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Hikanatos ~ Border Prince MDPS

February 15, 2021 Leave a comment

“I’ve made a strange observation recently. Ogres typically fight with greater vigor when they hunger, which is often the case, and their appetite is whetted by the sight of flesh and smell of blood. That upstart Brazen Cat, or whatever they call him, has in his employ a company of soldiers who pose a problem for my ogre mercenaries. I pay them to fight but they seem unenthused by the prospect of fighting these so called Hikanatoi. With almost not a shred of flesh visible the ogres seem tend to ignore them and go for more meaty targets, which has put my battle plans in jeopardy on more than one occasion. Who are these renegades to cover themselves from head to toe in chainmail and appear specter-like on the battlefield?”
~ Garlan Lemarc , Questing Knight and ‘Prince’ of Philany


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Dual-Wield Axe & Mace

Mechanic – Able Defender

  • The years of war have taught you the skills you need to live and survive that you may fight another day. There is no other way to make it in the Borderlands for these are not lands where chivalry and honor have any value on the battlefield. You have a pool of 100 Able Defender (AD) points which you can use for certain abilities to help you survive to see another day. This pool will replenish at a rate of 1/second while in combat, or 10/second while out of combat.

Mastery Trees

  • Kharnos – A focus on dealing direct damage and quickly subduing your foes.
  • Hvargir – A focus on fighting drawing out the fight and bleeding your opponents dry.
  • Gloom – A focus on increasing your chances of surviving the fight.
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Bruiser ~ Ogre MDPS

December 28, 2020 Leave a comment

“Fighting is an art, one that clearly the brusiers have not mastered. Their penchant for pounding things to a pulp with their fist may work on the battlefield, but it is not the way of a duelist. A duelist must be graceful and strike with their fists as a song bird darts from flower to flower. Those bruisers froth at the mouth and want blood, and the longer you hold them at bay, the more rabid they become. I am all for mercy unto the defeated in a civilized duel, but there is no civilized dueling with a bruiser. No, with them it is to the death.”
~ Borgolio Mantua, Tilean Duelist


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Ironfists

Mechanic – Blood Brawlin’

  • One does not become a bruiser by losing a single fight. To become a bruiser you must live and learn to fight to the bloody end. Bruisers may mark their target with the Brawler’s Challenge. This will allow them to learn their opponent’s tactics in the fight and over time the bruiser will learn to avoid their opponent’s chances to defend themselves.

Mastery Trees

  • Maneater – A focus on ripping into heavily armored units
  • Toothcrusher – A focus on fighting toe-to-toe with those who think to equal you
  • Deathcheater – A focus on fighting the long haul to wear your opponents down
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Berserker ~ Norse MDPS

June 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Berserker“Tall, strong, and deadly warriors. Though they have not accepted the gifts of Tzeentch, they compare in prowess to their eastern kin, the marauders of Chaos. If Tzeentch were to ever shift his winds but a little to the west and overcome western Norsca then the legions of the Raven God would be augmented greatly. Their only fault is their propensity to succumb to a state of rage; it has been noted to make them deadlier, though less concerned for their own well-being. Perhaps with the right touch of Chaos their minds could be molded to control this… madness.”
~ Excerpt from the Librum Chaotica


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Dual-wield Axes

Mechanic – Norse Temperament

  • Tasting the victory of many battles, your spirit is riled by the thought of bloodshed. As you engage in combat your Norse Temperament builds, from a base value of 0 to a maximum value of 100. Your strength and chance to critically hit will be higher as your Norse Temperament increases, but your toughness and initiative will decrease.

Mastery Trees

  • War – You focus on taking on your enemy one on one.
  • Decay – You focus on slowly weakening your enemy or doing damage to several targets
  • Prowess – You channel your Norse Temperament for powerful attacks.

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Pleasure Cultist ~ Slaanesh MDPS

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Vain women, wretched women who place more value on their beauty than on the powers of Chaos. The Changer would have them all put to the sword, but they are Slaanesh’s chosen attendants. Let us hope that whatever they lack in skill of warfare they make up for in their looks and perhaps lure the enemy into weakness. Either they prove their worth in breaking the enemy, or they prove their worth in being slain so that Tzeentch may prevail.

