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At the Gates ~ Lothern

April 21, 2013 Leave a comment

lothern GateThe Druchii host led by House Uthorin has made it to the gates of Lothern and begun to batter down its gates and outer defenses! Its gleaming white walls lined with deadly Eagle Claw bolt throwers – the metallic tips of the bolts reflecting the sunlight into the eyes of the invaders. Great eagles and griffins take to the skies to protect their realm from the onslaught of darkness. With Khaine’s blessing the streets of Lothern shall run red with Asur blood. Read more…

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Lothern – Phoenix Throne

October 16, 2010 1 comment

The heart of Lothern and Ulthuan, the Phoenix Throne, lay behind massive walls on eastern edge of Lothern. The massive citadel is an intricate complex of passageways and corridors. Three massive gates open unto the north, west and east, while the southern entrances open to the terrace of the Palace Gardens. In times of crisis, all four ground level entrances are sealed by powerful wards and the only access to the Royal Complex and the Hall of the Phoenix Throne is through the lofty Phoenix Tower which is connected to the central tower of the Shining Guard Quarters.
The Phoenix Throne marks millenia of history of the Phoenix Kings, a history far more ancient and recorded than any other race. Unlike other kingdoms which are more fragmented and only a loyal core of guards protect the king, the Phoenix King is protected by all of Ulthuan. From the White Lions of Chrace to the taciturn Phoenix Guard, the corridors of the Phoenix Throne are a microcosm of Ulthuan. Read more…

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Lothern – Council Quarters

October 15, 2010 3 comments

Nestled in the north-eastern corner of Lothern lays a small district of the most importance. Here three large towers are connected forming the Council Quarters. These are the noble elite who advise the Phoenix King and see to the administration of the realm. Though more or less temporary apartments for the nobles when they visit the city, they are nonetheless a home away from home, lavishly furnished and formidably guarded.
The ‘central’ of the three towers, acting as the center of the spokes, is the tower of the Shining Guard Quarters. It is part of a larger complex which is in many ways a fortress, the last bastion of the city. The bottom levels of the Shining Guard Quarters are full of barracks, map rooms, and a grand hall. The subterranean levels house the kitchens and armory. The Tower itself is the heart of the complex, the very soul of the Shining Guard. This tower is of greatest importance, for from it one can gain access to the three adjacent towers when their ground level entrances are on strict lock-down and sealed by mighty magics.
The north-eastern most tower is the Dragon Tower, guest residence of the Princes of Caledor. The tower is divided into several levels, each an apartment for a visiting Dragon Prince and their beast. The grandest accommodations lay at the top of the tower with a grand balcony fit for the mightiest of dragons.
These two towers are vital arteries protecting the Phoenix Throne, and though the Lothern Sea Guard and the Phoenix Guard have their roles in protecting the city and the Phoenix King, the nobles of these towers are charged with the protection of Ulthuan and the Asur. Though an enemy may defeat the Phoenix King, they will never rule Ulthuan so long as noble blood flows through the Asur. Read more…

