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Wardancer – Wood Elf MDPS

“In the still that is the forest, when all you hear are branches rustling in the wind, its hard to imagine the music that can be made when a company of wardancers ambushes an invading herd of beastmen. No, I do not speak of the beastly howls coming from the dying beastmen, I mean before that. Yes, when the wardancers leap through the air and swing their swords a music is made that cannot be reproduced with instruments or even my words. The blades make the music for the wardancers, and the song is beautiful!” Lemadril, Sage of the Queens Court


Archtype – Melee DPS

Armor – Light

Weapon – Dual Wield Swords

Mechanic – War Songs

  • Every dance needs music, and you let your swords create the music for you. Each song enhances your combat differently as you face off with your enemies and ambush them. Each song is a sixty minute buff that cannot be removed. Some abilities require that you are using a particular song.

Mastery Trees

  • Death Dancer – A focus on looking your enemy in the eyes and showing them the Song of Death
  • Blade Dancer – A focus on wearing your enemy down
  • Shadow Dancer – A focus on leaping from the shadows and attacking your enemy from behind

R1. Thorn Darts <Core Ability> A basic throwing attack that inflicts ‘x’ damage. 20AP, 1s Cast, No CD, 65ft Range

R1. Warblade <Death Dancer> You cut at your enemy and deal ‘x’ damage to them. 25AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R2. Woodland Resin <Blade Dancer> You apply a resin to your blade that poisons your enemy dealing ‘x’ damage every second for 3 seconds. 25AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R3. Song of Swords <Blade Dancer> You fill yourself with a powerful energy which gives your swords a song unheard. While in the Song of Swords your toughness is increased by ‘x’. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60m Duration, No CD

R4. Vulnerable Strike <Shadow Dancer> You find a weakness in your enemies armor dealing ‘x’ damage and ignoring 50% of their armor. Target must be facing away from you. 35AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R5. Side Piercer <Blade Dancer> You drive your swords deep into your enemies side dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing their initiative by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, No CD

R6. Song of Death <Death Dancer> You enter a fearful state where your swords thirst for blood. While in the Song of Death your chance to Parry is increased by 10%. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60m Duration, No CD

R7. Masterful Defense <Death Dancer> You parry your enemy’s blow with great skill dealing ‘x’ damage and knock their weapon out of their hand, Disarming them for 3 seconds. Requires Parry. 30AP, Instant Cast, 15s CD

R8. Sever Nerve <Archtype Morale 1> A directed strike which deals 1200 damage to your target.

R8. Adanhu Protects Me <Detaunt>Detaunts all enemies within 30 feet, making them to hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage to you for 15 seconds. If you attack anyone you have detaunted, the effect will immediately end. 20AP, Instant Cast, 15s CD

R9. Spine Cutter <Shadow Dancer> You strike your enemies twice from behind dealing ‘x’ damage with a 20% chance to drain 20AP. Target must be facing away from you. 30AP, Instant Cast, 3s CD

R10. Forest Lurker <Core Ability> You blend into nature and begin to hunt your enemies, making it less than likely that hostile monsters will notice you, but slowly draining away your action points. This effect will end if you use an ability or run out of action points. Action points will not be consumed if you are standing still. You may not regain action points while in the state of the Forest Lurker, this includes consumables. 5AP/s, 3s Cast, 20s CD

R10. Touched by Drycha <Death Dancer> You leap from the shadows and drive your swords deep into your enemy dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing their toughness by ‘x’ for 20 seconds. Requires Song of Death. Requires Forest Lurker. No Cost, Instant Cast, No CD

R11. Blessings of the Asur <Racial Tactic> Your chance to defend against attacks is increased by 5%

R12. Force of Will <Archtype Morale 2> You stare down your opponent draining 200 of their Action Points into yourself, and reducing their strength by 160 for 30 seconds.

R12. Elusive Dance <Core Ability> For 7 seconds your abilities will ignore any positional requirements.

R13. Jagged Edge <Archtype Tactic> Any time you critically hit an enemy they will begin to bleed, suffering additional 609 corporeal damage over 9 seconds.

R14. Song of Shadows <Shadow Dancer> Your blades sing a soft song as they cut through darkness that only you can hear.  While in the Song of Shadows your armor penetration will increase by 10%. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60m Duration, No CD

R15. Thorn in One’s Side <Tactic> Thorn Darts will now have a 50% chance to snare your opponent by 40% if they are facing away from you.

R16. Arm Pit Cut <Blade Dancer> You cruelly cut up into your opponents joint causing them to suffer ‘x’ damage any time they use melee abilities for 10 seconds. 35AP, Instant Cast, 20s CD

R16. Confusing Movements <Archtype Morale 1> Concentrating on your perceived movements, you will be able to Dodge and Parry all attacks against you for 10 seconds.

R17. Resilient Nature <Racial Tactic> Increases elemental resistance by 252

R18. Nimble Feet <Core Ability> You use your skill to get out of any snares or roots that may be holding you down. For the next 10 seconds, snares and roots will have no effect on you. 45AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R19. Brute Force <Archtype Tactic> Increases your Strength by 160

R20. Pinned to the Ground <Shadow Dance> You lead from the ground and drive daggers into your opponents feet, dealing ‘x’ damage and putting them in an unbreakable root for 5 seconds. Target must be facing away from you. Requires Song of Shadows. Requires Forest Prowler. No Cost, Instant Cast, No CD

R20. Relentless Assault <Archtype Morale 2> A prolonged fervor that grants 10 Action Points to everyone in your group within 100 feet for 10 seconds.

