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At the Gates ~ Malekith’s Fist

March 8, 2013 4 comments

City - Black Ark

War has come to the gates of Malekith’s Fist – the very stronghold of the forces of House Uthorin that is leading the assault on Lothern. Ahead of the Shining Guard looms the massive Black Ark which seems to steal the light from the sun and shroud the land in darkness. Above the Black Ark the sky is dotted with all manners of dark beasts, below it the corsair fleet lay at anchor, and  lining its walkways are elite crews manning deadly repeater bolt throwers. The struggle will be vicious and bloody, but the Shining Guard must destroy Malekith’s Fist and shatter the Druchii foothold on Ulthuan. Read more…

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Malekith’s Fist – Fifth Floor

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Atop the final floor of the central tower of Malekith’s Fist is the Witch King’s Throne Room. The stairs from the Black Guard Barracks on the fourth floor emerge at the center of the room, in between which lays a raised dais upon which the Witch King sits and plots the downfall of Ulthuan and images of himself upon the Phoenix Throne. Unlike other royal palaces which are lofty and full of chambers and guards, the Throne Room of Malekith’s Fist is but the Witch King’s seat of power while he sets sail to attack Ulthuan, his true seat of power lay at Naggarond. Ascend to the Witch King’s Throne Room and rid Ulthuan of its greatest threat! Read more…

Malekith’s Fist – Fourth Floor

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Ascending the dual spiral stairs from the third floor one enters the fourth floor of the central tower of Malekith’s Fist. Beyond the walls of the stairway are the Black Guard Barracks, the final line of defense before the highest reaches of the Black Ark. The circular room is lined with eight buildings along its outer edge, four greater barracks, and four lesser barracks. In between each barracks a bridge leads to the eight towers of the Black Ark which below housed the chambers with the Crystals of the Dark Winds.  Within the upper levels of each of the eight Towers of the Dark Winds a Black Guard lieutenant keeps constant vigil over the surroundings of the Ark, every wary of attacks from all sides on the Witch King. The chamber of the Black Guard Barracks itself is essentially a training area for the legendary guard, but also acts as the most formidable defense before the Witch King. The Black Guards are the personal guard of Malekith, residing exclusively with him in Naggarond and traveling with him where ever he goes. Naturally the predominate color in the chamber is black, the little light entering the chamber from the tower windows and the sconces lit with dark flames. Read more…

Malekith’s Fist – Third Floor

November 4, 2010 2 comments

Ascending the ramps from the outer walkway of the second floor, one comes upon the third floor of Malekith’s Fist. Once again the floor is ringed by a small outer walkway which opens up at the center upon wide corridor through the heart of the tower at the center of which is a dual spiral staircase leading to the fourth floor. This floor is divided into two chambers, one at the front of the Ark, and one at the back.
At the front of the Black Ark on the third floor is the Blood Temple of Khaine. Here the Brides of Khaine give living sacrifices to their god to appease his thirst. Five altars ring the outer wall of the room with giant statues of Khaine looming above them, each with Khaines sword pointing at the center of the altar as if poised to strike the killing blow himself. From these alters channels collect the blood of the sacrificed and direct them to a massive pool of blood at the center of the chamber. It is said that the Brides of Khaine obtain their savage strength and thirst for blood by bathing in this pool. As the blood of their victims flows into this pool of blood, the souls of the sacrificed victims is drained down through the floor as it pours into the fonts of the Abyss of Souls in the floor below.
The second half of the third floor is reserved as the diplomatic section of Malekith’s Fist, where visiting ambassadors may stay and rest. Here in the Council Quarters Malekith’s closest advisers plot and seek to secure the Witch King’s favor. The two factions with greatest presence in the Council Quarters were the House Uthorin and House Arkaneth, but with the rapid success of House Uthorin, it has been projected to the forefront of the campaign against the Phoenix Throne and the forefront of Malekith’s attention. To better keep the devious plotting lord under watchful eye, Malekith ordered Lord Uthorin to leave the Nemesis in the hands of a trusty captain and aide the invasion in Caledor. Here in Malekith’s First House Uthorin is kept under careful watch as their strength is put to the test against the Shining Guard. The security of this floor is left to House Uthorin as its guards patrol both the Council Quarters and the outer walkway, leaving the Witch Elves to partake in their blood-orgy behind closed doors. Read more…

Malekith’s Fist – Second Floor

November 3, 2010 1 comment

Ascending the circular ramp from the first floor, either at the Forge of Sorrows or the Hall of the Cries of the Weak, the invaders come upon the second floor of the Black Ark. This level is composed of an outer walkway and an inner structure, which is itself divided into two halves. The outer walkway is ringed by eight massive towers known as the Towers of the Dark Winds. Within these towers dark crystals pulse with the dark magic that keeps the Ark afloat and gives power to the sorceresses that walk its halls. Ringing the edge of the outer walkway are repeater bolt throwers and their crews, ever vigilant. Also at the back end of the outer ramp are pens full of the ferocious manticores utilized by Dark Elf nobles as mounts.
The interior of the second floor is a large structure divided into two halves. The front half of this structure consists of the Abyss of Souls, a massive temple devoted to Khaine. Here the disciples of Khaine harvest the souls of their victims and store them in massive cauldrons. The hall has an eeirie purple glow about it, as the soul essence of sacrificed victims from the upper levels drips down onto fonts which in turn direct the soul essence into the cauldrons. The back half of this structure consists of the Chamber of the Frozen North. The Chamber of the Frozen North houses the library of Malekith’s Fist and more importantly the sorceresses of the Dark Convent that aid Malekith in his struggle. The dark winds flow from the Towers of the Dark Winds and a cold blue hue fills the room. Read more…