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Lothern – Academy

October 14, 2010 4 comments

Rising in the southeast of Lothern, the Tower of Teclis rivals the size of the Tower of Hoeth; though it is not taller, it is many times larger. Situated along the coast, the archmages of Lothern have their own exclusive corner to pursue their studies, yet still fulfilling a key defensive role. Here where the presence of the Lothern Sea Guard are weakest, the overall defenses are strongest. The tower gains its namesake from its inhabitant, Teclis. Though the Tower of Teclis is the dominant feature in this quarter of Lothern, it is but one part of the Academy. The Academy of Lothern consists of the massive Tower of Hoeth, Isha’s Sanctuary, Asuryan’s Spire, and the Library of Lothern – four elegant structures representing the wisdom of Ulthuan. Teclis is said to be the most powerful mage in the world, equal to the younger generations of Slann of Lustria and Nagash the Black. A descendent from Morelion, son of Aenarion the first Phoenix King, noble blood flows through his veins, and for this reason a price hangs over his head. Powerful forces from around the world from Malekith, Witch King of the Dark Elves, to N’kari, Keeper of Secrets, despise Teclis and want nothing more than his death. Yet, his powers in combination with his brother Tyrion have proven to be a match none can equal. The two brothers together are the greatest champions of Ulthuan. The Tower of Teclis is one of the largest in Ulthuan, rivaled only by the Tower of Hoeth in height. The tower is a tiered structure. At ground level the plaza of the Tower of Teclis spans out merging with the broad avenues of the city. The bottom tier is accessible by the massive staircase leading to the top or a lofty bridge from Isha’s Sanctuary. The bottom tier itself is a vast plaza of the tower consisting of dozens of gazebos, fountains, statues and benches – it is a place where the archmages of Lothern rest their turbulent minds. It is said that mighty vaults within this marble plaza house valuable artifacts and the very essences of the Winds of Magic. Dual spiral staircases lead to the second tier of the¬† Tower, the Tower Patio, where massive doors ring the tower granting entrance to its grandeur. The tower itself is divided into seveal floors, with Teclis’s chambers at the very top. Though possessing far fewer magical tomes and artifacts than the Tower of Hoeth, its foundation of magical knowledge is far greater in its key asset – Teclis. The sister structures of the Tower of Teclis are Isha’s Sanctuary and Asuryan’s Spire, both elevated on a large plateau and inaccessible from the ground level. The only structure of the Academy on the ground level is the Library of Lothern, and thus it is the only structure accessible to the common folk of Ulthuan. Four distinct groups of mages act as stewards of these four buildings, each strong in their own way. Asuryan’s Spire is a tall thin tower bursting with the flames of the most powerful deity of the Asur. Isha’s Sanctuary on the other hand is a small wide tower surrounded by a plaza teeming with life, from lush plants to energetic animals. A wide bridge connects the two plazas of Isha’s Sanctuary and the Tower of Teclis. Read more…

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Lothern – Silver Helm Stables

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Tucked in the south-western corner of Lothern are the mighty Silver Helm stables, where the mightiest steeds of Ulthuan are raised and trained for war. The Silver Helms consist of the sons of nobles of Ulthuan named for their ilthilmar helmets which they decorate with various trophies from their exploits; they are the heavy cavalry of the Asur. Though they are of noble blood, the Silver Helms when in training are treated like regular soldiers; and so they learn to live a tough life in times of peace so that when war threatens Ulthuan they are not longing for the comforts of home. While the Silver Helms rest in tents, their steeds reside in magnificent stables fit for nobles. The Silver Helm Stables are a small town within the great city of Lothern with a small army of blacksmiths and stable-hands tending to the great beasts. Few outsiders choose to enter the Silver Helm stables for it is a tight-knit fraternity with a somewhat exclusive air about it.
It is said that due to this common sentimentality towards mighty beasts, the White Lions of Chrace, the personal bodyguards of the Phoenix King, also choose to reside near the Silver Helm Stables. Though the Silver Helms are a proud breed of knights, they fear and respect the White Lions who freely walk among the stables with their lion-skin pelts on display. The Silver Helms believe that the White Lions commune with their mighty steeds and fill them with the spirit of the fallen lions and thus a strange brotherhood is formed between the humble Chracian axe-men and the noble Silver Helms. Read more…

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Lothern – March of the Asur

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Spanning from West to East across Lothern, the March of the Asur is a wide boulevard bisecting the city. From the West Gate beyond the twin towers of Aenarion and Astraielle one enters the Bel-Korhandis Plaze surrounded by four massive estates of the powerful noble houses of Lothern, each proudly housing many generations of High Elves. Each manor denotes centuries of High Elf prominence proudly displayed in the elegant architecture. Housed in the various estates are potent magical relics from the various exploits of the nobles; it is said that these various relics harness the powers of the gods of the world.

Magically levitating at the center of the plaza is an awe-inspiring tower divided into three tiers. The top most tier is an intricate aerie left to the mighty eagles of Lothern from which the tower derives its name. The middle tier is a beautiful marble plaza surrounded by a colonnade and an exquisite balcony – it is at the center of this floor that the eldest High Elves tell tales of grandeur to the youth of Lothern and for this reason is is noted as a tower of wisdom. The lower tier is a crystalline hemisphere containing a magically replenishing pool of water which constantly cascades down onto the shrine below it in the plaza. Though the Eagle Tower floats at the center of the plaza, sunlight mysteriously bends around it and fills the entire plaza so that the Eagle Tower casts no shadow. The Eagle Tower is only accessible via the shrine when the eight winds align and empower the font of Hoeth within the shrine.

