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Battle of the Frontiers ~ Black Crag Keep

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BCK MapA blast from the powder keg sent a flurry of small stones flying outwards from the mouth of the old mine. The largest boulders shifted slightly at first, but then one at the bottom cracked in half and with its shattering all of a sudden the entire wall of boulders blocking the exit from the mine shaft collapsed out into the canyon below. Two dwarves emerged from the dust out into daylight – behind them still in the tunnel a column of Oathbearers as far as the eye could see.

“I knew that stone was the keystone. Why use a dozen when one well-placed keg’ll do the trick,” the engineer Jorgrim Ironhand said coughing slightly as the dust filled his lungs.

“Aye Jorri, but only ye have the brains to calculate such a feat,” Gilar replied.

“These old abandoned tunnels of Karak Drazh served us well. Greenskins didn’t even know they were here, and they led us almost to the foot of Butcher’s Pass. There,” Jorgrim Ironfist said using one hand to cover his brow against the glare of the sun and the other to point at the distance, “That’s the viper’s nest blocking a flanking attack on Butcher’s Pass. Impregnable wench infested with greenskins.”

“I’ve yet to meet a wench that’s impregnable,” Gilar said tugging on his long beard, straining to get a better look at the greenskin fort that lay ahead in the valley below. He took out a small dried apple and began to carve it with a dagger. “That vale is only accessible from two points – narrow gaps in the canyon carved by the river,” Gilar stated motioning with his dagger at the scene in front of them.

“They may not have much for brains, but the greenskins picked the ideal location to guard the flank north of Karak Eight Peaks. To pass through that bottleneck would cost hundreds of lives before we could even reach the walls.”

“You’ve a mind for using powder kegs to shatter stones my friend, but yer eye needs tuning. There above the rocky outcrop with the dwarf statue toppled and defaced,” Gilar said motioning his dagger with a piece of apple skewered on the end, “a small trail runs atop that crest barely visible to the eye from this elevation. From below it’s like it isn’t even there. It’ll add two days march to reach there, but from that location we can bypass the bottleneck in the canyon walls and strike at Black Crag keep from the front.”

“Give me four days and I’ll get you a few organ guns atop that crest,” Jorri added.

“Worth the wait. In a week’s time the Oathbearers will strike at that sad excuse for a keep – boards held together by mud – and the way will be open to strike at the doors of Karak Eight Peaks.”

Following a network of abandoned and thought-to-be collapsed mines and tunnels, a small Oathbearer contingent has reached a pass tucked in the south-east of Black Crag that leads south into Karak Eight Peaks. The fortress simply known as Black Crag Keep is ideally located to make any attack from this direction futile, yet if it were to fall then the path to Karak Eight Peaks would lay open. By taking advantage of the old tunnels the greenskins never bothered to protect, the Oathbearers have found an approach to Black Crag Keep that bypasses the deadly bottleneck and allows for a direct assault on the keep.

Black Crag Keep is the newest scenario in Warhammer. This scenario is a triple-domination point scenario as the two factions struggle for domination over this critical battle objective. The key points of battle are the northern ruins, central ruins, and southern ruins – all ruins of an ancient dwarven fortress now overgrown by a crude greenskin fort. The struggle here will help decide the fate of Karak Eight Peaks and the future of the Bloody Sun Boyz.

Battle of the Frontiers ~ Kadrin Valley Pass

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KadrinValleyPass003KVP Map“All dese mountains look da same. Walk walk walk. Gobbo’s feetz get tired too!” Mumfink complained aloud.

“Warboss Nozgob sez dat da One-Toofz iz gonna lead da charge for da Bloody Sun Boyz into Cat Drink Valley. We’z gonna get da mostest stuntie bashin’ outta all da Bloody Sun Boyz!” an orc replied with confidence.

“We only gonna get da mostest stuntie bashin’ if we’z get to Cat Drink Valley! You fink dat dis is Cat Drink Valley? I dun’t see no cats drinkin’!” Mumfink cried back.

“I dun’t fink you even fink you know where we iz!” the orc yelled back. “Black Crag iz black only in sum places. Maybe Cat Drink Valley only haz cats in sum places too!”

“Like I sed – when we’z see da cats, den we’ll know we’re in Cat Drink Valley. Until den we’z lost!”

“All dis talkin’ bout cats iz makin’ me ‘ungry… nothin’ but rocks and snow here,” another orc said interrupting the conversation. “Rocks ‘n snow ‘n cats ‘n dat stuntie bird over dere… mmm cats ‘n birds….”

“Stuntie bird?!” Mumfink cried out. “Dat’s more dan one stuntie bird!”