Malekith’s Fist – The Dark Pit

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Deep in the belly of Malekith’s Fist a deadly predatory lays concealed from the outside world. Below the main floor is the sub level of the Dark Pit, a chamber so vast that a keep could fit inside it. The entire substructure of the Black Ark is in fact an indoor harbor for the personal corsair fleet under Malekith’s command. The substructure gains its name from the waters that fill it, reflecting no light from the black stone and iron of the Black Ark, and also lacking light from the outside world.
The upper levels of the Dark Pit dangle from massive chains as thick as trees, gently swaying with the tide. The upper levels are divided into three distinct areas: the central platform serves as a slaver market where the corsairs sell their plundered wares; stationed as the Ark currently is in Caledor, looking north one approaches the holding pens for slaves recently captured; to the east and west of the slaver market lay the corsair barracks. Hailing from the bread-basket of Naggaroth, Clar Karond, the corsairs play a crucial role in the economy of the dark elves as they plunder foreign costs bringing foreign products and slaves back to the frozen wastes of Naggaroth. Connected to the corsair barracks, and operated by the corsairs, are four massive sea gates which can be opened to allow the corsair fleet to set sail from the belly of the beast to raid the coasts for fresh slaves.
The lower level of the Dark Pit is a massive harbor, the home of the private corsair fleet of the Black Ark. Within its hold twenty corsair ships  lay at dock, and within their holds deadly corsair crews lay in wait, ever vigilant for the call from the Witch King to sail out and sow seeds of destruction amongst the weaker races.
A gruesome feature of the Dark Pit consists of the cold one feeding pens from the Hall of the Cries of the Weak above the Dark Pit. The feeding pits and holding cages for the cold ones protrude from the ceiling of the Dark Pit, and through the bars that compose the walls of the holding cages the corsairs can see their hard earned catches put to use. As the cold ones shred the screaming victims apart and pick the bones clean, blood and bones fly out of the cages dropping into the waters of the Dark Pit, a constant reminder to the corsairs what their toils reap.
The Dark Pit represents the far reaching arm of Naggaroth, an arm which must be severed if the coasts of Ulthuan are to be safe from the constant attacks from the corsairs. Read more…

Malekith’s Fist – Main Floor

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Upon entering the Black Ark of Malekith, one is immediately greeted with the sight of grim dark barracks crafted from the cold iron of Naggaroth, mined by the slaves of Har Ganeth. The entrance of the mighty citadel is suitably also the training ground and barracks for the dreadful executioners of the city from whence the iron was mined, Har Ganeth. The cruel executioners have no pity in their hearts and drive their slaves to death. In the Witch King’s army they fulfill an equally terrorizing role as brutal soldiers and slave executors for the blood harvest. The color grey is predominant in the entrance of Malekith’s Fist. It is here in the Forge of Sorrows that many visitors to the Black Ark, mostly in the form of slaves, meet their fate and lose all hope. The executioners of Har Ganeth’s sole purpose is to strike at the very soul of their enemies and deprive them of hope.
Behind the Forge of Sorrows and up a ramp lay the Hall of the Cries of the Weak, a hall where green is the predominant color. This hall serves as the training ground for the Cold One Riders and Beast Masters. They chamber gains its name from the constant pleas that fill the air, that is pleas, followed by bloody shrieks. The noise in the Hall of the Cries of the Weak would be sure to drive those of the weakest constitution insane, but the Dark Elves are of iron hearts and feel not for their victims. Here the victims of the numerous slave raids from the Black Ark are taken and kept in pens, pens with retractable floors. Below the pens in a submerged level lay the Cold One Pens, and when it is feeding time the Beastmasters open the floors of the feeding pens and watch with vicious glee as the prisoners fall into the snapping jaws of the cold ones, torn limb from limb. Read more…

Malekith’s Fist – Introduction

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Malekith’s Fist, the massive Black Ark belonging to the Witch King Himself. Built from the black iron and heavy rock of Naggaroth, multiple arks set sail from the dark shores of the New World to assail Ulthuan once more. Magically kept afloat, the massive fortresses house armies in them, and of course are shadowed by fleets of corsair ships. When the battle is distant, the dark elves are allowed to pursue economic functions and the citadel is treated much like a condensed metropolis. However, war is hardly ever far away from the dark elves, they reek of it. Creatures knowing only ill gotten pleasures and the pain of others, the dark elves bring death to whatever soil they step on. Millenia of war between the Druchii and the Asur have proven that the Dark Elves will never hold Ulthuan. Yet Malekith has once again concocted a plan to assail the isle while her king is away.
Malekith, however, did not expect the isle to be so fiercely defended by the Shining Guard. And now the Shining Guard has pushed his armies back into the belly of the beast and marches with fire and sword across Caledor to destroy the cursed structure and send Malekith and his army to the bottom of the sea. Read more…