of their victims without much of a thought, but there are those among the ogre race that are revered as priests of the Empire, they are the butchers. The butchers make slaughter an art, all in the name of their god, the Great Maw. Butchers are among the few ogres gifted with a magical touch as they channel their so called gut magic. Give them a wide bearth, for where the butchers go, slaughter follows.” ~ Yarwick Vorgeist, Ostermark Road Warden


Archetype – Healer

Armor – Light Robe

Weapon – Cleaver & Sickle

Mechanic – Maw Gnoblar

  • The Great Maw has blessed you in more ways than one, for not only do you channel Gut Magic, but you also have been given a minion specially sent from the Maw to aid in the feast-making. You may summon a Maw Gnoblar to assist you.

Mastery Trees

  • Feastmaster – A focus on providing a life-giving feast for those who give thanks to the Great Maw.
  • Fireholder – The Great Maw has taught you how to unleash the fire within your gut to cleanse the world. A focus on offensive spells.
  • Mawseeker – You are ever in search of the Maw and its gifts, in this pursuit you feed those around you that they too may find their way to the Great Maw.
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Vitki ~ Norse Healer

May 7, 2015 Leave a comment

NORSE_SHAMMY03“Which is the stronger of the two – the raven’s feather or the autumn leaf? Neither, the wind takes both away and does as it wishes with them. The feather snaps, the leaf is crushed. Together they become dust and the wind does as it wills. The wind can give power to the sails or tear them to shreds. Heed the wind, the strong mind does not try to tame the winds or give into them, but bend with them.” ~ Osgrid Greyblown, Vitki Sage of the Frostheim


Archetype – Healer

Armor – Light

Weapon – Stave, Ritual Dagger

Mechanic – Shifting Winds

  • You stand abreast the Norscan mountains as the winds of Chaos swirl south. In a skilled show of balance you do not let the powers of Chaos overcome you, yet channel the winds to power your insights. Do you resist the powers of Chaos and channel the winds for the good of your allies, or do you succumb to darkness and use the winds of Chaos to unleash destruction?

Mastery Trees

  • Ancestors – A focus on breathing life into the world
  • Dark Gods – A focus on being an instrument of death.
  • Heroes – A balance between the winds to either help or harm.

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Bloodflayer – Khorne Healer

July 21, 2011 3 comments

“Blood for the Blood God! Yes my lowly minions, blood! Kill the weak! Kill those who are unworthy to have Khorne feed on their blood! Their blood is unworthy of Khorne but suitable for your sustenance. Let the blood flow and drink of it. Drink of the blood and grow closer to Khorne! I am the scythe that reaps the blood-harvest. Walk in my shadow and consume the blood that will feed Khorne’s army. Where I go blood will soak the land and from this blood will rise a crimson dawn to honor the Blood God!” Vordred Bloodhand, Disciple of Khorne


Archetype – Healer

Armor – Medium Robe

Weapon – Great-Flail

Mechanic – Khorne’s Blood

  • You have a pool of 0-100 Blood of the Fallen which is harvested through certain abilities. You may use this secondary pool of points to enhance the performance of an ally temporarily, but they must be above 20% health.

Mastery Trees

  • The Sanguinary – A mastery path focusing on attacks that heal your allies by drenching them with the blood of your enemies.
  • The Gory – A mastery path focusing on attacks which damage your enemies and harvest Blood of the Fallen.
  • The Hematic – A mastery path focusing on infusing your allies with the charged Blood of Khorne.  Read more…
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Priest of Ursun – Kislev Healer

July 20, 2011 3 comments

“There are men in Kislev who devote their lives in devotion to Ursun and the land. These men spend much of their lives wandering the wilderness of Kislev in an attempt to deepen their faith and understanding of the ways of Ursun. It is in this time in the wild that the Priests of Ursun develop a close bond the divine ways of Ursun and the martial skills that allow them to survive on their own in the harsh wild. Having acquired a deep understanding of the beasts of the wild, the Priests of Ursun are blessed by Ursun to a degree where they can harness the powers of the wild. Once a Priest of Ursun feels he has established a solid conduit with Ursun and the land, they return to the villages to preach the ways of Ursun to the people. No men have a deeper understanding of the wild.” Kislevite Village Lore

Priest of Ursun

Archetype – Healer

Armor – Medium Robe

Weapon – Axes, Dual Wield

Mechanic – Ursun Might

  • You have a pool of 0-100 Bestial Prowess which is acquired through certain abilities. You may use this secondary pool of points to enhance the performance of an ally temporarily, but they must be above 20% health.