Rifle shots cracked through the air from rocky crags and echoed in the narrow canyons taking out the front of the greenskin column.

“Stunties for da bashin’!” Nozgob could be heard yelling out amidst the chaotic ‘column’ of greenskins. “One Toofz wit me!”

Lost as they were, the One Toofz unwittingly stumbled upon a well-hidden and secluded dwarven outpost, Hadgrin’s Watch, guarding the south-eastern approaching to Kadrin Valley. Though Karak Kadrin and its garrison of slayers are sworn to protect Peak Pass, the rangers set up a small outpost nearby to monitor the labyrinth of passes leading to the rear of Karak Kadrin. With the help of a half-dozen gyrocopters the rangers are the far-seeing eyes of the Slayer Keep. Now the greenskins have stumbled upon this remote location and have descended upon it with a vicious fury, already swarming the gyrocopter pads and destroying the four that couldn’t get airborne in time. Two precious gyrocopters remain circling above and guiding the forces of Order from nearby Kadrin Valley to rescue the survivors of Hadgrin’s Watch, secure the pass, and salvage what they can of the important location.

Kadrin Valley Pass is the newest scenario in Warhammer. The scenario is a five-point tug-of-war scenario with the battle beginning over Icerapids Bridge centrally located in the small valley. The forces of Order push back from the Skycloud Tower of Hadgrin’s Watch and try to maintain their hold on the already damaged Outer Gate and the Gyrocopter Hanger. The forces of Destruction have already captured the Brewery and Gyrocopter Landing Pads. A bloody struggle is being waged in the valleys behind Karak Kadrin, and the fate of this small outpost will be tied with the fate of the Slayer Keep.


Battle of the Frontiers ~ Shrine of Lileath

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LILEATH_004“Just across that hill m’lord,” the shade whispered in a harsh voice.

Beastlord Hargrave rode up beside the shade, “This had better be worth my time, or I’ll show you what value worthless worms like you have.” He stroked the neck of his Cold One and with a twisted smile said, “Goretongue knows.”

“I am certain this will be a worthy find,” the shade replied.

As the small patrol reached the crest of the next hill before them appeared a large shrine nestled in a valley amongst the hills.

Beastlord Hargrave snatched the shade by his throat and lifted him off the saddle of his steed, “You brought me to see these ruins?!” As the shade fought with all his might to catch a breath, suddenly whispers filled the air and as quickly stopped. Beastlord Hargrave turned his head from side to side looking for the source, but his eyes found nothing nearby. His grasp loosened and the shade slid back onto his saddle gasping for air and rubbing his neck.

“The voices… what cursed place is this?” Hargrave snarled.

“The shrine of Lileath, greatly valued by the Asur, m’lord.”

“Harlot of a goddess,” Hargrave said spitting onto the ground.

“There are no defenders… no worshipers… hardly a site I’d say is valued,” the Beastlord’s second in command stated coldly.

“Lileath speaks to her followers in their dreams,” the shade replied.

“Good,” the Beastlord snarled, “Then if we raze the ruins to the ground, she will call to them and they will come. They will come, and we will be waiting.”

The Shrine of Lileath is the newest scenario in Warhammer. Located in the rolling hills of Eataine, the Shrine had thus far eluded the prying eyes of the Druchii. Now the Druchii and their allies ride to the shrine with the hope of desecrating it and drawing the High Elves out onto the open field for battle. However, Lileath sees all and speaks to her followers through dreams. Already the Shining Guard is mobilizing the counter the threat and reach the shrine before their foes can blaspheme on its grounds.

The Shrine of Lileath is a rotating-three-point scenario as both realms vie for control of the shrine. Players will fight for control over the Sanctuary – the interior of the shrine where the powers of Lileath are strongest; the Arcades – an avenue of columns and arches that inspire artists from all over Ulthuan; and the Garden of Dreams – a place where many weary elves have let their minds rest and be filled with the whispers of Lileath.

Battle of the Frontiers ~ Stonesong Plateau

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“What news of the Druchii host that abandoned Dragonwake?” Menythaer asked as he pulled back the branches of a large bush to have a better view of the valley of Caledor below.

“No sightings of them yet sir, but when they appear on the horizon we’ll be in a better position to cut them off in their retreat,” a young scout replied.

“They won’t come this way,” a grim voice interrupted.

Menythaer and the scout turned around surprised. “And who are you to barge in on our council?” the scout demanded in an arrogant voice betraying his notion of his status.

“The Druchii abandoned their position in Dragonwake to strengthen their assault on Eataine; your journey here could have been a waste,” the unknown figure stated as a shadow emerged from the cliff-face.