R21. Blade Mastery <Tactic> Increases your Weapon Skill by ‘x’

R23. Touch of Athel Loren <Racial Tactic> You have a 10% chance on death to be resurrect with 25% of your health.

R24. Broad Swings <Archtype Morale 3> All of your attacks for the next 10 seconds will strike up to 2 additional enemies within 25 feet in front of you.

R25. Flanking <Archtype Tactic> All of your attacks deal 15% more damage when you strike an enemy from the sides or rear.

R25. Quick Swings <Death Dancer> You quickly strike your enemy twice dealing ‘x’ damage with each blow. 30AP, Instant cast, 4s CD

R27. Evading Death <Tactic> You suffer 20% less damage from critical hits

R28. Dervish <Wardancer Morale 1> You hit all targets within 30 feet of you for 800 damage

R29. Riposte <Archtype Tactic> Each time you parry an enemy’s attack, you will strike them back for 274 damage which they can not prevent.

R30. Blade of Loec <Shadow Dancer> You stab at your enemy from behind and remove one damage-absorbing effect and deal ‘x’ damage. Target must be facing away from you. 30AP, Instant Cast, 20s CD

R31. Unknown Properties <Tactic> Woodland Resin cannot be cleansed and deals corporeal damage

R32. Sword Dive <Wardancer Morale 2> You leap at your opponent and deal 1000 damage to them. 100ft Range.

R33. Mesmerizing Songs <Tactic> Your Songs cost no AP but gain a 1 minute cool down.

R35. Numbness <Tactic> The Action Point drain from Spine Cutter is increased to 45 Action Points

R35. Kurunos’s Pangs <Blade Dancer> You leap from the shadows and fatally cut your opponent dealing ‘x’ damage and reducing the effectiveness of incoming healing spells by 50% for 15 seconds. Requires Song of Swords. Requires Forest Prowler. No Cost, Instant Cast, No CD

R36. Drycha’s Aid <Wardancer Morale 3> Removes all curses, hexes, and ailments from you and prevents them for 5 seconds.

R37. Delicate Balance <Tactic> Quick Swings damage is increased by 20% and cool down is reduced by 2 seconds, but it costs 10 Action Points more.

R39. Champion of Loec <Tactic>The cool down for Forest Lurker is decreased by 10 seconds, but the Action Point cost is increased to 7AP/s

R40. Boon of Caidath <Core Ability> For every Wardancer in your group your melee power is increased by +20 for 10 seconds. 50AP, Instant Cast, 60s CD

R40. Frenzied Slaughter <Archtype Morale 4> All of your abilities will cost 25% fewer action points, cool down 50% faster, and deal 20% more damage for 7 seconds.

R40. Shatter Enchantment <Core Ability> You sever one blessing from your enemy and deal ‘x’ damage. 25AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

Mastery Trees

Death Dancer

R3. Withering Touch <Tactic> Touched by Drycha will also debuff resists by 100

R5. Fading Vitality – You strike at your enemy and deal ‘x’ damage and decrease their strength by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R7. Get Them While They’re Weak <Tactic>  Fading Vitality’s CD is reduced by 5s and stacks twice

R9. Sword of Cirenirel – The power of the great Wardancer fuels you and you deal ‘x’ damage. Requires Song of Death. 30AP, Instant Cast, 5s CD

R11. Bloodied Blades <Tactic> Song of Death will also increase weapon skill by +50

R13. Death’s Dance – You leap over your target landing behind them, hitting them once in the front for ‘x’ damage and once in the back ignoring all armor  for ‘x’ damage. Requires Song of Death. 35AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R15. Headtaker <Morale 4> 3200 damage to single target

Blade Dancer

R3. Marked for Death <Tactic> Kurunos’s Pangs will also cause anyone healing your target to lose 10 Action Points per heal.

R5. Shin Slice – You cut at your enemies legs causing them to suffer ‘x’ damage every second they are moving for 10 seconds. 25AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R7. Reopening Wounds <Tactic> Side Piercer stacks three times

R9. Darkwood Blade – You use a powerful enchantment on your blade causing your enemy to suffer ‘x’ damage and an additional ‘x’ damage every second for 6 seconds. Requires Song of Swords. 35AP, Instant Cast, 8s CD

R11. Defensive Dance <Tactic> Song of Swords also increase armor by +400

R13. Upswing Cut – You cut your target for a ‘x’ damage every second for 5 seconds and leap 50 feet backwards. Requires Song of Swords. 40AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R15. Split Belly <Morale 4> You deal 3500  damage to your target over 8 seconds

Shadow Dancer

R3. Shattered Feet <Tactic> Pinned to the Ground will also snare by 40% your target for 5 seconds after the root ends.

R5. Seeking Harmony – You attack with lethal beauty increasing your initiative by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. 30AP, Instant Cast, 10s CD

R7. Harmony Found <Tactic> Seeking Harmony will also buff Weapon Skill by ‘x’

R9. Ariel’s Forgiveness – You land a merciful blow on your enemy dealing ‘x’ damage if your target is under 20%, otherwise dealing ‘x’ damage. Target must be facing away from you. Requires Song of Shadows. 25AP, Instant Cast, 3s CD

R11. Shadecutter <Tactic> Song of Shadow’s Armor Penetration is increased by 15%

R13. Ambush! – You grab your opponent and pull them into stealth with you for 10s during which time neither you nor they cannot do anything. Your speed is increased to 60% as you carry them off. Requires Song of Shadows. Requires Forest Prowler. No Cost, Instant Cast, 30s CD

R15. Vengeance of Loec <Morale 4> You reduce your targets armor by 1200 for 10 seconds  and deal 800 damage

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