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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Bryn

June 16, 2021 Leave a comment

“The Order of Guardians has one simple calling in life, and that is to return the undead to their rightful place. Gazul has charged us with the protection of the dead, and those who would defile the eternal rest of the dead deserve death themselves. There is no grey area in this matter. The dead have their place in the Underearth and no where else. Karak Bryn is an affront to the strictures of Gazul, and the Order of Guardians shall not rest until the Queen of Evil has a stake driven through her putrid heart.”

~ Jacbo Agril-Lhune, Guardian of Gazul

The ancient hold of Karak Bryn was once a shining example of how the dwarfs could establish new trade relations with the human race. Trade offered not only the exchange of goods, but also of ideas, and deepened the shared knowledge of two races. These trade relations for Karak Bryn however would also be the cause of the unwitting downfall of the hold, when misplaced faith bore the fruit of treason. Today the hold is known to the humans who live under its shadow as the Silver Pinnacle, a place that inspires both admiration and trepidation.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Ungor

June 13, 2021 Leave a comment

“I’ll not have the title of king until I sit on the throne of my ancestors and Karak Ungor is in dwarfen hands once more. I tell you now, to call me king is to insult the oath I have taken. Until that day comes, I’ll only go by the title of prince, and more to honor my ancestors than from pride. The Red Eyes will pay for the centuries of humiliation they have inflicted upon my ancestors. So long as there is a Stonehammer left living, the Redeyes will know no peace.”

~Ulther Stonehammer, Prince of Karak Ungor and leader of the Dragon Company

Karak Ungor was once famed throughout Karaz Ankor for having the largest and deepest mine network of all the dwarfen holds, larger even than the vast network of Karak Eight Peaks. In a time when the dwarfs knew not of the dangers from below, these mines were viewed solely as a source of wealth, and when their wealth was exhausted they were abandoned without a second thought. The fall of Karak Ungor would drastically change how the dwarfs treated their abandoned mines.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Mount Gunbad

June 10, 2021 Leave a comment

“Who are we if we do not attempt to retake that which the ancestors founded? Mount Gunbad was the source of such great wealth for Karaz Ankor, yet we have let it become infested with the filthy grobi’drazh. Their mushroom-addled minds fill the ancient mines with thoughts unfit for civilization. If our ancestors were to know what had become of their home, the shame would be unbearable. My father had the right idea to attempt to reclaim the mines, how could I possibly turn my back to his life’s goal?”

~ Freyga Logazorsdottir of Mount Gunbad

Mount Gunbad was the wealthiest mine in all of Karaz Ankor. So great was its wealth and economic importance that the dwarfs of Mount Gunbad were exempt from participation in the War of Vengeance. Though it would avoid the loss of life during this bloody war, the struggle for existence would come to its doorstep during the Silver Road Wars. The dwarfs successfully retook Mount Gunbad, only to be forced to abandon it once more.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karag Agilwutraz

June 7, 2021 Leave a comment

“Clan Gunnisson has bled for the High King time and again in every struggle since the Time of Woes, yet the High King is not sympathetic to our cause. Once Karag Agilwutraz held a respected position in Karaz Ankor. Now it is but a memory of the forsaken east. How much more will Clan Gunnisson have to bleed before the High King honors our sacrifice, and our common ancestors, and marches to cleanse Karag Agilwutraz of the urk filth that occupies it?”

~ Matriarch Helgrid Gunnsdottir of Clan Gunnisson of Karag Agilwutraz

Karag Agilwutraz, or Mount Silverspear in Reikspiel, was once one of the wealthiest mines in all of Karaz Ankor, second only to Mount Gunbad. So great was its wealth and economic weight, that Karag Agilwutraz’s citizens were exempt from taking part in the War of Vengeance. The hold however was precariously located along the eastern face of the World’s Edge Mountains, and when the Time of Woes came, the dwarfs of Karag Agilwutraz would be among the first to witness the destructive power of the greenskins.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Varn

June 4, 2021 Leave a comment

“If we’re to retake Karak Eight Peaks, or any other fallen hold for that matter, we must start with Karak Varn! Arm a throng in gromril armor and they’ll be unstoppable! Everyone here knows how crucial gromril is for our struggle, yet all of you balk at the idea of marching into Karak Varn! The gromril’s there for the taking! All we need to do is march in the right direction!”

~ Hadrin Gromdoki, Prospector and Explorer

Karak Varn, the Hold of the Alpine Lake, was once the source of the most precious ore to the dwarfs – gromril. So precious is this metal that dwarfs are forbidden to trade it to non-dwarfs. It is said that there is not a piece of gromril armor or finely crafted gromril weapon which doesn’t have a bit of Karak Varn in it. Alas, the Great Cataclysm that rocked Karaz Ankor was merciless and Karak Varn experienced the wrath of nature firsthand.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Azorn

June 1, 2021 Leave a comment

“My heart breaks and my blood boils at the thought! Words cannot capture the range of feelings felt at the loss of Karak Azorn, and the manner in which it happened! Karaz Ankor is so focused on the grudges of the fallen holds in the World’s Edge Mountains, but they dare not think of what happened in the east! No, the east is a direction that the dwarfs do not look to. Well I will never stop looking to the east, to avenge the wrongs inflicted upon my kin! Every dwarf shall hear my name and not be allowed to forget!”

