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Optimate ~ Border Prince HDPS

“What a beautiful sight it was to see the ranks of the optimates in action. A bloody melee as the orc boar boy cavalry crashed into their defensive line, only to be slaughtered. One could not help but wonder if under those stern face masks they smiled as the orcs and their boars squealed in pain as they were impaled in their fool-hearty attack. These masks made them look all the more imposing, and less human, almost as if the taking of life had no emotional impact on them. The orcs don’t seem to mind the emotional emptiness of their foes, but I suspect more civilized races would find it unsettling to face a foe who looks upon their death with apathy and indifference.”

~ Rahim Suffeyad, Arabyan Poet and Merchant of El Mansura


Archetype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Polearm

Mechanic – Megale Optimatoi

  • You are a member of a great and powerful brotherhood. Your fame on the battlefield against heavily armored foes has earned your brotherhood prestige among the courts of the Old World. You have a pool of Megale Optimatoi points which ranges from 0 to 100, and regenerates at 5 per second. These Megale Optimatoi (MO) points are used when attacking heavily armored targets, as you have been trained. Attacking targets with armor classes other than heavy uses action points as normal.

Mastery Trees

  • Purifier – Your blows are definitive and focus on direct damage.
  • Unifier – Your attacks are meant to weaken the enemy in preparation for their fall.
  • Pacifier – You focus on attacks which give you a chance to survive the fight against your foe.

R1. Menaulion Strike <Purifier> You thrust your polearm at your enemy dealing ‘x’ damage. 35AP/15MO, Instant Cast, No CD

R1. Dagger Toss <Core Ability> A basic throwing attack that inflicts ‘x’ damage. 20AP, 1s Cast, No CD, 65ft Range

R1. Path to Greatness <Core Ability> You exert your energy and strive for greatness, converting your action points to Megale Optimatoi points, at a rate of 20 Action points to 10 Megale Optimatoi points per second while channeling this ability. 20AP/s, 10s Cast, No CD

R2. Stay Your Hand <Pacifier> With a sharp blow to your opponents hand you leave a wide gash that bleeds. You cause your enemy to suffer ‘x’ damage every second they use a melee attack; this effect lasts 10 seconds. 35AP/15MO, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R3. Crus Crush <Unifier> You bring your polearm down upon your enemy’s leg cutting deep into their flesh, you deal ‘x’ damage to your target and reduce their movement speed by 40% for 5 seconds. 40AP/20MO, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R4. Cleansing Blade <Purifier> The tenacity of your faith flow through your polearm as you strike your foe; you cause your target to suffer ‘x’ damage every second for 4 seconds. 35AP/15MO, Instant Cast, No CD

R5. Hands That Pray <Unifier> Behind your stern mask there is a face that embraces conviction and faith. You attack your enemy for ‘x’ damage and reduce their auto-attack damage by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 35AP/15MO, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R6. Steady As Stone <Pacifier> Your steadfastness is not only apparent by your facemask which has a never-ending expression, but also by your determination to stand firm. You deal ‘x’ damage to your target and increase your toughness by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 40AP/20MO, Instant Cast, No CD

R7. Judgement Comes <Purifier> You attack your foe uttering out cries of their damnation. You deal ‘x’ damage to your target and interrupt any ability they were building up. 35AP/15MO, Instant Cast, 3s CD

R8. Regression <Unifier> The power of your attack sets your target on the defensive as you deal ‘x’ damage and lower their initiative by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 40AP/20MO, Instant Cast, No CD

R8. Definitive Halt <Archetype Morale 1> You slam your weapon into the ground, reducing the movement speed of your target by 50% for 10 seconds, your target must be within 30 feet of you.

R9. Rush of Youth <Pacifier> Your heart pumps with greater speed as the fight rages on around you With a rush of energy you attack your enemy for ‘x’ damage and increase your initiative by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 40AP/20MO, Instant Cast, No CD

R10. Cower Before The Best <Core Ability> Detaunts all enemies within 30 feet, making them to hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage to you for 15 seconds. If you attack anyone you have detaunted, the effect will immediately end. 20AP, Instant Cast, 15s CD

R10. Shatter Guard <Core Ability> You slam your weapon into the enemy tank causing them to take ‘x’ damage and removing the Guard effect they have on an ally. 30AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R11. Martial Training <Racial Tactic> Your weapon skill is increased by ‘x’.