“East into Eataine? But then…” Menythaer let his thoughts linger a while, “How do you know this? This means our journey to Caledor was for naught! Lothern is in peril and we are leagues away to help!” Menythaer cried out in despair.

“I said your journey could have been a waste, not that it was,” the figure walked into the light revealing his hooded and masked face. He walked past them crouching on the ground. “Lothern will manage without you. We will make the most of your journey here and strike at the Druchii in a manner which will most inconvenience them.” Placing his hand on the young scout’s shoulder he pointed below and let their eyes follow his finger, “There.”

“That ledge crawling with beastmasters?” the scout asked.

“That ledge overlooks the valley of Caledor below as it cuts through the mountains from west to east. Beyond that gap in the rocks lay Malekith’s Fist, and if we control that position we can not only observe the movements of the Druchii, but we can also cut off their reinforcements for the struggle in Eataine,” the shadow warrior stated.

“Those banners flying on that ledge are of House Uthorin. They will not lightly give up that position,” the scout added.

“Do not let foolish thoughts cloud your mind. Only by our blood will Ulthuan’s freedom be won,” the shadow warrior stoically said.

“By our blood…” Menythaer echoed quietly, “What do they call this place which our blood shall free from the grasp of darkness?”

“Stonesong Plateau.”

An element of the Shining Guard has followed hidden passes in Caledor and reached the secluded Stonesong Plateau which lays on the western edge of the valley that bisects the mountainous region. Due to its location, Stonesong Plateau offers a crucial vantage point for monitoring the movements of armies below – and for this reason House Uthorin has garrisoned it with its beastmasters. Now in an attempt to gain supremacy in the struggle over southern Ulthuan, the Shining Guard strikes at this key objective.

Stonesong Plateau is the newest scenario in Warhammer. The first wave of the bloody battle are concluded with the beastmasters of Naggaroth slain and their blood dripping down the cliff-face below, but House Uthorin and her allies are not quick to forget, nor forgive. Now the forces of Order must fiercely hold onto their grimly won possession and hold off the forces of Destruction. Stonesong Plateau is a deathmatch scenario, and as much as the players must balance their footing along the dangerous precipices, they must also balance the slaughter – if one realm is leading in points by a margin of 200 then the losing realm will be aided by a beast of war (a black drake from the beastmasters of Naggaroth, or a Sun Dragon from the Dragon Princes of Caledor) and gain an attack bonus from their new found ally to help turn the tide of the battle.

Crimson Fields ~ Erengrad Docks

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“Your watch tonight Corporal Byal.”

“I know I know Sergeant… Third night in a row I draw the short straw and get the dock-watch. Rotten luck!”

“Other than the cold, you’ve little to worry about. Not even the Norse are foolish enough to sail the Sea of Claws in winter.”

“Fate has  a funny way of making the unlikely happen at the worst of times…”

“Bah, nonsense! Tor guide you in darkness, Dazh keep you warm, Ursun give you courage, and of course, Manaan spit you up back onto dry land.”


~ Conversation between Corporal Byal and Sergeant Czerno of the Erengrad Watch

Erengrad is Kislev’s key trade artery with the rest of the world; and as with any rich coastal city, it has suffered Norse raids for centuries.  Typically during winter when ice coats the Sea of Claws, ships cease to sail its waters and Erengrad descends into a cold peace, awaiting the spring thaw when commerce, and the Norse raiding, can begin anew.  However, so long as the winter fog shrouds Erengrad, the men who watch for its safety remain uneasy. It’s often what they can’t see that threatens the most…

The Erengrad Docks is the newest scenario in Warhammer. The battle rages during the night time as the forces of Destruction raid the city by way of the sea. The Erengrad Docks scenario is a three-point capture scenario as the battle rages around the key locations of the Harbormaster, the Warehouse, and the Imperial Wharf. Players must tread carefully as they navigate the foggy docks in the night-time… one false step and they could end up either in the water or with the enemy’s blade in their ribs.

