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Of Royal Blood Guide

v1.8.2 consists of the Of Royal Blood live event. Everqueen Alarielle and her newborn daughter Ytrienne have gone missing – their last known whereabouts a scene of a massacre of the Handmaidens. The High Elves frantic search for the Everqueen and her daughter has not gone unnoticed; the Dark Elves too had been hunting for the Everqueen and to find that their quarry has gone missing vexes them.

Tyrion, champion of the Everqueen, is tasked with the protection of Ulthuan and cannot go to her aid. Thus, he has tasked the Shining Guard and its allies to follow the trail and find the Everqueen. Malekith’s generals, knowing the value of the prize, also begin their hunt close on the heels of the Shining Guard. The quest for the Everqueen and her daughter, the future Everqueen, begins in Avelorn, but this is a tale that will take adventurers deep into the ancient Gaen Vale. Who will reach the Everqueen first?


  • Slay 100 Dark Elf enemy players. The dreaded Druchii, a spear of sorrow bearing into the soul of the Asur. It is believed among the High Elves that Malekith is behind the abduction of the Everqueen, and the dark kin must pay for their crime.
  • Kill 100 Tainted Forest Spirits. Ulthuan is under attack, and not just the Elves suffer. Recently the beasts have come under the blade of the Beastmasters of Karond Kar, and now Ulthuan suffers at the very root as the Forest Spirits fall under the assault of the Winds of Chaos. These noble defenders of Ulthuan, and in particular of Avelorn, have been corrupted by Chaos and must be slain to preserve harmony.
  • Kill each of the bosses in the Lost Vale. The Gaen Vale is under attack, corruption spreads from within threatening the very sanctuary of Isha! Foul minions of Chaos taint the isle and have corrupted its noble defenders, Dralele the Whitefire Matron and Sarthain the Worldbearer. The taint of Chaos has done much harm to the Gaen Vale, it is with a heavy heart that the Everqueen’s protectors must be put to the sword.
  • Participate in 20 Everqueen Palace scenarios. In the first war between the Druchii and Asur a great battle was fought on the isthmus between the Gaen Vale and Avelorn. With great sorrow Yvraine, the Everqueen of that age, sank the isthmus and with it the Druchii host in order to protect the Gaen Vale. Now in the Age of Reckoning the battle is waged once more at this holy site, but this time within its depths. Repel the Druchii invaders from the Gaen Vale once and for all!
  • Win the Everqueen Palace scenario with 500 points 5 times.
  • Complete the “Warmth of Ulthuan” quest. The Everqueen, the warmth of Ulthuan, has been taken, and with her the future Everqueen Ytrienne, a newborn child. While the safety of Alarielle is on the hearts and minds of all the High Elves, the future of Ytrienne is paramount – she is the future Everqueen and warmth of Ulthuan. It is believed that both are together, and hopefully alive, but there is no certainty in this wretched plot. Finbuar has tasked you with the safe return of Alarielle and her daughter. Travel first to Avelorn to the scene of the abduction and begin your search there. First scout Deathwind Pass for signs of Alarielle and who is behind this plot. // Deathwind Pass… a massacre! The Druchii ambushed a Handmaiden convoy and slayed them all, the Everqueen is not among the bodies. Make your way to the Well of Whispers and channel the energies of Ulthuan to seek the Everqueen’s location.  // The Everqueen is alive, yet her child is not with her. She is upon the Gaen Vale, perhaps its defenders know of her location. Seek out Dralel the Whitefire Matron of the Thornvale Wilds and ask for her aide. // The Whitefire Matron has been tainted by Chaos! For such a noble beast to fall to the foul taint is a great loss to the creatures of Ghyran! She has seen much in her time and may know of the Everqueen’s presence yet. Slay her with a heavy heart and take her eyes to Sarthain the Worldbearer in the Blackwillow Forest that he may show us the location of the Everqueen. // Curses upon Chaos! Sarthain cries in agony as he fights the power of Chaos that courses through his veins. His heart cries out for mercy, though his mind causes him to attack us. He has seen the eyes of Dralel and knows his companion too has succumbed to Chaos. “The Darkpromise of Slaanesh art at work here,” he cries to you, “Kill me before the corruption takes over completely and go to the Everqueen Palace where Alarielle fights for her soul against Slaanesh.” It is with great sorrow that the deed must be done, corruption has begun to take root in Sarthain’s limbs, put the great being to rest. // The penetration of the Winds of Chaos into the Gaen Vale is great indeed. With both Dralel and Sarthain having succumbed to it, there is great fear for Alarielle and her daughter’s lives. Make haste to the Everqueen Palace to save her from the Darkpromise cult. // Sechar the Darkpromise Chieftain bars the entrance to the Everqueen’s Palace, his foul kin have done great damage to the Gaen Vale and its peaceful inhabitants. Kill him and proceed into the Temple of Isha. // Alarielle is within! Foul Slaanesh cultists attempt to break Isha’s ward on her; the presence of a greater daemon fills the air as well. Free Alarielle at any cost! // N’kari the Keeper of Secrets has detested the High Elves for ages since his defeat at the hands of Aenarion. Alarielle suffered greatly as the cult of Slaanesh attempted to break her, though she lives yet. But what of her daughter? Alarielle faintly whispers as she fights to regain her strength ‘Slaanesh… taken my child to the Chaos Wastes…” With the spirit of Isha at your side, travel deep into the Chaos Wastes and confront the minons of Slaanesh who have taken baby Ytrienne to the Siren Sea. Save the child and receive Isha’s reward for protecting the future of Ulthuan – the Isha’s Figurine, a potent jewelry piece with great power.


