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Civil Unrest Teaser

Wave after wave of Chaos minions… Rubble litters the streets, corpses lay rotting in alleys, doors stay barred from within, windows are smashed and a black smoke fills the air. This is the proud mighty capital of the Empire? Fie upon Karl Franz and his councilors! It is their duty to protect the city and the Empire, yet when hard times fall upon the Empire it is we, the common-folk, who suffer for his decisions! This is no way to live! Now we’re told we have to pay a ‘Reconstruction Tax’ to help rebuild the once-glorious city! More stinkin’ taxes?! Martial law to protect us?! It’s hard enough to lead a normal life with all this warfare going on and now more taxes and our own neighbors breathin’ down our necks… Well if Karl Franz wants to tax me more then it looks like I’ve got to find another way to make a quick coin…

~ Jurgen Kuper, Citizen of Altdorf

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