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License to Pillage

Norsca ForestAs winter comes to an end and the Sea of Claws becomes free of the ice, which had acted as a barrier between Norsca and the Empire, spring ushers in a tense season. The raiding this year has come particularly early catching the defenders of Nordland offguard. What comes as an oddity is the observation that the raiders take very little in terms of loot, perhaps as to leave their vessels light for faster strikes? What is certain is that the Sea of Claws is soon to run red with blood. Norse Ship


Noscan raiders have begun an early raiding campaign against the Empire and Kislev, whose armies are stretched thin in the war against Chaos. The obvious course of action is to strike back, yet only in a limited capacity as the resources are lacking for a full-scale offensive against Norsca. The armies of Chaos are only too willing to join in the offensive and bring suffering to the Empire. Once again the forces of Order and Destruction must fight over the jagged coastline of the Sea of Claws as old battlegrounds are revisited. At what cost will peace be achieved? Is bloodshed to be the only price to be paid?


As Nordland feels the brunt of the Norscan offensive, coupled with with a cut-throat battle across the beaches of Nordenwatch, the forces of Order have taken a small expeditionary force to assail the Norscan coastline as an act of reprisal; perhaps bloodshed is the only language the Norse speak. Once again the village of Stormstaad has become the center of a bloody brawl as the forces of Order succumb to northern savagery in their bloody assault of a small seemingly peaceful village.

License to Pillage Live Event

LtP LE Rewards

While players participate in the License to Pillage live event, they have the opportunity to fulfill tasks for their realm and reap the rewards! The Basic Reward for the License to Pillage live event is: the Golden Raider’s Horn for the forces of Order; and the Empire Sea Watch Horn for the forces of Destruction ā€“ unique live event waist-mounted jewelry items! The Advanced Reward for the License to Pillage live event is: Plundered Silk for the forces of Order; and the Empire Signet for the forces of Destruction ā€“ unique pocket items marking the plundered spoils of the conflict! The Elite Rewards for the License to Pillage live event are: the Raider’s Helm for the forces of Order, and the Plundered Ale for the forces of Destruction ā€“ two unique items which grant early access to new content! Join your realm in the struggle to see which faction can amass the most bloodshed and the most gold!

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