  • Slay 100 High Elf enemy players. Weakling poets and dreamers. They are no warriors, their failures as a race can be seen everywhere, particularly with the loss of their precious Everqueen. Slay them all without mercy, a fate far more deserving than the Asur deserve.
  • Kill 100 Forest Spirits. Cursed denizens of the wood. If it wasn’t for them Avelorn would have been ours ages ago. They are the true defenders of the Everqueen, and they must be removed from this earth. Burn them alive to teach their kin the cost of defiance!
  • Kill each of the bosses in the Lost Vale. The foul heart of Ulthuan pulses with a warmth that makes Morathi’s skin crawl. The Gaen Vale’s stalwart defenders though the ages have been Dralel the Whitefire Matron and Sarthain the Worldbearer, they must be killed if the Druchii are ever to claim victory over Avelorn and the powers of Isha.
  • Participate in 20 Everqueen Palace scenarios. In the first war between the Druchii and Asur a great battle was fought on the isthmus between the Gaen Vale and Avelorn. In a cowardly act Yvraine, the Everqueen of that age, sank the isthmus and with it the Druchii host in order to protect the Gaen Vale. Now in the Age of Reckoning the battle is waged once more at this holy site, but this time within its depths. Strike deep into the Gaen Vale and slay the Shining Guard that tries to defend it. Avelorn shall soon know the wrath of Morathi!
  • Win the Everqueen Palace scenario with 500 points 5 times.
  • Complete the “Last Spring of Avelorn” quest. At Morathi’s bidding go to Avelorn and attempt to pick up the trail of the Shining Guard as they begin the search for the Everqueen. Go to the town of Everspring where the Everqueen often visits and seek for signs of her whereabouts. // The Everqueen’s presence is strong here, though the local elves knew naught of her current location, though there is a source nearby which can prove more potent in divining her location. Go to the Pool of Elthrai and scour the winds for the Everqueen’s spirit. // Ah the Gaen Vale, so that is where she fled… or was taken. Surely she has sought the protection of its denizens. Go there and slay Dralel the Whitefire Matron who is a dear friend of the Everqueen’s. Take her eyes and peer into what the spider queen has seen. // There is much about the spider-queen that was uncharacteristic. She fought like a crazed beast, though it would seem she was not fully of her mind. Chaos swirled in her body and she ferociously attacked. Her eyes are but a sea of rage and confusion. If she is of no help, perhaps the treeman Sarthain the Worldbearer will prove more cooperative. Delve deep into the Blackwillow Woods, find him, and draw ever last ounce of sap out of him until he gives you the location of the Everqueen; in his death we shall find her. // The treeman mocked you and laughed to his death, the taint of chaos swirled around his body. “Death,” he said, “is a gift foul elf, better than the fate that would await me had you let me live.” As the giant tree crumpled to the ground, his leaves instantly withered and were pulled by dark winds to the north, deeper into the Vale. Something beckons you to travel deeper and find the source of this corruption. // The Darkpromise cult is at work here! Its chieftain, Sechar, bars the entrance to the Everqueen’s Palace. Slaanesh seeks to tap her powers for himself! Morathi would never hear of it! Slay him and push forward into the Temple of Isha to claim Alarielle and her child for Morathi! // There she is, the Everqueen, suspended in the air as the Slaanesh cultists attempt to break Isha’s protective ward on her. The winds of Chaos are very powerful indeed within this temple, the air is heavy with the weight of a greater daemon… Capture the Everqueen at any cost! // N’kari had dared to take the Everqueen for himself and the Dark Prince, and now he is banished once again from this realm. Alarielle is in your posession, but the child is not with her… the minions of Slaanesh had already taken the child away to the Chaos Wastes. Travel to Deathchill in the Chaos Wastes and confront the daemons of Slaanesh to claim the child Ytrienne for forces of the Druchii. Return to Morathi with the child in your possession and you shall be greatly rewarded with a potent relic of Anlec’s dark past.
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