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Greenskin Tribes ~ Broken Axes

“Dey say dat ‘e wuz da biggest gobbo to eva walk dese lands. I saw ‘is gut and it wuzn’t dat big! Sure ‘e was a fatty dat had to be hauled about on a chariot, but ‘e’s gone and I’z still got time for my gut to grow! Wut did Grom da Paunch eva do for da greenskins?! ‘E lead his WAAAGH! into da sea and no un eva ‘eard from ‘im again! Dat’s no proper WAAAGH! Wut gud iz it to burn a path thru da Empire only to leave and let ’em rebuild? No brains in dat fat ‘ead of ‘is!”
~ Git Guzzler, Warboss of the Troll Beaters and rival of Grom the Paunch

From far in the south, the Broken Axes rose to great heights and great girths, or rather their warboss Grom the Paunch did. Perhaps one of the fattest goblins to ever walk the earth, Grom is also possibly the most successful goblin warboss to ever lead a WAAAGH! With his departure from the Old World, the Broken Axes no longer bear the weight they once did, but his legend keeps them inspired.

Far south of any dwarfen hold in the World’s Edge Mountains, nestled between the Marshes of Madness and the Sour Sea is a mighty mountain called the Misty Mountain. It is on and around this mountain that the Broken Axe tribe arose and thrived in relative peace – relative to greenskins. With no dwarfs nearby to cull the greenskins, and few sizable rivals to threaten their existence, the Broken Axes grew steadily with time. Though soon one goblin would rise above all others and outgrow his lowly origins. This goblin went by the name of Grom and was but a simple Boss of the Broken Axes. Amongst the goblins of the Broken Axes one could assume that Grom was rather unremarkable, for his most remarkable feature was within him – his gut. Upon eating a piece of raw troll flesh, Grom’s stomach struggled with the digestion as the troll flesh sought to heal itself before being digested. Grom’s gut however won the titanic battle against the troll flesh, resulting in a rapid growth of his body, particularly his gut. Thanks to his new size, Grom quickly pushed aside any opposition and took control of the Broken Axes.

The newly minted warboss of the Broken Axes, Grom, managed to secure his place in his own tribe, but for him to truly taste power he had to move beyond the isolation of the Misty Mountain. Hauled by a crude wolf-drawn chariot, Grom the Paunch led the Broken Axes to raid the southern World’s Edge Mountains, the Badlands, and the Dark Lands, causing many goblins to join his ranks. However, Grom had not yet earned the respect of the orcs for they saw him as just another upstart gobbo that needed a firm boot against his back so that he could learn his place. This all changed when Grom challenged Zhok Gutstabba of the Gutstabba orcs on Thunder Mountain. Zhok boldy accepted the challenge, eager to teach the rebellious git a thing or two. Unfortunately for Zhok, the ensuing fight between the two was too short for any lessons to be learned, for when Zhok’s blade sank into Grom’s corpulent flesh the wound instantly healed leaving Zhok somewhat dumbfounded. So it was with a dumb and confused look that Zhok’s head was separated from his body. For good measure every other orc boss was slain to drive the point home – this goblin warboss was blessed by Gork and or Mork.

With the Gutstabbas brought to heel, Grom the Paunch finally launched his WAAAGH! north into the Empire, as every great WAAAGH must do. The goblin tide swept through Black Fire Pass and east along the World’s Edge Mountains crushing any dwarfen opposition and desecrating their tombs and ancestral statues. These acts merited a response from Karaz-a-Karak which sent an army to confront Grom the Paunch for his blasphemy. In the ensuing battle neither side could dislodge the other and the dwarfs retreated behind the great gates of their holds allowing the goblin tide to sweep over the land. Even the vengeful death-seeking slayers of Karak Kadrin locked themselves in as an endless line of goblins from the Dark Lands flowed down Peak Pass to the Empire wanting to join the Great ‘Un. Grom was viewed far and wide as a sign of Mork’s and or Gork’s favor, for no other goblin had risen to such stature. With his ever growing army, the disorganized greenskin tide flooded the Empire slaughtering all in its path, causing the humans to also hide behind their smaller and weaker walls. Unfortunately for the citizens of the Empire, when the forest goblins joined the fray, their spiders had little problem overcoming the walls of imperial cities. The Empire was on the brink of collapse when a voice in Grom’s head told him to strike for the sea and head west.

When the Empire at the very precipice of its existence, Grom the Paunch rode out from Middenheim through Nordland to the Sea of Claws. While Nordland creaked under the weight of Grom the Paunch and his WAAAGH!, the rest of the Empire breathed in the air of hope and freedom. Grom ordered the greenskins to build a mighty navy, much to the discontent of the orcs, and upon its completion they set sail west along the coast. Engaged by the Imperial Navy and battered by a storm, the vast majority of Grom’s WAAAGH! sank to the bottom of the sea, but Grom and a significant number of vessels were swept away by the storm to a land un-besmirched by the greenskins – Ulthuan.

The arrival of Grom the Paunch on Ulthuan at Yvresse was an unusual event for both sides. The greenskins found themselves in a land they knew not, and the elves were perplexed by such a large greenskin host finding it’s way through the shifting isles and fog to land upon the shores of Yvresse. Instructed by his shaman ol’ Blacktoof to destroy the standing stones across the land, Grom ordered his greenskins to topple the menhirs of Ulthuan, which stood to protect the isle from the Chaotic winds. For each menhir that was toppled, Blacktoof grew stronger and Ulthuan trembled. The greenskins then turned their attention on Tor Yvresse, the capital of the kingdom. Though depleted, the greenskin numbers were still too great and overwhelmed the elven defenders. It was at the final moment when all seemed lost for the high elves that the Asur champion Eltharion rode out atop his griffon Stormwing to slay Blacktoof and his veteran soldiers reinforced Tor Yvresse. With the battle lost Grom the Paunch fled never to be seen or heard from again.

Though Grom the Paunch disappeared from the battlefield and his WAAAGH! crumbled, the legend of Grom lives on in the remnants of the Broken Axe goblins that still live in the Old World. Those lucky gits who missed the ship and made it south of Black Fire Pass returned to their roots in the mountains. There the tale of Grom the Paunch lifted their hearts, for there was hope that one day he would return and the goblins would once again sweep over the land.

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