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Turbulent Winds ~ Eltharion’s Plaza

December 18, 2011 4 comments

And this, children, is Eltharion’s Plaza! In all of Tor Yvresse no place is more solemn, no place dearer to our Warden than this. Why, children? Let me tell you the sad tale of this plaza…

A long time ago before Eltharion was our Warden, he was a young elf full of courage and exquisite martial skill. Few Asur commanders ever dared to raid Naggaroth, and of those none ever came back. None until Eltharion. Our dear Warden went to that dark land and assaulted Malekith’s lair to let the Druchii know that they were safe no where and the Asur feared them not. Unbeknownst to him, during his raid on Naggaroth a greenskin war-horde landed upon the shores of Yvresse and led a bloody assault on our shining city. Eltharion knew not of the struggle that was taking place here, and during his raid on Naggaroth he was mortally wounded and lay in his death throes as his ship sailed home for Ulthuan. It was a vision of his father dying at the hands of the greenskins in Tor Yvresse that gave Eltharion the strength to recover and to return to Tor Yvresse to repel the greenskins. With the previous Warden dead and much of the city in ruins, Eltharion was given the mantle of the Warden and he tasked the Yvressians to rebuild their mighty city. Everywhere the buildings were rebuilt, everywhere save where his family was slaughtered by the greenskins. His own home he did not rebuild, instead he let nature reclaim the soils into which his family’s blood soaked. That place is where we stand now, Eltharion’s Plaza, and we stand here to always remember the sacrifices of our ancestor’s and always be alert for the forces of darkness which seek to end our way of life.

~ Cedwic Firecloud of Tor Yvresse

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Turbulent Winds ~ Avalanche Pass

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“Who goes there?!”

“Easy corporal, it’s Sergeant Blut”

“Sorry sir, it’s just this blasted snow blowing everywhere… all I can see is white! Makes me jump at every sound I hear.”

“These damned mountains have a way of playing tricks on the senses, that much is true.”

“I don’t even know why we post pickets in this weather, why I wouldn’t see the enemy before they was breathin’ down my neck! And worst yet, if they kill me, no one will hear my cry over this infernal wind!”

“A soldier’s duty… we cannot let our guard down and grow callous in our duties. Somewhere in that white emptiness beyond Avalanche Pass lays the Raven Host. We must keep vigilant!”

“Why do you suppose they call it that, sir? Avalanche Pass I mean.”

“These are the Jotunheims boy, there be giants in those mountains lookin’ for a fresh meal…”

~ Conversation between Corporal Tangrid and Sergeant Blut of the Ostermark Mountain Watch

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Savage Reprisal ~ Sacellum Challenges

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Within the twisting confines of the Inevitable City lays arena in which the forces of Chaos beat their chests and proclaim their greatness. Savage brutes think that by slaughtering mindless beasts and starved creatures that they are true warriors. The hordes of Chaos know not the true values of a skilled warrior. After seeing this crass spectacle of might, I now know that our alliance with the forces of Chaos is purely for the sake of convenience, for I am certain that the legions of Naggaroth would triumph over these blood-crazed wretches. 

~ Gareth Felgaze, Captain of the Uthorin Escort in the Inevitable City

With the forces of Slaanesh gathering to join their Chaos brethren, their presence has become great within the streets of the Inevitable City. Any warrior who wishes to prove his valor and win the favor of the Chaos gods must demonstrate his worth in combat of arms. The ideal location for this display is right under the eye of the Chaos gods at the heart of the Chaos Wastes – the Sacellum of the Inevitable City. It is here the hopeful-champions of Slaanesh flock that they may best their counterparts devoted to Khorne and Tzeentch, it is here they will prove their worth.

The forces of Order however are aware of the test of skills, and have sent brave volunteers disguised as the enemy into the heart of evil- the primary contingent consisting of Kislevites disguised as savage Norse followers of Khorne. Now the forces of Order confront the forces of Destruction within the walls of the Inevitable City in an attempt to  disrupt the winds of Chaos.

The Sacellum Challenges scenario takes place within the grand arena in the form of a series of fights. This is a 6v6 deathmatch with three rounds – after one faction has eliminated all the opponents, the first round ends and the fight resets. Each round lasts 5 minutes. Points are awarded for kills, winning a round, and in the event that one faction has won the first two rounds, if the other faction wins the third round they get bonus points for a come-back. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Who will accept the challenges and claim victory?

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Savage Reprisal ~ Shattered Coast

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In the darkest days of the elves, the Druchii ravaged the lands and slaughtered their kin. We thought Cothique was safe, with Ellyrion and Chrace between us and Nagarythe, and the armies of Caledor the First in  Yvresse. But then the Druchii came, hacking and slashing their way through Chrace with their aim on our homes in Cothique; behind them came the Khanites. After centuries of peace and prosperity, the Cothiqoi were mariners, traders, shipmakes – not soldiers. The Druchii came, but Caledor did not. Cothique fell, the Asur did not ride north to our aid. The Khainites slaughtered all that did not flee to the Anulii, our cries and death-throes went unheard, unseen, unanswered. When it was too late the army of Caledor came, when all those who had suffered were dead and their blood soaked the land.

