Greenskin Tribes ~ Poisoned Skulls

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“Bring da shroomies! Yea yea, dem small yellow ‘uns! No not da big ‘un! Time to make a propa fungal brew boyz. We’z gonna drink up till our heads spin wif da frenzy! Dem stunties dun’t know wut’z comin’ for dem! Wen da shroom frenzy kick in den we’z goin up to dem stunties and gonna give ’em a knock on dere heads! Dey always look so grumpy, maybe dey will be happier if we cut a new smile across dere throats! We’z gunna drink up tonite boyz, cuz tomorrow it’z time for a bloody WAAAGH!”
~ Gitslit Spleenspit, Warboss of the Poisoned Skulls

The Poisoned Skull night goblins of the Grey Mountains a a conniving bunch that avoids head-on confrontations with their enemies, and instead opts for ambushes and assassins to bleed their opponents. Located at an important crossroads, the Poisoned Skulls are in an ideal position to cause immense havoc and tension between the different political actors on the surface. As fate would have it, the Poisoned Skulls are more than happy to sow discord amongst their neighbors and have not yet indicated any intentions of carving a greater territorial empire out of the lands above.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Bone Noses

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“Rite den you gits, we’z marchin’ norf across da skelly sands, and no git ‘ere is gonna grunt or moan about da sun! Youse been licking water off dese green leaves too long and Gork an’ Mork sez we’z gotta leave da green behind. Da only way to spread da green to all da lands is to leave dis behind and go where Wurrzag leads us, and for now dat’s across dem sands. Mork an’ Gork are with us! Time for dese bones to get baked in da sun!”
~ Gutrot da Savage, Warboss of the Bone Noses

The journey of the Bone Noses is much like the journey of the shadow of a great man. To describe the shadow is to overlook the greatness of he who casts the shadow, but alas overlooking greatness is standard when describing the greenskins. The Bone Nose tribe has undertaken one of the great and dangerous migrations of any tribe, and all in order to follow their spiritual star north – Wurrzag. It is with the utmost confidence in Wurrzag’s connection with the gods Mork and Gork that the Bone Noses set out after him as he searches for the Once and Future Git, a greenskin who will unite all the greenskin tribes for their great and triumphant victory over all other races.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Gutstabbas

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“Quit yer bellyachin’ you lousy lot o’ maggots! I’z ‘ungry, youse ‘ungry, we’z all ‘ungry ‘ungry orcz! It’z enuff dat I’z gotta ‘ear my guts chew on demselves all day, but to ‘ear yer yappin’ iz gonna drive a git mad! Wut do ya say I give you a bellyful o’ dis ‘ere choppa? Youse not gonna be ‘ungry anymore after dat! Wut do you say boyz?! Mugrip ‘ere want’s to eat choppa, should we give it to ‘im?!”
~ Kohz Gutstabba, Warboss of the Gutstabbas

The Gutstabbas of Thunder Mountain have survived against great odds in a land which is quite unforgiving. After defeating the local night goblins who inhabited the lava beds around the volcano, the Gutstabbas briefly feasted on their glory and settled in their new home, only to find that there wasn’t really much else to eat in those lands. Cannibalism is known to occur in the Gutstabbas, but that’s only when visitors don’t come over for dinner. The Gutstabbas certainly wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression on their dinner guests, that might unsettle the stomach.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ One Eyes

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“Why’s you got two eyes still blinkin’ at me?! Youse eitha a One Eye or youse dinna! Wut’z it gunna be runt? If you wuz a night gobbo den dinna wud be da only choice, but seein’ as how youse not got shroomies growin’ out yer ears I’s gonna be generous enuff to give you da choice. Can’t have two eyes and belong to da One Eyes, dat wudn’t make sense wud it? Youse don’t see da Blue Face orcs paintin’ dere faces white do ya?! Brainz git! Use ’em if youse got em!”
~ Blinkin da One-Eye, Boss of the One Eye goblins

The One Eye goblins have the fortune of living in such an inhospitable stretch of land blessed with a high level of thermal geological activity. For any other race this land would be unworthy of life, but for the greenskins it is the perfect breeding ground, not that greenskins breed, but rather a ‘sporing ground.’ The geological benefits of this land allowed the One Eye goblins to grow at a prodigious rate. It is this growth and expansion of the One Eye tribe which decades, or even centuries, ago put them in direct conflict with the Crooked Moon night goblins. Now they look on at the Crooked Moons and wait for the perfect moment to strike.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ The Bloody Handz

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“Right you maggots, dis day we’z gonna load up on dem barges and I dun’t wanna hear a grumble from any git ‘ere! If yer afraid o’ water den close yer eyez! An’ if youse gonna fall over da edge den shut yer mouth and don’t make any noise and sink like a gud git! Ain’t no git stoppin’ to fish youse outta da water so you keep yer feet on da ground and stay steady. One maggot less dun’t make a difference to Brukka! Just means more room for hummie loot and dose hummies got lotsa loot for da Bloody Handz!”
~ Brukka da Flaya, Warboss of the Bloody Handz tribe

The name of the Bloody Handz is often spat out with contempt by the traders and merchants of the world, particularly those of exotic goods. It is said that the phrase ‘a bloody earned coin’ spoken among merchants refers to the dangerous trade and need for highly defended caravans and convoys due to the pirating of the Bloody Handz tribe. Likewise the saying that a good ‘passed through the bloody hand’ does not refer to some illicit trade, but rather that the goods made the difficult journey past the raiding grounds of the Bloody Handz tribe. Where the Black Gulf might prove an impassable obstacle for most greenskins, the Bloody Handz have turned it into their raiding ground.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Da Immortulz

