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Lizardmen Prelude Part I

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Spring, Lustria

First it was the days spent at sea, now days trekking through the jungles of Lustria. Belashar Cordalis, Dragon Prince of Caledor, was not thrilled with his assignment but duty and loyalty bound him. The Phoenix King had personally asked Belashar to take on this task and did not fail to mention several times that the fate of Ulthuan rested on Belashar’s shoulders.

Belashar was called from his war-torn home of Caledor by the Phoenix King himself to travel as ambassador to Lustria. Although the High Elves were making Malekith pay dearly for every step of soil in Ulthuan, the hosts of the Druchii were vast and Malekith only need send word for more troops from Naggaroth – the High Elves had no reinforcements to call in on. That is why the Dragon Prince must sail to Lustria and try to convince the lizardmen of the necessity of war. No easy task to convince the neutral lizardmen that war beyond Lustria was necessary… Read more…

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Beastmen Prelude Part II

August 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Late Autumn, Athel Loren

A great council had convened at a glade near the Queen’s court. Representatives were present from all kindreds, but their role here was to listen, not to advise. Shocking reports had been delivered to the Oak of Ages and Kings Glade. Seated in a circle around a large rock slab which served as a table were a few dozen wood elves of different ranks and importance. Of note were the old warrior Sceolan and the waywatcher of legendary repute, Scarloc. Although outside, the trees formed a tight-knit canopy and wall around the glade, thus ensuring that what was said inside would not reach the wrong ears. Dozens of quiet conversations were being carried out about the ill tidings and what they meant for Athel Loren. It was Scarloc with his keen eyes who noticed Ariel and Orion already seated at the table, apparently they slipped in unnoticed and quietly sat waiting for the right moment to begin.

“Greetings Queen Ariel and King Orion!” Scarloc said loudly, standing up quickly. Others followed suit to show their respect.

Read more…

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Beastmen Prelude Part I

August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Late Summer, Drakwald Forest

The group of five sat huddled around a small fire, trying to capture what little warmth it would provide. Tzylla cracked a small dry twig and threw it into the fire; it was quickly consumed releasing a small burst of warmth.

“Keep it small!” an assassin hissed at her. “Do you want to bring death upon us zealot?! You have the gall to draw attention to us when we are in the heart of the Empire!”

It may be summer, but here in the Drakwald… its another world, a world where warmth and light do not kiss the ground. And that was during the day. A creature of the Chaos Wastes she should have been use to it, but this was a different cold, the cold of night and the cold of fear. It would have even been a comfort to feel the moonlight, but alas, even the light fears the Drakwald.

Tchar’zanek had handed Tzylla over to Malakith to go on a suicide mission into the heart of the Drakwald to incite the Beastmen on a blood-march to Athel Loren. Malekith’s intentions were clear, he hated the High Elves, and his failures in Ulthuan sparked an insane plot to seek vengeance elsewhere and strike at the Wood Elves. No army to spare he concocted a plan to sneak Tzylla and his minions into the war-torn Empire.

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Wood Elf Prelude Part II

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Summer, The Eternal Citadel

The zealot Tzylla walked toward Tchar’zanek’s throne room with Malekith and his black guards behind her, not a feeling she was entirely comfortable with. “Wait here while I announce you, sire.” She entered the throne room and was immediately met by the cold stare of her liege. “Lord Tchar’zanek, the Dark Elf King seeks your audience,” she said with a low bow.

“Show him in, and do not linger foul creature.” A look of disgust came across the Chosen Champion of Tzeentch’s face; he did not enjoy speaking with the Dark Elf King. Under any other circumstance he would have preferred to kill him, and had the High Elves stayed in Ulthuan then he would have no need for the alliance, but alone… he was not one to play against the odds. Not in this war. The door at the far end of the chamber opened and Malekith entered signaling his black guard to remind behind.

“Hail Champion of Tzeentch!” Malekith said with suspiciously fake warmth.

“Hail Witch King of the Druchii…” Tzeentch responded taking no effort to hide his annoyance. “To what do I owe today’s meeting, Witch King?”

“I come to bring news of your front in Praag.”

Greatly humored, “Why Malekith I did not know you stoop to the level of a scout, I am humbled.” Read more…

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Wood Elf Prelude Part I

August 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Athel Loren, Spring

Sceolan nodded as he passed the Eternal Guard at the entrance of the Oak of the Ages. Ariel, Queen of the Forest, had summoned him, and the messenger made it sound rather urgent. The old warrior knew that to be summoned to the Court of the Queen meant that something of concern was indeed on her mind. He entered a large hall elaborately built into the tree and saw the Queen looking over a large table already in council with Ythril, captain of the Waywatchers.

“My Queen! I received your summons and came with all haste!”

“Ah Sceolan, my dear friend, indeed I require your council. Come join me and Ythril.”

Sceolan approached the table and spotted a sight rare in Athel Loren, a map of the Old World. Silver pins were stuck into various locations. The sight troubled Sceolan. “I trust my Queen has no desires for expansion,” Sceolan said with a nervous laugh, although knowing of the current strife in the Empire his suspicions lay elsewhere.

“No,” Ariel laughed, “Athel Loren is a realm large enough for my content. Jests aside, grave matters are on hand. You know of the war that is being waged in the lands of the Empire and the Worlds Edge Mountains…”

“Naturally I do, my Queen,” Sceolan replied, hesitant to state his assumptions as to the direction of the conversation.

“It does not take a mage to see that you are worried and being a mage I already know what you are worried about. I do not seek to hide my intentions with eloquent language and try to trick you old friend. A war for the very survival of order as we know it is being waged in the east. The alliance led by Karl Franz cannot hold out much longer against the hordes of Chaos. The High Elves are weakened, the Dwarves are weakened, the Empire is torn by internal strife… and dark forces stir from within threatening to swallow the land.” Read more…

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