~ Lycithas the Harridan Seer

Pleasure Cultist

Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Greatsword

Mechanic – Forbidden Desire

  • You submit to your primal desires which are fed to your soul by Slaanesh. You mark your targets as your Targets of Obsession and feed of their pain as you fight them, building Sadistic Pleasure points. The Sadistic Pleasure pool numbers from 0-100 and will decay if you are not fighting an enemy you have marked with your Target of Obsession; this pool of points can be used for powerful attacks.

Mastery Trees

  • Masochism – You focus on toe-to-toe combat, devoting your sadistic attention to one target.
  • Hedonism – You focus on inflicting pain on a wide-spread scale.
  • Sadism – You focus on attack your target from behind and reveling in their pain.

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Kossar ~ Kislev MDPS

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

In times of war the winged lancers ride out and win glory on the battlefield; their valor earns them much praise and songs of honor. But there are those who shed blood on Kislev’s behalf even though they are not bound to fight, those who die and sacrifice much and receive no praise. The only songs that will ever be sung in their name are funeral dirges, and perhaps if they are lucky a local bard’s tale. They are the kossars of Kislev, the common folk who inhabit the villages and countryside. They do not fight because their profession demands it, they fight because their way of life necessitates it. When war comes to Kislev, they are honor-bound to fight for their tsardom. Kislev is their mother, and they her proud sons; when war comes to Kislev, they do not hesitate to answer the call to rise to her defense.

~ Linz Troppe, Anthropologist of Altdorf


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Dual-wield Axes, Pistol

Mechanic – Will of the Wild

  • You hone in on your survival skills and focus on your target learning their behaviors and mannerisms as you fight. You mark your targets with your Wild Focus and while fighting your targeted enemy you build your martial skill and accumulate Command of the Wild points. The Command of the Wild pool numbers from 0-100 and will decay if you are not fighting an enemy you have marked with your Wild Focus; this pool of points can be used for powerful attacks.

Mastery Trees

  • Harvest Plains – You focus on toe-to-toe combat, intently focusing on your enemy’s every move.
  • Burning Steppes – You act like the flame across the steppes spreading damage everywhere.
  • Winter Woods – You assume the nature of a winter stalker and attack your prey from behind.

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Strigoi – Vampire Count MDPS

September 20, 2010 3 comments

“Now don’t you go out when the sun sets and the moon rises, my boy! Foul creatures lurk in the darkness and snatch boys like yerself for their blood soup. Why theys got eyes red as a blazing fire, teeth as sharp as yer pa’s saw, and claws! Oh the claws! Why their claws are as long as yer arm! They’ll eat yer poor little body and dance with your bones. Good boys close their doors and windows at night and stay inside. You hear the leaves rustle and branches crack at night, you best hide under yer bed and pray to Sigmar you are spared to see another sun rise!” Old Wives Tale


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Claws

Mechanic – Warrior’s Blood

  • Your motivation in battle is driven by your lust for blood. You have a pool of 0-100 Warrior’s Blood. You have a buff called ‘Blood Drinker’ which will become active when you are within 80 feet of a fresh corpse. You can drain the corpse for 15 Warrior’s Blood points; you also gain 25 Warrior’s Blood points when you land a killing blow. Your points will decay after being out of combat for 1 minute. Your Warrior’s Blood points either enhance certain abilities are are consumed to activate certain abilities.

