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Winds of Ghyran ~ Trapper & Trainer

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment

The beastmasters of Karond Kar descend upon Ulthuan, aiming to capture and break all creatures in their warpath – and to those who will not be broken, only death awaits. The struggle to dominate the beasts of Ulthuan however has grown beyond its original intent. The Beastmasters, hardpressed by the Shining Guard, have taken to passing on the basics of their trade to soldiers of ‘lesser caliber’. On the other front, the forces of Order are scrambling to recapture the beasts who have been broken by the Druchii. As a gesture of good faith and solidarity in the alliance, Karl Franz has sent Ulthuan his Imperial Huntsmen – men renowned for their skill in taming wild beasts.

Players who successfully obtained the Trainer’s Collar (for the forces of Order) or the Beastmaster’s Collar (for the forces of Destruction) may now journey to their capital city and pursue a new line of trade skills associated with the capture and training of wild beasts of the world of Warhammer. Let’s delve into the new trades of the Trapper and Trainer! Read more…

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Winds of Ghyran Guide

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

v1.8.1 consists of the Winds of Ghyran live event. The Beastmasters of Karond Kar are upon Ulthuan! Landing on the north coast of Ulthuan, but brunt of their assault is being beared by the proud Outer Kingdom of Chrace, which has never succumbed to Malekith’s hatred and malice – a fact which burns deeply in his mind. But Chrace shall not bear this assault alone. Malekith has ordered the beastmasters of Karond Kar to spread fear and death amongst all the creatures of Ulthuan.

With the main force of White Lions tasked with the protection of Finubar, and the remainder spread thin defending Chrace, it falls upon the shoulders of the Shining Guard to rally to the defense of Chrace. The archmages of Saphery have sensed a foul taint of the Chaos winds lingering around the beastmaster’s camps, there is more to this plot than is known. The battle for the souls of the creatures of Ulthuan has begun! Read more…

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Winds of Ghyran ~ Battle for Tor Achare

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

For centuries Tor Achare has been the northern shield of Ulthuan, providing the bulwark against Druchii attacks. It falls upon the shoulders of the White Lions of Chrace not only to defend the Phoenix King as we have since the days of Caledor the First, but also to bear the brunt of any attack against the north of Ulthuan. Our neighboring Outer Kingdoms to the west and east have been torn by the centuries of Druchii aggression, only Chrace still stands strong. The blood of Charill flows through all our veins, and in his honor we shall sell our lives dearly to defend Ulthuan against the dark powers. It is here, at Tor Achare, where we shall meet the Druchii onslaught; and it is here, in the fortress they have never conquered, that we shall drive them back into the Great Ocean!

~ Prince Eriondas of Tor Achare

Tor Achare is the capital of Chrace and is one of the four original fortresses constructed to combat the daemon hosts – the other three being Anlec, Tor Caled, and Tor Yvresse. With Anlec and Tor Caled falling in the Sundering, and Tor Yvresse ravaged by a greenskin invasion, only Tor Achare stands strong and undefeated. Long has Malekith’s eye lingered on this fortress which has defied his will for centuries. Long has Tor Achare burned a hole in his dark soul. Now in the Age of Reckoning Malekith will throw all he can to conquer this city.

The Battle for Tor Achare is a three-point domination scenario. House Uthorin attacks the city with a full frontal siege, while the city relies on Shining Guard reinforcements from the south. As both factions enter the battle for Tor AchareĀ  they shall battle over the Grand Plaza at the front of the town, the Vault of Lorichar, and the White Lion Quarters. So long as Tor Achare stands, northern Ulthuan will continue to defy Malekith!

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Winds of Ghyran

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment

The loss of the Druchii foothold in the mountains of Caledor had provoked a great ire within Malekith’s dark soul. The Asur will not go unpunished for their actions. Forging a dark covenant with the Chaos gods, Malekith had already spread horror amongst the High Elves, but greater blood-sacrifices of the weak are needed. The target of Malekith’s spite – Chrace. When Morathi and the Cults of the Cyrhari first began to cause havoc across Ulthuan, it was Chrace that offered the stiffest resistance to her plans. Since that time millenia ago, Chrace has always proved a vexing thorn in Malekith’s side. This time, that will change.

Summoned forth from the despair of Naggaroth are the beast-masters of Karond Kar. While the bulk of the Shining Guard is occupied in southern Ulthuan in the struggle to hold Lothern, Chrace stands alone in the north. The beast-masters will break Chrace, and those they cannot break they shall kill. The suffering of the land will not be confined to the elves themselves – more innocent blood can be taken from the beasts who defy the Druchii. Read more…

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Winds of Ghyran Intro

November 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Teclis thought himself clever with his paltry spell to shroud the seas with fog. He was wrong, and the Asur shall pay dearly for his transgression. True, the Druchii were forced to abandon their foothold in Caledor, a costly price indeed, but Tiranoc serves the cause just as well. Besides, it has been centuries since the Tiranocii tasted the steel of their true overlords. With Lothern threatened from both the east and the west, Tyrion has been forced to concentrate his forces south around the Elven capital. Leaving the northern kingdoms to fend for themselves shall be his gravest tactical mistake yet. The Asur know not the hosts that lay in Naggaroth, awaiting Malekith’s command to set sail for Ulthuan.

Teclis’s actions only served to drive Malekith into a frenzy, a frenzy which can only be quenched with blood. The Asur must pay for their offenses; the time has come to call forth the legions of Karond Kar. Elves shall not be the only living creatures to suffer upon Ulthuan – all who stand defiant to Malekith’s will shall perish under the Druchii blade. The brunt of the suffering shall fall upon those who dared to defy Malekith first – the Chracians. Under Koradral, Chrace stood up against Malekith in the first great warand by the interference of his hunters, Imrik survived against Morathi’s assassins. If the Chracians and their vile lions cannot be subdued, then they shall be wiped from the face of the world. Soon all the creatures of Ulthuan shall know that to stand up against Malekith is to face certain death. Such a great blood offering shall not only serve to appease the whim of Malekith and the thirst of Khaine, there are other foul forces which revel in death of the weak…

~ Rynothir Hargrave, Corsair Captain of Karond Kar

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