And now for the second time the Druhii come to Cothique with their aim to slaughter all of us. We cannot count on the rest of Ulthuan to save us, the past has taught us that bitter lesson. We shall stand, and we shall met the Druchii with spear, shield, and arrow, and they shall know who they face. We are Cothiqoi, and we must be masters of our own fate!

~ Captain Perrian Seaflame of the Cothique Sea Watch

Grim tidings wash upon the shores of Cothique as the Druchii corsair fleet appears on the horizon. Malekith has sworn a pact with Slaanesh – he will unleash the greatest suffering the Asur have seen yet, and for this the armies of Slaanesh will join the ranks of Destruction. Facing certain death, the small fleet of Cothique has sailed forth to engage the larger corsair fleet escorting the Black Ark from Karond Kar. With this act of valor, the Sea Watch hopes to buy the Cothiqoi enough time to flee to the Anulii and seek shelter as they did when the Druchii came the first time.

Now on this jagged coastline the two fleets collide and engage in a brutal battle. One of the corsair ships has been forced into the deadly rocks by a Cothiqoi Hawkship, and while the Cothiqoi sell their lives on the waters, the Druchii fight for their lives on the shoreline.

The Shattered Coast scenario takes place on this unforgiving coastline where the corsair ship has been wrecked against the rocks. With the manticores of Karond Kar and the Griffins of Yvresse soaring in the skies above, the soldiers of the Shining Guard and of House Uthorin engage in the first of many bloody struggles upon Cothique. The Shattered Coast is a king-of-the-hill scenario as both factions vie for the high ground – the High Elves to drive the Druchii into the sea, and the Druchii to establish a foothold in Cothique. The battle for Cothique has begun!

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Of Royal Blood ~ Everqueen Palace

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In ages past, after the death of Aenarion, Morathi longed for her son Malekith to take on the Phoenix Crown and for her to rule at his side. But Malekith was denied the crown as it passed to Bel Shanaar, and the symbolic queen of Ulthuan remained the Everqueen. Yvraine, the Everqueen, had incredible powers to commune with all creatures living upon Ulthuan – powers Morathi craved.

In the ensuing war that divided the elves, Morathi made a desperate bid to seize the power of the Everqueen and take the Gaen Vale, but nature had another course. Once the Gaen Vale was connected to Avelorn by an isthmus, an artery that connected the spiritual heart of Ulthuan to the rest of its body. Morathi’s drive onto the Gaen Vale however led the two great armies to clash upon the isthmus at the gates of the Gaen Vale, and the overwhelming might of the Druchii began to wear away at the Asur defenders. And so to save the Gaen Vale, the most sacred shrine of Isha, Yvraine made the ultimate sacrifice and collapsed the isthmus, for ever severing her link to the rest of Ulthuan. The isthmus sank into the Inner Sea and with it the Druchii host, but Morathi’s hatred for the Everqueen would not be brushed aside so easily.

As the centuries wore on, the Everqueen’s changed, but Morathi lived on. Though among the eldest creatures in the world, her skin maintains a youthful vigor unnatural for her age. It is said her enrapturing beauty has been maintained through the ages by her dark blood rituals in which she bathes in the blood of young maidens. Opposite of the spite-driven creature that is Morathi is the Everqueen Alarielle, the most beautiful being in the world. Where Morathi has to maintain her artificial beauty by partaking in dark blood-rituals, Alarielle has been gifted with true beauty – a fact that burns deep in Morathi’s mind. While Malekith’s gaze has ever been on the Phoenix Throne, Morathi longs for not only the magical power of Avelorn, but for the beauty that is gifted to the Everqueen.

Now in the Age of Reckoning Alarielle has gone missing; many suspect the Dark Elves are behind the plot. The quest to find the Everqueen, be it to restore her to her rightful place among the Asur, or to tap her blood for eternal beauty, takes both factions deep into the Gaen Vale. Within the Vale is the Everqueen’s palace, which is in fact a temple dedicated to Isha. It is here that the Shining Guard and House Uthorin shall meet. It is in the halls of the Everqueen Palace that blood shall be spilled in pursuit of the Everqueen. In these halls which are to honor abundant life, death shall take hold.

The Everqueen Palace is a death-match scenario that takes place in the heart of the Lost Vale. The Shining Guard, first to the scene, lays situated within the interior of the palace; the forces of House Uthorin arriving later approach the palace grounds from the exterior. Inside a bloodbath awaits. All life must end in death, and from death new life is born. Such is the will of Isha. Who will be victorious in gaining control over the Everqueen Palace and finding the clues regarding her whereabouts?

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