Mastery Trees

  • Face Eater –  A focus on toe to toe single combat
  • Blood Spiller – A focus on weakening your opponents slowly
  • Grave Robber – A focus on attacking your target from behind

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Battle Pilgrim – Bretonnian MDPS

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

There are men who fight for glory. There are men who fight for honor. There are men who fight for king and country. And then there are men who fight for plunder, it is of these that the Battle Pilgrims are made. Their loyalty lies with Bretonnia in as much as following their kinsmen ensures glorious battles and bountiful plunder. However, they are just as eager to plunder a fallen Grail Knight as they are a fallen orc. They have even been known to cut off fingers off our knights before they even expired. Foul creatures in my mind, but they are our foul creatures.” Pylias Geseaux, Scholar of the Colleges of Aquitaine

Battle Pilgrim

Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Sword, Hammer, or Mace and Shield

Mechanic – Relics of the Fallen

  • Your drive in battle is powered by your lust for relics of fallen warriors. You have a pool of 0-100 Holy Relics. You have a buff called “Relic Scavenger” which will become usable when you are within 80 feet of a corpse. You can scavenge a corpse for 15 Holy Relic points. Also, you gain 25 Holy Relic points when you land a killing blow on your enemy. Your Holy Relic points will decay after one minute of being out of combat.

Mastery Trees

  • Soldier – A focus on toe to toe single combat
  • Fanatic – A focus on wild combat causing wide-spread or long lasting damage
  • Plunderer – A focus on attacking your targets from behind

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Assassin – Skaven MDPS

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

“There are tales of mages being found dead surrounded by powerful wards and behind locked doors. There are tales of of members of the Empire’s court being found dead mere feet from their body-guards. There are tales that the shadows themselves can kill. When you hear these tales, know that they are true and that Clan Eshin chooses the time of your death.” Lord Sneek, Nightlord of Clan Eshin


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Dual Wield Daggers

Mechanic – Shadow Blades

  • You fight with enchanted weapons altering the effectiveness of your combat as you face off head to head with your opponents or drag them through the shadows. Each Blade enchantment is a sixty minute buff that cannot be removed. Some abilities require that you are using a particular Blade.

Mastery Trees

  • Day-Killer – A focus on toe-to-toe combat
  • Dusk-Stalker – A focus on weakening your enemy
  • Night-Shade – A focus on positional attacks

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Kroxigor – Lizardmen MDPS

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment

“Among the first creatures created by the Slann, the Kroxigors are large reptilian creatures with small brains – it is for this reason that they are used for menial tasks such as labor and sentry duty. The large beast can often be seen on solitary guard duty of city perimeters, with weapons chained to their wrists. It has been said that it can take around one hundred skaven to bring down a kroxigor; they are that tough and resilient.” Myrien Silverbranch, Mage of Saphry


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Great hammer/axe

Mechanic – Tropical Poisons

  • You apply the poisons of the jungle to your blade enhancing it, but beware, poisons can hurt you too. As the battles goes on, the poison from your blade seeps into your wounds and taints your blood. Should your blood become poisoned you will mindlessly attack for thirty seconds until your blood has cleared.

Mastery Trees

  • Tlanxla – you focus on single target burst damage
  • Huanchi – you focus on wearing a single target down or hitting multiple targets
  • Itzl – you focus on debuffing your enemy

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Beastigor – Beastmen MDPS

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

“Brutal creatures – half mean, half beast. You would think that their bestial nature would indicate a lack of intelligence, but no. Oh no, these are intelligent beasts. Try facing a group of bestigors clad in plate and chain-mail armor wielding a massive axe and you know that these creatures have enough sense to don proper armor and weapons. They may succumb to blood lust on the battlefield but they fight with the skill of any of our men-at-arms; it is an unfortunate trait that they are far stronger then our men-at-arms. No, if you see a beastigor do not assume he will bray at you and attack like a child of five years; no, these are seasoned veterans fed on the blood of our people.” Junitz Freibelg, Ostland Forest Guard


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Greataxe

Mechanic – Blood of the Gods

  • You apply the blood of a Chaos God to your blade enhancing it. But beware, no gift from the Gods is ever free, so you suffer a setback for each blood. Additionally, as the battle goes on, the blood from your blade drips into your wounds and mixes with your own. Should your body become dominated by a God’s Blood, you will be transformed into a mad being with no control over your actions for thirty seconds until you have exhausted the God’s blood lust.

Mastery Trees

  • Khorne – A focus on head to head combat with single target damage
  • Nurgle – A focus on wearing a target down, or hitting multiple targets
  • Slaanesh – A focus on weakening your enemies

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