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Proliferation of WAR ~ Ostermark

November 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Ostermark – the north-eastern frontier of the Empire; the cross-roads between civilization and wilderness. Due to the great distance from the capital of Altdorf, sometimes the people of Ostermark feel abandoned by the Emperor and have been left on the fringes of society to fend for their own. Here in this dark corner of the Empire, men fight daily to survive against the elements. Read more…

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Proliferation of WAR ~ Mad Dog Pass

November 5, 2011 Leave a comment

The World’s Edge Mountains – the grandest mountain chain in the world, separating the Old World from the untamed wilds of the east. Underneath the peaks of these grand mountains lived the dwarves; above ground the wilds were vied for by men and children of Chaos. Transecting the World’s Edge mountains were five key passes, which didn’t come into prominence until the Time of Woes; and one of these passes is Mad Dog Pass, centrally located between the dwarven capital of Karaz-a-Karak, and the Greenskin stronghold atop the fallen hold of Karak Eight Peaks. Read more…

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Proliferation of WAR ~ Mount Grimfang

November 4, 2011 Leave a comment

No grudge strikes the dwarves dearer than that which is closest to home and heart. Karaz-a-Karak, the seat of the High King of the Dwarves, lays situated somewhat centrally amongst the dwarven holds in the mountains of the Old World, and its nearest neighbor was the hold of Mount Silverspear. Alas fate did not smile upon the dwarves of Silverspear, which was to be but one of many holds to fall in the Age of Strife. Read more…

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Proliferation of WAR ~ East Eataine

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Tucked away in the south-eastern corner of Ulthuan is the eastern half of the Kingdom of Eataine. The Inner Kingdom of Eataine straddles the Straits of Lothern – the passage which links the Inner Sea to the Great Ocean, and along the Straits of Lothern is the grand capital of Eataine after which the straits get their name. Eataine has prospered greatly in times of peace as one of the chief commercial hubs connecting Ulthuan to the other corners of the world, but even times of woe have brought suffering to Eataine’s shores. Read more…

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Proliferation of WAR ~ Tiranoc

November 2, 2011 Leave a comment

The history of Ulthuan is one of great struggle and sacrifice; many kingdoms lay claim to great sacrifice in the name of the Asur, but perhaps first among the kingdoms to shed blood at the hands of treachery was the outer kingdom of Tiranoc. Read more…

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