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Introductions, Introductions!

July 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Thus enters ekas-lime into the world of Blogging… It seems fitting that my first post is an introduction.

The purpose of this blog is to follow along with the happenings in the Warhammer Online world and my humble views and opinions of it. As far as my gaming history goes I’ve always played strategy games (both turn based and RT) but never online – I am the slow methodical type of player who always aims for the perfect town/army and that method doesn’t work online where all people do is base rush by memorizing hotkeys like B for barracks and 2 for infantry and make the spawn point in the middle of your town. I’d always be like “what the heck I’m still trying to figure out where to put my barracks and you’re already sending waves of trash at me??” My online experience didn’t take off until I was introduced to the world of first person shooters where I would take my slow and steady approach to the role of sniper. My name in every FPS I played was always ekaslime because it is my name broken up into parts: its suppose to be read e-kas-lime but most people call me eka or ekas (I always hated being called slime so when I started WAR I highly contemplated getting rid of the ‘s’ but I figured I’d stick to pride and carry the name with me.) So for many years I roamed the FPS lands as a sniper, finding a hiding spot and killing whatever moved. December ’08 I was given Warhammer for me to ‘expand’ my horizons and I was hesitant to start and MMO because WoW players quite frankly scared me. Anyway Dec 27th 2008 ekaslime the Shadow Warrior was born on Gorfang…

I hope with this blog to cast a critical eye on Warhammer and mayhaps to catch the eye of a developer and change something. I love Warhammer and want to see it succeed so although I may sound critical of it, my criticism is aimed at Bioware-Mythic, not at the world of Warhammer and GW. If we do not shout, they will not hear.

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