Continuing east beyond the Bel-Korhandis Plaza down the March of the Asur one catches a glimpse of the Phoenix Throne and its lofty Phoenix Tower to the north. Then one enters a long tunnel spanning the length of the Phoenix Throne under the Palace Gardens. Though the Gardens are restricted to the noble elite of Ulthuan and prominent dignitaries, the common High Elf can briefly bask in their glory as they walk down this tunnel of grape-vines. The entire length of the tunnel is a grape-vine trellis allowing fluid transit through the city from east to west along the March of the Asur, but it is a distinct feature of the Palace Gardens.

The Palace Gardens are a walled labyrinth of nature’s beauty opening unto beautiful groves and meadows; it is said that the walls have a mind of their own and magically shift at their own will changing the course of the labyrinth daily. At the center of the labyrinth is the Pool of the Asur and a beautiful tower which floats above it. The pool is said to be a collection of the tears of Isha and it is to have the strongest healing properties known to Ulthuan, yet if the waters are taken beyond the walls of the labyrinth they vaporize. To the north of the labyrinth a beautiful terrace and small fountains lay over the March of the Asur, the fountains constantly giving nurturing waters to the grape-vines below.

Exiting the grape-vine trellis tunnel of the Palace Gardens a traveler emerges upon the Phoenix Guard barracks and the East Gate. Read more…

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Lothern – Inner Sea Coast

October 11, 2010 2 comments

Traveling north under the sky bridge between the Towers of Yvraine and Morelion one enters the mercantile district of the Inner Sea. Here the mighty docks of Lothern serve two purposes Рas a vast trading facility connecting not only Lothern to the rest of the Inner Kingdoms, but also connecting Ulthuan to the corners of the world. The second purpose is present as one walks down the streets with its majestic blue-roofed buildings. At the heart of the mercantile district  lay the Lothern Sea Guard Barracks, beautiful buildings crowned by deadly repeating bolt throwers and the defenders of the city. Here the members of the Sea Guard come for respite, but given a few days they set sail again protecting the waters around Ulthuan.

To the west rises the mighty Griffon Tower, a tiered tower only accessible to an elite class of mages which commune with the mighty beasts from which the towers gets its name. At the top of this mighty tower, the Griffon Matriarch perches casting an ever watchful eye over Lothern. To the north are the Lothern Docks, a massive facility granting safe harbor to ships – from here the Lothern Sea Guard sails around the world. Traveling east along the Inner Sea coast one passes gazebos overlooking the sea where merchants share tales of exotic lands and noble families dine by the sunset at tables set by the sea. At the far east end of the Inner Sea coast lay the manor of the elite crew of the Lothern Sea Guard’s flagship, the Phoenix Flame. Rarely at port the massive graceful ship is an awe inspiring sight – its arrival sparking conversations around town. Read more…

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Lothern Introduction

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Lothern – capital of Ulthuan and seat of the Phoenix King. An isle situated in the Straits of Lothern that connect the Inner Sea to the Great Ocean. Strategically located, the isle-city commands the entrance to the Inner Sea with its crews of Lothern Sea Guards manning Repeater Ballistas on the high walls. Never has a foreign army set foot within its white walls or a foreign fleet sailed its Straits. Every citizen of the capital is a trained warrior of the Lothern Sea Guard. Any army foolish enough to break its strength on Lothern’s walls and defenders will turn the Straits of Lothern red with its blood.

Using the descriptions of the city I have access to and trying to work with the general shape Mythic has for the island behind the Shining Way fortress I have created my own adaptation of Lothern. Naturally in times of peace this city would fulfill the normal functions of a capital. There would be bankers, crafting merchants, armor vendors, trainers, the works! To anyone visiting the city it would be crawling with nobles elaborately garbed, seemingly defenseless and as the ripe fruit ready for picking. To the unseen eye all these nobles clad in silken cloth posed no threat, but should an army approach the walls of Lothern, then its peaceful populace would instantly transform into a host of the deadliest defenders. Naturally, the capital in times of peace would be accessible to players of an appropriate rank with quests and tasks to be achieved.

Lothern, the proud capital of the High Elves, seat of the Phoenix King is the target of Malekith’s jealousy. Burned by the flame of Asuryan when he tried to seize the Phoenix Throne, the Witch King has been eying the Phoenix Throne for centuries. Lauching an invasion of the island, Malekith has pit two rival houses against each other – House Uthorin and House Arkaneth. Approaching from the east, House Uthorin has breached the walls of Lothern first and now the forces of the Druchii flood the streets challenging her champions. Her white walls weep red tears of her defender’s blood. Lothern will not fall so long as there is but one defender within her walls and the Phoenix King lives. Read more…

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