~ Dagril Zannar, Survivor of Karak Azorn

Karak Azorn, named the Axe Plateau Hold for the location upon which it was founded. Along with Karak Vrag and Karak Krakaten, Karak Azorn was one of the triplet holds founded in the Mountains of Mourn, by an expedition of dwarfs who dared to brave the horrors of the east at the prospect of great wealth. Unfortunately, the horrors proved more real then the wealth they hoped for.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Zorn

May 29, 2021 Leave a comment

“Tis no legend! Don’t fall for that trap, that is what the longbeards want you to believe! Karak Zorn exists and no doubt cries for justice in its state of abandonment! How is Karaz Ankor to exist as a united realm if we abandoned our ancestral past?! The dawi of Karak Zorn have the closest connection to our past, it is our duty to reconnect with them… if they still live. I shall do all that I can to find the Lost Hold, even if I have to walk down the spine of the world alone!”

~ Oluvia Garazgot, Stubborn Explorer

The name of Karak Zorn strikes at the heart of the dwarfs like no other dwarfen city possibly can – not even the fallen splendor of Karak Eight Peaks. At the mention of Karak Zorn dwarfs’ eyes are filled with a myriad of emotions from golden greed over the rumored wealth of the hold, to spiteful anger at its supposed fall, to a pang of sadness that the first hold of the Ancestor Gods should stand alone and perhaps forgotten, and yes even a hint of glee that youthful fools believe it ever existed in the first place. As for the truth of Karak Zorn’s fate, that can only be discovered by one bold enough to traverse the Southlands.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Ekrund

May 26, 2021 Leave a comment

“Clan Dragonback stood firmly by Ekrund in its darkest hour, and Clan Dragonback shall never cease to long for its ancestral home. Through struggle and strife we stood alone in the Dragonback Mountains. Ekrund stood alone against the onslaught from the Badlands. We, the survivors, owe it to the ancestors not only to keep their memory alive, but to avenge the wrongs upon our people.”

~ Elise Dragonback, Matriarch of Clan Dragonback of Ekrund

Outside of the World’s Edge Mountains, one lone dwarf settlement arose during the Golden Age whose wealth would rival the richest veins of the World’s Edge Mountains. Ekrund was the final hold to be founded during the Golden Age and its destruction would spark the first colonization during the Time of Woes.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Izril

May 23, 2021 Leave a comment

“Kings and royal bloodlines failed Karak Azgal! They were not there to slay the beast within! Who are they now to claim rights over what my ancestor Skalf Dragonslayer risked his life for?! It was Skalf Dragonslayer who buried his axe in the beasts neck, and by our laws Karak Azgal is ours to claim! The Skalfssons have shed more blood trying to reclaim Karak Azgal for Karaz Ankor than any other clan. I’ll take no insult to my family’s honor from those who risked nothing and know not the burden.”

Kimril Skalfsson, Descendant of Skalf Dragonslayer of Karak Azgal

Karak Izril, the City of Jewels, was once the gleaming gem in the crown of Karaz Ankor. Karak Izril was the southernmost of the southern holds, therefore making it among the first and oldest holds of Karaz Ankor, the dwarfen realm. It was founded on a vein rich in precious gems and brilliant ores and crystals, a fact which would turn the hold into one of the richest in all of Karaz Ankor. However, this wealth would be the undoing of Karak Izril, for even the simple minded greenskins who have no need or appreciation for gemstones, the cunning skaven who only see beauty in warpstone, and worse creatures yet were drawn to the hold at the prospect of what treasures lay within.

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Dwarfen Holds ~ Karak Drazh

May 20, 2021 Leave a comment

“Great is the shame upon my shoulders that my ancestral home should be occupied by that hated foe of our kind, Gorfang Rotgut! That every dwarf spits at his name is all the greater burden upon the Ironsides, for it was our failure that allowed that boil to fester and grow. Though our numbers have dwindled, our pride has not diminished. The Ironsides shall never cease in their attempt to avenge our kin from Karak Azul for the wrongs they suffered at the hands of the monster who defiles our home.”

Galin Ironside, Heir of King Vikram Ironside of Karak Drazh

Karak Drazh, the Black Hold, was once one of the most powerful and prosperous dwarfen holds only after Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks. The mighty Karak Drazh stood as an immense fortress to hold back the greenskin onslaught, and to protect its brother-hold of Karak Eight Peaks. Though when the darkest hour struck Karak Eight Peaks, not even Karak Drazh could help, and when the older and bigger of the twin holds fell, soon followed the smaller. Today it is more commonly known as Black Crag due to its foul new occupants – the greenskins.

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