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Expanding Existing T4 – High Elf v. Dark Elf

For my final expanded T4 experience I bring the battle to Ulthuan. This particular pairing poses some problems simply because T4 is so compact in the scale of the Warhammer world. It is hard to squeeze two more regions to fight in considering how close the existing locations are and how vastly Mythic diminishes their size. To be honest, geographically the HEvDE pairing is the most well composed, so well that this task presented a solution which slightly goes against my gut instinct.

Due to the fact of the compact nature of the T4 HEvDE campaign the choice I was left with was to create two new end zones. The main problem with this is that the forts would have to be relocated, and the secondary problem which bugs me is that the capitals are bypassed and returned to. But since that clearly isn’t an issue for the Chaos forces or the Greenskins, then the Dark Elves might as well do it too (silly Destruction bypassing capitals…)

  • The first location I have which would be the new end zone for the Dark Elves is Tiranoc, once a wealthy kingdom of the Elves; ravaged by the Sundering, much of its lands fell into the sea. The battle could be waged both in the snow capped mountains of the Annulii and the broken shores by the sea. Since the Dark Elf capital is Malekith’s Black Ark, I see no reason why it cannot be moved farther up the coast for this to be a more linear assault.
  • The second location I have chosen is the eastern half of Eataine, with the key landmark of the Shrine of Asuryan. This map would differ from western Eataine very little (and by this fact should be easy enough to reproduce) and additionally the fort could be simply flipped 180 degrees for easy zone connection. One thing which could be unique to this zone would be a complete lack of devastation (since western Eataine is under heavy assault) – the storyline could go ‘while the main forces of the House Akraneth and Uthorin assault Lothern from the west, the elite forces are sent to destroy the accursed Shrine of Asuryan and take the city from the east’… or something like that. The zone could be emphasized more with a dense urban cluster towards Lothern and more manorial estates and vineyards on the fringes.
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