R12. Steps of Grace <Core Ability> Only those with justice on their side can pass through the snares of death. You free yourself of any snares or roots that may be holding you down. For the next 10 seconds, snares and roots will have no effect on you. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R12. Force of Will <Archetype Morale 2> You stare down your opponent draining 200 of their Action Points into yourself, and reducing their strength by 160 for 30 seconds.

R13. Heavy Plating <Archetype Tactic> Your physical armor cap is increased by 5% but your damage output is reduced by 10%.

R14. Pacification <Pacifier> The only way to stop your foes violent outbursts is to free them of the burden of their weapon. You deal ‘x’ damage to your target and disarm them for 3 seconds. 45AP/25MO, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R15. Anemeros Blade <Tactic> Menaulion Strike’s cost is decreased to 25AP/10MO and it has a 10% chance to bypass toughness.

R16. Clouded Mind <Unifier> With the flat of your blade you strike the side of your opponent’s head dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing the range of their abilities by 25% for 10 seconds. 40AP/20MO, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R16. Determined Guardian <Archetype Morale 1> You gain a 1200 damage absorb shield.

R17. A Tough People In A Tough Land <Racial Tactic> Your corporeal resistance is increased by 252.

R18. Forced March <Core Ability> Years of training have taught you to keep a steady pace through all conditions. You increase your speed by 10% for 10 seconds. 40AP, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R19. Tempered Blade <Archetype Tactic> Increases your Weapon Skill by ‘x’.

R20. Furious Onslaught <Archetype Morale 2> Your auto-attack speed is increased by 50% for 15 seconds.

R20. Apollymi <Purifier> Hoards will fall before you as blades of grass to the scythe. You deal ‘x’ damage to up to 3 targets 25 feet in front of you. 50AP, Instant Cast, No CD.

R21. Young Invincibles <Tactic> Rush of Youth will also decrease the amount of damage you receive from critical hits by 10%.

R23. Scion of War <Racial Tactic> Your auto-attacks are un-defendable and deal 100% more damage.

R24. Inspirational Aura <Archetype Morale 3> Your group’s Action Point regeneration is increased by 20% for 20 seconds if they are within 100 feet of you.

R25. Gromril Splintmail <Archetype Tactic> You take 20% less damage from targets within 30 feet of you.

R25. Dancing Fingers <Pacifier> You hold your polearm in a lose, yet controlled, grip as you attack your target for ‘x’ damage, increasing your chance to parry attacks by 10% for 10 seconds. 45AP/25MO, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R27. At The Root <Tactic> When you attack an enemy, there is a 25% chance your attacks will deal an additional ‘x’ corporeal damage over 3 seconds.

R28. Brazen Blade <Optimate Morale 1> You deal 1,000 damage to your target and reduce their chance to defend against attacks by 10% for 7 seconds.

R29. Tranquil Defender <Archetype Tactic> You are immune to knockbacks.

R30. Uncage Yourself <Deprivation> You seek to release your for from the bonds that weigh their soul down. You deal ‘x’ damage to your target and reduce their armor by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 55AP/25MO, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R31. Mental Fog <Tactic> Clouded Mind will also reduce intelligence and ballistics skill by ‘x’ for 10 seconds.

R32. Domestikos <Optimate Morale 2> You gain 100 Megale Optimatoi, any excess over your pool limit is converted to double the amount in action points.

R33. Drive to Overcome <Tactic> If your attack is blocked, your chance to critically hit with melee attacks is increased by 15% for 7 seconds.

R35. Phthisis <Unifier> Your blade carries with it the wasting taint of the lands you seek to cleanse. You attack your target for ‘x’ damage and increase the cost of the abilities they use for the next 10 seconds by ‘x’ action points. 50AP/25MO, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R35. Final Reckoning <Tactic> Judgement Comes will now interrupt all enemies 30 feet within your target.

R36. With Oaken Shaft <Optimate Morale 3> You deal 1.2k damage to your target and knock them down for 3 seconds.

