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Battle of the Frontiers ~ Kadrin Valley Pass

KadrinValleyPass003KVP Map“All dese mountains look da same. Walk walk walk. Gobbo’s feetz get tired too!” Mumfink complained aloud.

“Warboss Nozgob sez dat da One-Toofz iz gonna lead da charge for da Bloody Sun Boyz into Cat Drink Valley. We’z gonna get da mostest stuntie bashin’ outta all da Bloody Sun Boyz!” an orc replied with confidence.

“We only gonna get da mostest stuntie bashin’ if we’z get to Cat Drink Valley! You fink dat dis is Cat Drink Valley? I dun’t see no cats drinkin’!” Mumfink cried back.

“I dun’t fink you even fink you know where we iz!” the orc yelled back. “Black Crag iz black only in sum places. Maybe Cat Drink Valley only haz cats in sum places too!”

“Like I sed – when we’z see da cats, den we’ll know we’re in Cat Drink Valley. Until den we’z lost!”

“All dis talkin’ bout cats iz makin’ me ‘ungry… nothin’ but rocks and snow here,” another orc said interrupting the conversation. “Rocks ‘n snow ‘n cats ‘n dat stuntie bird over dere… mmm cats ‘n birds….”

“Stuntie bird?!” Mumfink cried out. “Dat’s more dan one stuntie bird!”

Rifle shots cracked through the air from rocky crags and echoed in the narrow canyons taking out the front of the greenskin column.

“Stunties for da bashin’!” Nozgob could be heard yelling out amidst the chaotic ‘column’ of greenskins. “One Toofz wit me!”

Lost as they were, the One Toofz unwittingly stumbled upon a well-hidden and secluded dwarven outpost, Hadgrin’s Watch, guarding the south-eastern approaching to Kadrin Valley. Though Karak Kadrin and its garrison of slayers are sworn to protect Peak Pass, the rangers set up a small outpost nearby to monitor the labyrinth of passes leading to the rear of Karak Kadrin. With the help of a half-dozen gyrocopters the rangers are the far-seeing eyes of the Slayer Keep. Now the greenskins have stumbled upon this remote location and have descended upon it with a vicious fury, already swarming the gyrocopter pads and destroying the four that couldn’t get airborne in time. Two precious gyrocopters remain circling above and guiding the forces of Order from nearby Kadrin Valley to rescue the survivors of Hadgrin’s Watch, secure the pass, and salvage what they can of the important location.

Kadrin Valley Pass is the newest scenario in Warhammer. The scenario is a five-point tug-of-war scenario with the battle beginning over Icerapids Bridge centrally located in the small valley. The forces of Order push back from the Skycloud Tower of Hadgrin’s Watch and try to maintain their hold on the already damaged Outer Gate and the Gyrocopter Hanger. The forces of Destruction have already captured the Brewery and Gyrocopter Landing Pads. A bloody struggle is being waged in the valleys behind Karak Kadrin, and the fate of this small outpost will be tied with the fate of the Slayer Keep.


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