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Savage Reprisal ~ Shattered Coast

In the darkest days of the elves, the Druchii ravaged the lands and slaughtered their kin. We thought Cothique was safe, with Ellyrion and Chrace between us and Nagarythe, and the armies of Caledor the First in  Yvresse. But then the Druchii came, hacking and slashing their way through Chrace with their aim on our homes in Cothique; behind them came the Khanites. After centuries of peace and prosperity, the Cothiqoi were mariners, traders, shipmakes – not soldiers. The Druchii came, but Caledor did not. Cothique fell, the Asur did not ride north to our aid. The Khainites slaughtered all that did not flee to the Anulii, our cries and death-throes went unheard, unseen, unanswered. When it was too late the army of Caledor came, when all those who had suffered were dead and their blood soaked the land.

And now for the second time the Druhii come to Cothique with their aim to slaughter all of us. We cannot count on the rest of Ulthuan to save us, the past has taught us that bitter lesson. We shall stand, and we shall met the Druchii with spear, shield, and arrow, and they shall know who they face. We are Cothiqoi, and we must be masters of our own fate!

~ Captain Perrian Seaflame of the Cothique Sea Watch

Grim tidings wash upon the shores of Cothique as the Druchii corsair fleet appears on the horizon. Malekith has sworn a pact with Slaanesh – he will unleash the greatest suffering the Asur have seen yet, and for this the armies of Slaanesh will join the ranks of Destruction. Facing certain death, the small fleet of Cothique has sailed forth to engage the larger corsair fleet escorting the Black Ark from Karond Kar. With this act of valor, the Sea Watch hopes to buy the Cothiqoi enough time to flee to the Anulii and seek shelter as they did when the Druchii came the first time.

Now on this jagged coastline the two fleets collide and engage in a brutal battle. One of the corsair ships has been forced into the deadly rocks by a Cothiqoi Hawkship, and while the Cothiqoi sell their lives on the waters, the Druchii fight for their lives on the shoreline.

The Shattered Coast scenario takes place on this unforgiving coastline where the corsair ship has been wrecked against the rocks. With the manticores of Karond Kar and the Griffins of Yvresse soaring in the skies above, the soldiers of the Shining Guard and of House Uthorin engage in the first of many bloody struggles upon Cothique. The Shattered Coast is a king-of-the-hill scenario as both factions vie for the high ground – the High Elves to drive the Druchii into the sea, and the Druchii to establish a foothold in Cothique. The battle for Cothique has begun!

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