R37. Princely Mandate <Tactic> Your Megale Optimatoi regeneration rate is increased to 10 per second, and if you reach 0 Megale Optimatoi points there is a 10% chance you will regain 20 back instantly.

R39. Hilaskomai <Tactic> When one of your attacks critically hits your target, you sever one of their blessings.

R40. Storm of Blades <Archetype Morale> You deal 1,800 damage to all enemies within 30 feet of you.

R40. Tagmatic Training <Core Ability> Your attacks cannot be blocked or parried for the next 10 seconds. 60AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

Mastery Trees


R3. The Spirit Renews <Tactic> Cleansing Blade will now deal spirit damage and lasts 8 seconds, additionally it will remove one enchantment upon ending.

R5. Dislocater – You drive your polearm with full force against the length of your opponents great weapon, dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing their strength by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. Target must be using a great weapon. 45AP/20MO, Instant Cast, 20s CD

R7. Haima Therizo <Tactic> Apollymi’s range is increased to 45 feet and it will hit up to 6 targets. Additionally, its cost is reduced to 40 action points.

R9. Opportune Blow – Finding the right moment to strike when your opponent’s back is turned to you, you deal ‘x’ damage and ignore 50% of their armor. Target must be facing away from you. 50AP/25MO, Instant Cast, 3s CD

R11. Opportunity Strikes <Tactic> Opportune Blow will now ignore 75% of your target’s armor and 25% of their toughness, but its cooldown is increased to 6 seconds.

R13. Strength of Conviction – With the confidence that your blade will find its way to its target you attack your enemy for ‘x’ damage in an attack that cannot be parried. 45AP/20MO, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R15. Eye of the Strategoi <Morale 4> You deal 1.6k damage to your target and increase the chance they will be critically hit by 15% for the next 8 seconds.


R3. Violence Is Not The Way <Tactic> Hands That Pray will last 20 seconds and its cost is reduced to 25AP/10MO

R5. Resist Not Fate – Unseen to your enemy you say a prayer for the quick death of your foe as you attack them dealing ‘x’ damage and lowering the amount of incoming heals they receive by 50% for the next 10 seconds. 45AP/20MO, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R7. The Verdict Is Written <Tactic> Resist Not Fate will also reduce your target’s outgoing healing by 50% for 10 seconds.

R9. Conscience Consumed – The gods have heard your prayers and torment your target’s mind as you attack them for ‘x’ damage, distracting them and causing their defenses to be 10% lower for 10 seconds. 50AP/25MO, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R11. Shield Thyself Not <Tactic> Conscience Consumed will reduce your target’s chance to block a further 15%.

R13. Practice Temperance – You attempt to instill your beliefs of temperance and self restraint in your opponent’s mind, as you attack them for ‘x’ and cause the cooldowns of their abilities to increase by 3 seconds; this effect will last 10 seconds. 50AP/25MO, Instant Cast, 15s CD

R15. Erre es Korakas <Morale 4> The forces of faith siphon the winds into you as you pull up to 8 enemies within 30 feet to you dealing 800 damage to them and reducing their movement speed by 20% for 8 seconds.


R3. Monolithic Presence <Tactic> Steady as Stone will now also prevent you from being knocked back or knocked down while in effect.

R5. Interwoven Fates – You do not know what future lies ahead of you but the gods seek to spare you from the power of the winds. For the next 10 seconds your chance to dodge and disrupt enemy attacks is increased by 10%. 40AP, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R7. Patron of the Arts <Tactic> Dancing Fingers and Interwoven Fates will last 20 seconds and are 5% more effective.

R9. Will to Live – You unleash a powerful attack that drains the life from your foe into you. You attack your target for ‘x’ damage, healing yourself for the damage dealt. 50AP/25MO, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R11. Strong Willed <Tactic> Will to Live has its cost reduced to 40AP/20MO and its cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.

R13. Only the Best – A select few know how to survive the most dangerous of battles, and you have mastered this skill. For the next 10 seconds you cannot be critically hit. 55AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R15. Hetaireia <Morale 4> You receive 20% less damage for the next 8 seconds as you focus on surviving the incoming onslaught.

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