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Vampire Counts Prelude Part II

September 16, 2010 2 comments

Winter, Mousillon

Heavy snows were falling on the land, turning the grim swamps of Mousillon into treacherous death traps as the snow lay carpeted on the grasses and outer layer of slime, concealing the swampy nature of the land. One wrong step and a stray traveler plummeted through the snow into the murkiness that lay underneath. However, Terion Klosz had no fear of death; every encounter with death made him stronger. He eyed the city of Mousillon, Damned City of Bretonnia, with a cold stare worthy of the land surrounding him. The von Carsteins knew which chord to strike to lure the Blood Dragons to war and Terion Klosz’s insides turned with anger at the blood pact, yet a challenge had been issued to take Mousillon and turn it into a fortress of the undead. The Blood Dragons were too proud to turn down a challenge, and now he was marshaling a host full of his heinous brethren – decrepit necrarchs and feral strigoi.  Read more…

Vampire Counts Prelude Part I

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Late Autumn, Sylvania

Almost two months had passed since Cyris Blacksoul had been dispatched from Har Ganeth with her escort of executioners. Malekith had orchestrated a war between the beastmen of the Old World and the Wood Elves, and wisely he predicted that the Wood Elves would turn to the realms of men to hold back the tide during winter when the forest was at its weakest. No faction of the alliance had enough forces to tie up the Bretonnians however, and should they join forces with the Wood Elves, the beastmen would be crushed. No, Malekith foresaw the need for a force to counter the Bretonnians obsessed with their valor and gallantry. In early Autumn he sent for Cyris Blacksoul, a sorceress who even other dark elves feared, a sorceress who dabbled in the dark arts of necromancy. The mission was of dire importance – if they were to crush all their foes they would have to enlist the aid of the undead. Read more…

Bretonnia Prelude Part II

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Early Winter, Parravon

When the courier arrived from Quenelles with word of a large beastmen warherd moving in from the Drakwald over the Grey Mountains, Duke Cassvon of Parravon had his doubts. Old Duke Tancred II had been battling the minions of Chaos for decades now and no doubt his brain had been rattled. Had it not been for the second letter sent to Tancred’s daughter, the betrothed of Cassvon’s son Theodius, then Cassvon would have brushed the threat aside and given it to a lesser captain to deal with; however, Tancred requested that his daughter return to Quenelles with all haste where she would be safer. As the first snows began to fall he quickly dispatched riders to the posts in the Grey Mountains and to Montfort. Read more…

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Bretonnia Prelude Part I

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Late Autumn, Quenelles

The Duke entered the chamber, weary of the days legislation and the endless quarrels of the peasants. Nevertheless he was honor-bound to protect the lowliest of people and hear their needs. He heavily sat down on a padded arm chair facing the large fireplace in his chamber and rested his legs on a small table used by his late mother for brunches with her lady-friends. As the rain pitter-pattered outside he leaned forward resting his head on his hand. It was moments like this one that gave the Duke solace; the warmth of the hearth and the sound of the calm rain. A soft knock on the door broke his moment of respite. Read more…

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Skaven Prelude Part II

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Summer, Skavenblight

The Council of Thirteen had gathered, a rare occurrence, and one wrought more with arguments and threats of death and downfall. This Council ruled the Skaven clans of the world, and should it ever actually work together and unite, then woe unto the world. Fortunately for the realms kissed by the sun, the Skaven were too busy planning ways to undermine each other and secure a seat on the Council; the thought never occurred to them to unite and rid the world of their foes, that is, until now.

In a large chamber eerily lit by green lanterns twelve skaven lords sat around a horseshoe shaped table, and lurking in the shadows were the ears and eyes of the assassins of Clan Eshin. This was the Council of Thirteen – twelve skaven lords, and the highest spot reserved for their god, The Horned Rat. Thirteen votes to bring the world of skaven together, or more likely than not, to keep it fragmented. At the head of the Council sits Lord Kritslik, the Seerlord, who holds not only his own vote, but also the vote of the Horned Rat. The disunity of the Skaven is often attributed to him and his desire to ensure that he is the most powerful Skaven. The remaining eleven seats are held by two other Grey Seers, the Warlord-General of Skavendom, the heads of the four Great Clans, and the heads of four lesser Clans. Read more…

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Skaven Prelude Part I

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Summer, Black Mountains

“Oy, gobbos arn’t made for dis kinda work, eh Scragz?” one goblin said bracing his lower back.

“Well meybe if ya hadn’t let da orcz eat da stunties who were doin’ da diggin’ for us den we wouldn’t be diggin’ nows, eh Greentoof?” Scragz replied.

“Wes gotta make da orcz git back ta werk so we dont have ta dig anymore, itz their turn eh?”

“Oi ya bigguns!” Scragz called to a dozen savage orcs sitting around a crude meal of cooked rats, “Youz git back ta work now! Da Warboss aint gonna like hearin’ about his orcz gettin’ fat while workin’!”

The orcs grumbled and picked up several picks and hammers and got back to the tunnel wall and began to toil away. For weeks now their Warboss had ordered them to expand the tunnel until they breached a dwarven mineshaft. The orcs and goblins were restless; this wasn’t their type of work. Unfortunately far from ready food supplies, they’d eaten all their slaves who were digging for them and now the workload fell on their shoulders. Read more…

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Lizardmen Prelude Part II

August 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Spring, Lustria

Days had passed since Belashar Cordalis and the crew of the Silver Dragon made landfall on Lustria and spoken to Lord Adohi-Tehga, Lord of Tlaxtlan. His crew grew uneasy being kept under armed guard in the lizardmen city even though they were treated well; Belashar felt an even greater unease that he would fail at his mission and have to return to Ulthuan with no words of hope. His mission had been to convince the lizardmen that the cause of the Asur was their struggle as well. Alas, Belashar was a Dragon Prince of Caledor, no silver-tongued diplomat and he felt his presence and rash words did little to convince the mage-priest that the cause was worthy. He comforted himself with the thought that irregardless of who came the lizardmen would refuse to join any war outside of Lustria. Though he did not know it, he was right. The mage-priests were far more concerned with trying to fulfill the Old Ones plans for this world than aiding the struggle against Chaos, even though they already did their part. Read more…

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