Mastery Trees

  • Ursun Hide – A mastery path focusing on attacks which heal your allies and group members.
  • Ursun Jaw – A mastery path focusing on attacks which damage your enemies and harvest Bestial Prowess.
  • Ursun Claw – A mastery path focusing on attacks which buff your allies. Read more…
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Lahmian – Vampire Count Healer

September 18, 2010 2 comments

“They say that Lady Gythor’s beauty is so enchanting she can make a man do whatever she wills. You know what I say? Witchcraft! There’s something not right about that woman. She came from no where one day, made our good Lord swoon and within weeks they were married; yet the woman’s never given him a child. He’s getting older and she stays the same. Witchcraft I tell you! Why I’d be willing to wage my winter’s salary she’s one of those vampires from the east. Proof? No I haven’t any proof! But you wont catch me walking by her chamber in the darkest hours of the night, no you wont!” Gavrin Rudgaard, Head Steward of the Palace of Nuln


Archetype – Healer

Armor – Light

Weapon – Dagger & Essence

Mechanic – Vampiric Moons

  • You fill yourself with the light of a different phase of the moons and harness the power of night. This will amplify your powers in combat. By default all your abilities are 100 foot range spells which deal single target damage and heal your friendly target up to 150 feet away for 50% of the damage dealt or apply the buff removed at 50% value. You may chance the Phases freely out of combat, but while in combat it takes 5 seconds to change your Phase.

Mastery Trees

  • Seduction – A focus on single target damage and heals.
  • Corruption – A focus on area of effect damage and DoTs for group heals and HoTs
  • Temptation – A focus on weakening your enemy and transferring their power to an ally

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Damsel – Bretonnian Healer

September 12, 2010 2 comments

“Only the youngest and fairest maidens gifted with the magic of the Lake are taken into the arms of the Fey Enchantress. Of those, the ones with hearts of unsurpassed warmth are taught the gift of healing. Through the purest waters and blessings of the Damsel are the enemies of Bretonnia crushed whilst her children given new life. Like the waters that must evaporate so they can fall again, so too must the damsel take life from her foes to give life to her friends.” Amandine of L’Anguille, Damsel of the Duke’s Court


Archetype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Wand & Essence

Mechanic – Fluid Waters

  • You enter different aspects of the water cycle, applying the blessings of the Lady of the Lake to amplify your healing or magic power. Every ability by default is a damaging ability (unless stated otherwise) and heals your friendly target for 50% of the damage the damage dealt or applies the buff removed at 50% value. All abilities, unless stated otherwise, have a default 100 foot range, and 150 foot heal/buff range. Aspects may be changed freely out of combat, but while in combat it takes 5 seconds to change aspects.

Mastery Trees

  • Devotion – A focus on single target damage and heals
  • Dedication – A focus on area of effect damage and DoTs for group heals and HoTs
  • Purification – A focus on weakening your opponent while strengthening your ally

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Plague Priest – Skaven Healer

September 5, 2010 3 comments

“The world shall learn to fear the name of Clan Pestliens. We send forth our Plague Priests to spread the pestilence across the land. With the powerful blessings of the Lord of Decay there is little to stop our triumph over the sun-dwellers!” Arch Plaguelord Nurglitch of Clan Pestilens

Plague Priest

Archetype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Plaguestaff & Plague Token

Mechanic – Skaven Brands

  • You mark your allies with infused Skaven Brands, each a mark of a different dominant clan in Skaven culture. You burn a mark into the flesh of your ally granting them short term blessings, . Each group member may have one offensive and one defensive brand

Mastery Trees

  • Proliferation – A focus on keeping your allies alive
  • Devastation – A focus on killing your enemies and infecting them with the plague
  • Escalation – A focus on branding your allies to increase their battlefield effectiveness

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Skink Shaman – Lizardmen Healer

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

“A strange class the Skink Shaman are… they believe that their minor grasp of the powers that the Slann wield leads them to be superior to all other lizardmen, with the exception of the Slann of course. They like to separate themselves from other skinks in the skink barrios and form an elite society of their own. Nevertheless, their small stature and knowledge of magic makes them a welcome companion in any battle, now if only they didn’t think themselves so much better than the rest of us!” Melunir Tycalis, Librarian of Lothern

Skink Shaman

Archetype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Dagger and Totem

Mechanic – Old Ones’ Auspices

  • You serve as a conduit between the time of the Old Ones and the present casting blessings on your allies to aid them against your foes. Because your link with the Old Ones is so tenuous, these blessings are small bursts of their former power. Each group member may only have one offensive and one defensive auspice.

Mastery Trees

  • Tzunhi – You channel the energy of the God of Water and use water as a healing force
  • Sotec – You channel the energy of the God of Vengeance and use its powers for damaging spells
  • Tepok – You use the God of Air as a conduit to the past where you channel blessings for your allies

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Bray Shaman – Beastmen Healer

August 23, 2010 Leave a comment

“Dark beasts dwelling deep in the woods… no warherd is quite complete without its iconic bray shaman driving his warherd into a frenzy through dark magic. Their grasp over the dark Winds is a threat to us all, fortunately the creatures are not organized enough to make full use of their dark powers.” Konrad Herbutz, Altdorf Librarian

Bray Shaman

Archetype – Healer/Support

Armor – Light

Weapon – Braystaff

Mechanic – Herd Blessings

  • You channel the blessings from your herdstones and use them at key moments in battle to enhance your spells. While out of combat you will naturally build up ten points of Blessings, one per five seconds, which you can choose to use whenever you like to enchance the healing or damage of your spells by 10%. Blessings can be harvested in combat by collecting them from your herdstones.

Mastery Trees

  • Dark Winds – A focus on healing your allies with the dark magics
  • Blood Storm – A focus on bringing the dark magic down on your enemies
  • Shrilling Gale – A focus on moving with the winds and casting quick spells

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