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“Dese boyz iz da toughest lot in all da lands! I’z da bestest and biggest, but dey know dere stuff. We’z came outta da Dark Lands smashin’ dose nasty burnin’ stunties dat tried to whip us. Well we whipped ’em gud! Taste like ash though, a lotta chewin’ for nufing tasty. Taste lousy an’ fight lousy… Da mountain stunties fight and den hide in dere holes. Da humies fight and then throw snow in yer face. Da ratz fight and die too eazy. Wut’z a git gotta do to get a propa fight?! Da lads need a propa bleedin’ every now and den or dey get lazy, and wut gud is a lazy git?!”
~ Grimgor Ironhide, Boss of the East and Green Slaughterer

Current accounts name Grimgor Ironhide as the warboss of the Red Eye night goblins in Red Eye Mountain. While it is true that they bent their knee before him and he has claimed their lair as his base of operations, Grimgor Ironhide has little to do with the history of the Red Eyes and tends to look down upon the diminutive and conniving goblins. Together with his Immortulz, Grimgor has led a campaign of terror across the northern World’s Edge Mountains. All fear his name and flee before him.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Red Eyes

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“We, da Red Eyez, iz da bestest night gobbo tribe in all dese mountains! Why’s dat you ask? Cuz we’z da firstest greenies to take a stunty hole from dem! When we wuzn’t even shroom-gits, da Red Eyez broke into da tunnels under Mount Red Eye and gave the stunties a big surprise! We bashed ’em gud, every last stunty in dis hole. An’ when dere friends came back for more, we bashed ’em too! Ain’t no stunty settin’ foot in Mount Red Eye so long as da Red Eyez iz ‘ere! Grimgor or no Grimgor, da Red Eyez have gotta keep dis mountain ours. We took dis place and we’z da ‘uns to keep it.”
~ Giznit Bloodeye, Shaman of the Red Eye Tribe

In the bygone Golden Age of the dwarfs, Karak Ungor was a rich mining hold, famed for its deep and vast network of mines. This was a time before the coming of the greenskin tide. In their naivet̩, the dwarfs did not guard the abandoned mines and lower tunnels. The Red Eye night goblins would teach the dwarfs a costly lesson, one that would prove critical in the centuries to come Рalways look to your lower defenses. The fall of Karak Ungor to the Red Eye night goblins would signal the beginning of the Time of Woes Рan age where the dwarfs were on the defensive, with hold after hold falling to foul creatures.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Broken Axes

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“Dey say dat ‘e wuz da biggest gobbo to eva walk dese lands. I saw ‘is gut and it wuzn’t dat big! Sure ‘e was a fatty dat had to be hauled about on a chariot, but ‘e’s gone and I’z still got time for my gut to grow! Wut did Grom da Paunch eva do for da greenskins?! ‘E lead his WAAAGH! into da sea and no un eva ‘eard from ‘im again! Dat’s no proper WAAAGH! Wut gud iz it to burn a path thru da Empire only to leave and let ’em rebuild? No brains in dat fat ‘ead of ‘is!”
~ Git Guzzler, Warboss of the Troll Beaters and rival of Grom the Paunch

From far in the south, the Broken Axes rose to great heights and great girths, or rather their warboss Grom the Paunch did. Perhaps one of the fattest goblins to ever walk the earth, Grom is also possibly the most successful goblin warboss to ever lead a WAAAGH! With his departure from the Old World, the Broken Axes no longer bear the weight they once did, but his legend keeps them inspired.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Necksnappers

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“Wut ain’t green we kill, it’z dat eazy. If da Dark Lands didn’t break us den nothin’ will. No hummies, stunties, or any beast’ll make da Necksnappas blink an eye. When da Necksnappas come, the last thing youse gonna hear is a snap.”
~ Morglum Necksnapper, Warboss of the Necksnappers

Born in the harsh lands east of the World’s Edge Mountains known as the Dark Lands, the Necksnappers are led by their taciturn warboss, Morglum Necksnapper. Morglum opts to use his hands to convey any message he has rather than boasting loudly as other orcs are prone to do. Given his skill at arms, Morglum has no need to speak, for the rumor of his might has spread far ahead of him.

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Greenskin Tribes ~ Red Fangs

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“Hah! Stunties ain’t for fearin’! Wutcha runts worried about?! When you see a stunty, youse run right at ’em and grab ’em by the beard and pull hard! Once youse got a stunty beard in yer hand den Mor’ll protect you from all dere blows. Ratters you grab by da tail and spin round an’ round. I once smashed some ratter boss and ‘is red pets, coulda crushed ‘im into paste but some stinkin’ stunty got in my way. In da end I had my paste, just wuzn’t ratter. Red Fangs fear nothin’! No stunties and no ratters! Black Crag is ours until da sun eats da earth! I iz king ‘ere and da Red Fangs ain’t goin’ no where!”
~ Gorfang Rotgut, Warboss of the Red Fangs and ‘King’ of Black Crag

When the Broken Tooth tribe marched north with Gorbad Ironclaw, they left their home of Black Crag open for a new occupant. Gorfang Rotgut wasted no time cleaning out the remaining Broken Tooths and establishing Black Crag as the seat of his kingdom. The Red Fangs became the dominant tribe at the west end of Death Pass, and secured an uneasy alliance with the Crooked Moons of Karak Eight Peaks who held the east end of Death Pass. The peace between the two dominant tribes allowed for a more focused assault against Clan Mors in the City of Pillars, and the dwarfs who dared trod in the central World’s Edge Mountains.

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